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Travels: BJJ Seminars Around the World Digital Only by Roy Dean


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Roy Dean

Professional Fighter


Take an instant “traincation” from the comfort of your home. Roy Dean's latest release is a collection of lessons with his friends from around the world.

The amount of information in this collection is staggering, with over 9 hours of critical insights, techniques , and concepts that will rocket your game to the next level. 

Germany: The Hidden Structure of Jiu Jitsu

Part 1: Guard Pass to Arm Triangle

Part 2: Mount Transition to Head and Arm Choke

Running Time 22:24 

Norway Season 1

Day 1

Choke: Palm Up/ Palm Up

Choke: Palm Up/ Palm Down

Classic Scissor Sweep

Scissor Sweep to Armlock

Mounted Triangle Choke

Armlock: Crossed Ankle

Sweep: To Palm Down Choke

Detail: Weight Distribution

Armdrag to Rear Naked Choke

Lapel Grab: Grip Break to 2 on 1

2 on 1 to Ankle Pick

Armdrag to Clock Choke

Rolling Choke from Turtle

Day 2

Armdrag from Butterfly Guard

Concept: Let Them Pull You

Armdrag to Triangle Choke

Detail: Face Your Opponent

Overhook to Sternum Choke

Overhook to Straight Armlock

Overhook to Omoplata Options

Detail: Omoplata Leg Extraction

Ude Garami from Scissor Guard

Kimura Flow from Side Control

Detail: Rule of Thumbs

North/South Pressure Kimura

Kimura Resistance to Armlock

Leg Detail: Slide and Step

Closing Thoughts

Running Time: 1:25:45


Coachella: Season 1

EP 1: Origins

EP 2: Dan’s the Man

EP 3: The Loop Master

EP 4: Dean of Mean

EP 5: The Twister

EP 6: The Boys are Back

EP 7: Tip The Base

EP 8: Over Under

EP 9: Back and Forth

EP 10: The Last Glimpse

Bonus: The Spirals of Judo

Running Time: 1:48:24


Wyoming | Triangles, Armlocks, and Guard Passing

PART I: Triangle and Armlocks

Basic Triangle

Methods of Tightening

Detail: Minimal Transitions

Triangle Corkscrew Kimura

Floor Bridge to Triangle

Stiff Arm to Flying Triangle

Kneeling Sumi Otoshi to Armlock

Choking Up to the Armlock

Switching Sides to Armlock

The Americana Option

Detail: Leg Positioning

Closing Thoughts


PART II: Guard Passing

Marrying the Opposites

Inside Arm Positioning

Baseball Slide Pass

Hip Replaces Hand

Slide Through Drill

Step by Step Pass

Anchored Kneebar

Detail: Hook the Heel

The Big Backstep

Moving Your Frame

411 to Clover Leaf

Final Thoughts

Running Time: 40:29


Philadelphia 2019 | Roy Dean

Part 1: Kimura Extensions

Basic Kimura

Kimura to Hip Bump

Variations on the Hip Bump Sweep

Advanced Concepts with the Hip Bump

Finishing the Kimura from Side Control

Straight Armlock from Side Control

Americana from Side Control

Kimura Flow to Nikyo

The Value of Kimura

Part 2: Wristlock Options


Kotegaeshi to Scissor Sweep

Kotegaeshi to Kimura

Kotegaeshi to Spiral Kimura

Kotegaeshi to Pressure Kimura

Solutions for Grabbing the Belt

Drop in Pressure Kimura

Threading the Conversations

Part 3: Basic Footlocks

The Straight Footlock

Deeper Details on the Ashikubi Grip

The Most Common Issue

The Toe Press

No Hands Toe Press

The Heel Hook

The Kneebar

Running time: 51 Minutes


Moscow: Season 1

EP 1: What To Do When You're On Your Back

EP 2: How to Grab A Man's Wrist

EP 3: How To Twist A Man's Arm

EP 4: How To Wrestle With Your Friends

EP 5: How To Put A Man On His Back

EP 6: What To Do When A Man Grab's Your Jacket

EP 7: How To Overcome Your Comrade's Resistance

EP 8: How To Answer A Comrade's Questions

EP 9: How To Spin With Purpose

EP 10: Getting To Know Your Neighbors

EP 11: How To Break Down Their Defenses

EP 12: The Joy Of Randori

Running Time: 3:18:08


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