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The Wright Way Takedown System by Brandon Wright


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Brandon Wright

Professional Fighter
Master the Battle-Tested Takedown Strategies of Two-Time Division-2 National Champion Brandon Wright


  • Brandon Wright is a Two-Time High School State Champion, a Two-Time National Champion, and claimed Third Place in the US Team Trials
  • The front headlock is one of the most highly utilized positions in all of grappling and Wright has a formula for this position that will help you secure and attack with greater ease
  • From beginners to the seasoned grappler, Wright provides world class details that will help anyone dominate from incredibly versatile positions
  • Evolve your game with genius offense, elite level strategies, and defensive measures that will help you take your understanding of the takedown game to the next level

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
From the feet. Front headlock to a shelf 0:35
Front headlock to step through cradle 3:47
Front headlock to pick 8:12
Front headlock beating the elbow 11:26
Front headlock to leg attacks(beginners/advanced) 17:14
Front head lock to firemans 23:52
Front headlock to high crotch 28:23
Front headlock to sweep 32:06
Front headlock inside trip 38:33

Volume 2

From the knees. Front busyy 0
Busyy roll 4:12
Front headlock to pancake 7:57
Front headlock drag 11:09
Front head in the hole (beginner/advanced) 14:58
Front headlock shuck (beginner/advanced) 23:12

Volume 3

Front headlock defense. Basic defense 0
Beating front head offense 3:31
Front wright pick 8:46
Outro 14:12

Master the Battle-Tested Takedown Strategies of Two-Time Division-2 National Champion Brandon Wright


What Will You Learn?

In The Wright Takedown System, you'll receive elite level coaching from decorated US Team Trials Veteran and Two-Time National Champion Brandon Wright. Wright will guide you through some of the best takedown strategies, attacks, and defenses ever made available on an instructional as you learn and master the same techniques that have served Wright and many others at the top levels of wrestling. From beginner to the advanced, Wright provides blueprints for success at any level! 

Score With High Amplitude Attacks




You’ll begin your instruction learning all aspects of the front headlock from the feet and then travel down to the knees where you'll learn to master multiple techniques and strategies to help you dominate the positional game and score! In the later parts of the series you'll get into defense and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls of the front headlock when youre the other end of the exchange!

Defend and Turn Their Attacks Into Your Points




Wright's formula for the front headlock will open up a whole new set of doors and help you become more efficient, proficient, and dominant in this incredibly important position. Wright’s instruction is some of the best in the country and his accolades and experience speak for themselves! Take your knowledge of the front headlock position to new heights with phenomenal technique and expert guidance that will make you a more formidable and all around BETTER wrestler!

Use Front Headlocks To Walk Opponents Right Into Your Takedowns




So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • From The Feet
  • Front Headlock To A Shelf
  • Front Headlock To Step Through Cradle
  • Front Headlock To Pick
  • Front Headlock Beating The Elbow
  • Front Headlock To Leg Attacks (Beginners/Advanced)
  • Front Headlock To Fireman's
  • Front Headlock To High Crotch
  • Front Headlock To Sweep
  • Front Headlock Inside Trip

Part 2:

  • From The Knees
  • Front Busyy
  • Busyy Roll
  • Front Headlock to Pancake
  • Front Headlock Drag
  • Front Head in the Hole (Beginner/Advanced)
  • Front Head Shuck (Beginner/Advanced)

Part 3

  • Front Headlock Defense
  • Basic Defense
  • Beating Front Head Offense
  • Front Wright Pick
  • Outro

So, What Does It Cost?