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The World Championship Open Guard system by Bia Mesquita


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Bia Mesquita

Professional Fighter

Use Bia’s push/pull concepts to keep your opponent occupied while you set endless traps for them to fall into.

  • Control the action with a surefire plan of attack that will have you setting grips, and getting to work immediately for sweeps and submissions.
  • Discover the Triple Sweep, and it’s numerous variations!
  • Deal with multiple styles of Guard passing with innovative methods of control that defeats pressure passing, and stifles mobility passers.
  • Never run out of options of attack with Bia’s COMPLETE Open Guard System!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Triple Sweep 0:28
Triple Sweep / Variation 2 10:22
Triple Sweep / Variation 3 19:20

Volume 2

How To Get In The X Guard 0
Forward X Sweep 7:34
Backward X Sweep 13:59
Triangle From X 23:58

Volume 3

Single Leg Sweep Uncle Pick 0
Open Guard Sweep To Single Leg 7:44
Shin To Shin Sweep 15:04
Overhead Sweep 23:02
Overhead Sweep To Armbar 29:22

Volume 4

Triangle Chiropractic Choke 0
Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Arm Lock 7:34
Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Triangle 12:10
Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Reverse Armbar 19:03
Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Front Armbar 25:34

Learn the Complete Open Guard System That Bia Mesquita Has Used To Win 9 Black Belt World Championships!

Check Out The Trailer!

What Will You Learn?

Bia Mesquita is one of the very best Jiu-JItsu athletes on the planet, and she has done it with an incredible open guard that anyone can use for success. The World Championship Open Guard System is a 4-part series where you will learn Top-Tier details on everything from grip fighting, sweeps, guard retention,submissions, and MORE!

Open Guard can be a difficult position for many athletes to effectively apply due to the sheer amount of variables. Waiting around for a good guard passer to get started is a surefire way to get your guard passed. So to avoid paralysis by over analysis, Bia cuts through the nonsense to provide you a clear cut method of establishing grips and getting to work!

The World Championship Open Guard System starts off by covering one of Bia’s go to techniques from Open Guard, the Triple Sweep. Here is where you first start to learn the power of the Open Guard, as Bia shifts your perspective towards being offensive from the position instead of waiting for things to happen. The Triple Sweep also has multiple variations to give you a complete approach of attack the moment the fight.

The Open Guard lends itself perfectly to transition into other effective guards, as well as wrestling to your feet from the bottom. Bia covers each aspect extensively. While supine Bia can choose to attack with her Open Guard, or transition to one of her favorite positions, the X Guard. Part 2 covers her favorite transitions and attacks from the X Guard. This valuable addition to your arsenal will keep your opponent off balance and under constant threat of submission!

In part 3, the 9x World Champ covers what to do, and how to react from the Seated Open Guard. Here she provides an ample amount of options including ankle picks, single legs, shin to shin, over head sweeps and MORE! In the final portion of The World Championship Open Guard System, Bia covers what to do when your opponent drops to a knee. This is a common occurrence especially after you develop the killer skills uncovered in the first three parts of the series.

Overhead Sweep

So, What Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Triple Sweep 
  • Triple Sweep / Variation 2 
  • Triple Sweep / Variation 3 

Part 2:

  • How To Get In The X Guard 
  • Forward X Sweep 
  • Backward X Sweep 
  • Triangle From X 

Part 3:

  • Single Leg Sweep Uncle Pick 
  • Open Guard Sweep To Single Leg
  • Shin To Shin Sweep 
  • Overhead Sweep 
  • Overhead Sweep To Armbar 

Part 4:

  • Triangle Chiropractic Choke 
  • Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Arm Lock
  • Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Triangle
  • Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Reverse Armbar 
  • Combo Guard Attack When Your Opponent Be On The Knees / Front Armbar 

Forward X Sweep

What Does It All Cost?