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Total Ippon Arsenal by Shinjiro Sasaki


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Shinjiro Sasaki

Professional Fighter

Develop silky smooth methods of scoring ippons with Shinjiro’s unique setups.

  • Use effective methods of kuzushi to consistently get your opponent off-balance to increase the efficiency of your throws.
  • Win the grip fight exchange with precise strategies that give you the upperhand!
  • Learn multiple variations of each technique to build a diverse attack plan that will always give you an option of attack.
  • Deploy seoi nage, sode-tsuri, tomoe-nage, uchi mata, and more!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Seoinage - Regular Seoinage 0
Seoi Nage with Flick 10:12
Standing Seoi on Right 12:26
Standing Seoi on Left 15:44
Reverse Seoi from Under 18:19
Reverse Seoi from Top 20:42
Reverse Seoi from same side lapel and Sleeve 21:53
Ippon Seoi on Left 23:20

Volume 2

Sode-tsuri 0
Sode-tsruri from lapels explanation 2:11
Sode-tsuri from both Sleeves 4:22
Sode-tsuri dropping one hand sode 6:33
Sode-tsuri dropping two hands sode 7:54
Sode-tsuri standing two hands sode 9:06
Sode-tsuri kouchimaki to rolling sode 10:32
Uchimata - Regular Uchimata 11:45
Spinning Uchimata Under Eri 15:42
Spinning Uchimata over Eri 17:22
Spinning Uchimata from Obi 19:40
Spinning Uchimata from Kata 20:59
Uchimata both sleeves 22:42
Sode to sode uchimata 24:06
Under hook Uchimata 25:24

Volume 3

Ashiguruma 0
Kouchi-gari 3:45
Kouchi-makikomi - Regular Kouchi-maki 7:16
Break grip and Kouchi-maki 10:47
Head through to Kouchi-maki 14:19
Slapping hand to Kouchi-maki 15:13

Volume 4

Tomoe-nage - Regular tomoe-nage 0
Yoko tomoe-nage 3:33
Grabbing Belt 6:50
Kouchi to tomoe-nage 8:40
O-soto - Kumigiwa 12:54
From side (ashi-guruma) 14:55
With Sleeves 17:24
O-soto otoshi 19:42
Switching o-soto against lefty 22:07
Ouchi - Sode to Ouchi 23:43
Ouchi L to T 24:58
Yoko otoshi 27:40
Kumite 29:48

Shinjiro Sasaki Lays Out A Total Offensive Plan Of Attack In Total Ippon Arsenal. Learn Ample Amounts Of Attacks From Multiple Grip Variations, Stances, And Setups.

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What Will You Learn?

You can never have TOO many options to end the match. Total Ippon Arsenal by Shinjiro Sasaki is a 4-part series that unravels the inner workings of today’s most effective Te Waza and Ashi Waza techniques. This isn’t a one and done approach either. Shinjiro covers multiple variations for each technique that he covers.

Many Judo players are known for a certain set of techniques that they continually pull off in competition. Shinjiro teaches each technique with multiple variations so that YOU can decide which works best for you. You will also start to understand how certain techniques lend themselves well to combination attacks. This overlapped approach will create a hostile environment for your opponent where they won’t know which attack you will use!

Keep your opponent guessing by being able to attack with different grip configurations that lead to the same throw! Win the grip fight and keep your opponent off balance with creative kuzushi that opens up opportunities for efficient entries into your chosen technique. Shinjiro takes complex systems of attack and breaks them down into easy-to-understand phases. This approach is perfect for Judoka of all ranges from beginner to advanced.

Total Ippon Arsenal covers a diverse range of attacks that will have you threatening the upper and lower body simultaneously. Threaten with turning throws to make your opponent lower their base, only to fall victim to your Ouchi Gari! Shinjiro Sasaki teaches you the methods he uses on the International competitive circuit to attack with effective combinations. Once you understand how to force a reaction out of your opponent you can more effectively plan your next attack!

Reverse Seoi From Top

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Seoinage
  • Regular Seoinage 
  • Seoi Nage with Flick 
  • Standing Seoi on Right 
  • Standing Seoi on Left 
  • Reverse Seoi from Under
  • Reverse Seoi from Top
  • Reverse Seoi from same side lapel and Sleeve 
  • Ippon Seoi on Left 

Part 2:

  • Sode-tsuri 
  • Sode-tsruri from lapels explanation 
  • Sode-tsuri from both Sleeves 
  • Sode-tsuri dropping one hand sode
  • Sode-tsuri dropping two hands sode 
  • Sode-tsuri standing two hands sode
  • Sode-tsuri kouchimaki to rolling sode 
  • Uchimata 
  • Regular Uchimata 
  • Spinning Uchimata Under Eri 
  • Spinning Uchimata over Eri 
  • Spinning Uchimata from Obi 
  • Spinning Uchimata from Kata 
  • Uchimata both sleeves
  • Sode to sode uchimata 
  • Under hook Uchimata 

Part 3:

  • Ashiguruma
  • Kouchi-gari 
  • Kouchi-makikomi
  • Regular Kouchi-maki
  • Break grip and Kouchi-maki 
  • Head through to Kouchi-maki 
  • Slapping hand to Kouchi-maki 

Part 4:

  • Tomoe-nage
  • Regular tomoe-nage 
  • Yoko tomoe-nage
  • Grabbing Belt
  • Kouchi to tomoe-nage 
  • O-soto 
  • Kumigiwa
  • From side (ashi-guruma) 
  • With Sleeves 
  • O-soto otoshi 
  • Switching o-soto against lefty 
  • Ouchi 
  • Sode to Ouchi 
  • Ouchi L to T 
  • Yoko otoshi 
  • Kumite 

Head Through To Kouchi Maki

So, What Does It All Cost?