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The Upside Down: Inverted Attacks by Jon "Thor" Blank


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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jon thor blank

Professional Fighter

Enter The Upside Down with 10th planet Black Belt and ADCC Vet Jon Blank

  • Change your perspective with Jon’s unorthodox inversions and attacks that will keep your opponent guessing!
  • Techniques like the Rolly Polly Sweep will change the way you think of Jiu-Jitsu Inversions.
  • Blank shows you that it’s not about being crazy flexible, instead it’s all about body placement and technique!
  • As an added bonus Jon Blank goes in depth on EBI-style tactics that will be sure to give you a leg up on the competition.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 0:44
Back take off hip bump 0:44 - 4:26
Rolly polly sweep 4:26 - 07:07
Rolly polly sweep triangle 07:07 - 10:19
Rolly polly sweep armbar 10:19 - 13:16
New York/New Jersey 13:16 - 17:05
Shot gun arm bar/New York 17:05 - 21:34
Shot gun arm bar New Jersey 21:34 - 26:07
Mistakes from full gaurd 26:07 - 32:39

Volume 2

Mini stomp 0 - 5:19
Side control variations 5:19 - 8:39
Side flower sweep 8:39 - 11:06
Shotgun armbar from side 11:06 - 16:52
Preventing the hitchhiker 16:52 - 22:16
Crucifix from side 22:16 - 27:38
Javier Vasquez hook 27:38 - 31:50
Javier hook finishes 31:50 - 37:40
Twister side control 37:40 - 45:33

Volume 3

B-smith 0 - 2:38
D-smith 2:38 - 5:20
North south shotgun armbar 5:20 - 7:52
North south triangle 7:52 - 12:13
Northsouth leg entry 12:13 - 15:57

Volume 4

Back triangle 0 - 5:28
Ebi OT back triangle 5:28 - 9:15
Kimura back triangle 9:15 - 13:14
Armbar back triangle 13:14 - 16:54
Choke from back triangle 16:54 - 20:58
Leg pull from back triangle 20:58 - 25:56
Inversion concepts/stretching 25:56 - 30:28
Outro 30:28 - 31:25

Enter The Upside Down with 10th planet Black Belt and ADCC Vet Jon Blank

Change your perspective with Jon’s unorthodox inversions and attacks that will keep your opponent guessing!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

As an ADCC Veteran, Jon Blank knows a thing or two about what it takes to make his techniques work at the highest level. The Upside Down: Inverted Attacks is a compilation of Blanks Go-To tactics. This isn’t your run of the mill instructional that shows you the same technique you have seen a thousand times before. Instead Blank puts his unique twist on EVERY technique!

Not only will you learn the finer points of inverting, you will learn how Jon applies those concepts to positions that aren’t usually considered offensive. Jon shows you how he sets up attacks from north/south and side control BOTTOM! Got your guard passed? No worries, Blank’s side control flower sweep or shotgun armbar from north/south will have you covered. Once again you will be catching your opponent off guard, because once you enter The Upside Down your attacks will be coming from every and ALL directions!

Jon takes the complexities of Inverting and simplifies them in a way that doesn’t require you to be as flexible as say…..Eddie Bravo. Putting your body in the right position is crucial if you are looking to find an effective inversion. On top of all of the treacherous techniques, Blank shows you the stretches and concepts that are key to having the ability to invert. Knowing is half the battle, and with The Upside Down: Inverted Attacks you will learn the essential tips & tricks to becoming an inversion machine that is launching attacks from ALL angles!

So What Do You Get?

Part 1:


  • Intro 
  • Back take off hip bump
  • Rolly polly sweep 
  • Rolly polly sweep triangle 
  • Rolly polly sweep armbar 
  • New York/New Jersey 
  • Shot gun arm bar/New York 
  • Shot gun arm bar New Jersey 
  • Mistakes from full guard

Part 2:


  • Mini stomp
  • Side control variations 
  • Side flower sweep 
  • Shotgun armbar from side 
  • Preventing the hitchhiker 
  • Crucifix from side 
  • Javier Vasquez hook
  • Javier hook finishes 
  • Twister side control 

Part 3:

  • B-smith
  • D-smith 
  • North south shotgun armbar
  • North south triangle
  • Northsouth leg entry 

Part 4:

  • Back triangle
  • Ebi OT back triangle 
  • Kimura back triangle
  • Armbar back triangle
  • Choke from back triangle 
  • Leg pull from back triangle 
  • Inversion concepts/stretching
  • Outro

So What Does It Cost?