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The Z Guard Encyclopedia by Craig Jones


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Professional Fighter

Once you finish watching Craig’s Z Guard Encyclopedia you will have a ton of new steps to start the match with

  • Craig who was virtually unheard of prior to ADCC 2017 and submitted Favorite, Leandro Lo & Legend Murilo Santana
  • Craig also went on to compete and make it to the finals of EBI losing to none other than Gordan Ryan in overtime
  • Craigs secret weapon: The Z Guard
  • Craig has long been utilizing the Z guard on everyone

Course Content

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Volume 1

Baiting opponent into z guard 0 - 6:29
Controlling the z guard 6:30 - 14:20
Triangle from z guard 14:21 - 22:19
Countering the weave pass 22:20 - 26:33
One arm guillotine 26:34 - 32:59
Omoplata 33:00 - 38:22
Overhook Armbar 38:23 - 44:33

Volume 2

Reverse de la riva basics 0 - 7:56
2 standing sweeps from reverse de la Riva 7:57 - 13:01
No gi inversion mini course 13:02 - 22:51
Standing heel hook setups 22:52 - 27:07
Reverse de la riva scissor heel hook 27:08 - 30:56
Reverse de la riva to 50/50 30:57 - 38:36

Volume 3

Underhook de la Riva control 0 - 6:58
Basic underhook de la riva sweep 6:59 - 11:02
Underhook de la riva to single leg X 11:03 - 15:44
X guard entrance 15:45 - 23:18
Reverse x heel hook and back take 23:19 - 33:00
Underhook de la riva to berimbolo 33:01 - 37:55

Why You Should Learn Craig Jone’s Z Guard- Just One Idea from The Z Guard Encyclopedia Could Change Your Jiu Jitsu Forever!