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Train With Your Kids Volume 2 by Joel Bouhey


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Joel Bouhey

Professional Fighter

Empower your kids with games, drills and techniques that will build a foundation of BJJ skill to last a lifetime.

  • Use this instructional to keep your children active and unplugged from those smart devices.
  • The BJJ games in Train With Your Kids Volume 2 will inspire endless hours of fun and functional mat time.
  • Joel Bouhey builds on the foundations laid out in Volume 1 continuing to develop your child’s crucial self defense skills.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
2 Pushes & a Takedown 0:28
Duck the punch & Tackle 3:14
Side Step & Tackle 5:28
Base Check 7:14
Base Check w Push 9:42
Catch the Kick, Throw the kicker 11:40
Cross Choke 13:15
Upside down Cobra Catch 17:09
7 Step Triangle Choke 20:58
Kimura from Guard 23:57
Escape the Mount & Attack 26:40
Eagle Claw to Side Control 29:47
Eagle Claw Combo 32:32
Push Sweep to Stand Up in Base 34:35
Knee on belly to spinning armbar 37:26

Volume 2

Snow angel Mount Escape 0
Headlock Defense 2:20
Game 1 - Shoulder to Shoulder 5:25
Game 2 - Back to Back 7:38
Game 3 - Grab the Hat 8:44
Class Running Warm up 10:54
Class Warm Up 11:58
Class Warm up exercises 18:31
Class technique 1 22:18
Class Sparring Game 25:49

Build lifelong skills for your child and a love of martial arts with these games, drills and techniques in Train With Your Kids Volume 2.

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What Will You Learn?

Joel Bouhey is back with even more drills, games and techniques designed to expose your child to the fun side of the gentle art. Whether you have experienced Volume 1 or this stand alone Volume, these interactive videos will inspire countless hours of fun and functional training.

Joel Bouhey is a black belt and father himself. He would say that the most important thing he’s ever done with BJJ is expose his children to the art. Using games and drills to demonstrate the basic foundations of jiu jitsu he makes learning fun for those young learners who are constantly bombarded with stimuli off the mats. In no time, your kids will be pulling off Joel’s “7 Step Triangle Choke” or “Knee On Belly to Spinning Armbar” like future black belts.

Train With Your Kids Volume 2 does all of the hard work for you.. Using the same techniques he uses with his own kids, you will be able to build a creative environment for your children to flourish, gaining confidence and martial arts skill.

You and your kids will love games like “Catch the Kick, Throw the Kicker” and “Duck the Punch and Tackle”. Create wonderful family memories while you instill the value of BJJ in the hearts and minds of your kids.

Eagle Claw Combo

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • 2 Pushes & a Takedown 
  • Duck the punch & Tackle 
  • Side Step & Tackle
  • Base Check 
  • Base Check w Push 
  • Catch the Kick, Throw the kicker 
  • Cross Choke
  • Upside down Cobra Catch 
  • 7 Step Triangle Choke 
  • Kimura from Guard 
  • Escape the Mount & Attack 
  • Eagle Claw to Side Control
  • Eagle Claw Combo 
  • Push Sweep to Stand Up in Base 
  • Knee on belly to spinning armbar 

Part 2:

  • Snow angel Mount Escape 
  • Headlock Defense
  • Game 1 - Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Game 2 - Back to Back 
  • Game 3 - Grab the Hat 
  • Class Running Warm up 
  • Class Warm Up 
  • Class Warm up exercises 
  • Class technique 1 
  • Class Sparring Game 

So, What Does It All Cost?