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Uchikomi Supercharged by Matt D'Aquino


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
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Matt D'Aquino

Professional Fighter

Sharpen your entries for techniques like Osoto, Seoi Nage, and MORE!

  • Learn multi-directional uchikomi to add another dimension of attack to your game.
  • Maintain proper balance to become a more efficient tactician on the mat
  • Uchikomi Supercharged will assist you in landing your favorite techniques in live training and competition.
  • Drill like there is NO TOMORROW with Olympian Matt D’Aquino!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
What is Static Uchikomi Good for? 1:11
What is Uchikomi and Making the Head Move 6:05
Static Uchikomi Hands 12:02
Proper Stable Base with Static Uchikomi 13:15
Uchikomi from A Realistic Grip 18:16
More Common Lower Body Problems 20:52
Changing Grips 23:35
Uke Changing Grips Drill 25:57
Uke Changing Feet Drill 28:41
Defferent Grips to Uchikomi from 32:24
Changing Directions Drill 34:23
Stability Movement Drill 37:37
Counter Drill 41:40

Volume 2

Moving Uchikomi - Moving Uchikomi Off the Grip 0
Off the Grip Uchikomi part 2 0:56
Off the Grip Uchikomi part 3 2:50
Moving Uchikomi Forwards and Backwards 3:43
Moving Uchikomi 5:47

Volume 3

Multi Directional - The Cross Drill 0
Sets of 5 4:06
Sets of 5 Starting Different Grips 7:44
Sideways and Diagonal Movements 11:38

Become more dynamic in your attacks with Uchikomi from Olympian Matt D’Aquino!

Sharpen your entries for techniques like Osoto, Seoi Nage, and MORE!

What Will You Learn?

Uchikomi Supercharged is designed to give you a complete breakdown of all-things Uchikomi related. If you don’t know what Uchikomi is, that's OK! It refers to continual repetitions when learning a technique. Uchikomi is used by the best Judoka on earth to sharpen specific aspects of their techniques.

Matt D’Aquino is a Judo Olympian and 4th degree black belt. For any athlete who is looking to smooth out their techniques Uchikomi Supercharged is for you. Matt uncovers the specifics on how to properly perform Uchikomi in a way that translates directly to competitive success. You will learn basic concepts of uchikomi all the way to advanced techniques that will lead to extremely efficient entries into some of your favorite throws.

Uchikomi Supercharged dives in on the details that can be often overlooked when performing Uchikomi. Details like where your head should be when entering into a throw can make a massive impact on the effectiveness of the technique. Whether it’s your first day of Judo or you are gearing up for international competition, Uchikomi Supercharged gives you the uchikomi gameplan to become an overall better Judoka.

This 3-part series goes into the benefits of Uchikomi and how to maximize your time spent on the mat. D’Aquino covers the differences between static Uchikomi and dynamic Uchikomi. This enables absolute beginners to be able to adapt their Uchikomi to match their level. On the flip side, crafty veterans will learn how to utilize dynamic Uchikomi to get your opponent moving and out of position. Perfect, if you are looking for efficient ways to win the match.

Static Uchikomi Hands

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • What is Static Uchikomi Good for? 
  • What is Uchikomi and Making the Head Move 
  • Static Uchikomi Hands 
  • Proper Stable Base with Static Uchikomi 
  • Uchikomi from A Realistic Grip 
  • More Common Lower Body Problems 
  • Changing Grips 
  • Uke Changing Grips Drill 
  • Uke Changing Feet Drill 
  • Defferent Grips to Uchikomi from 
  • Changing Directions Drill 
  • Stability Movement Drill 
  • Counter Drill 

Part 2:

  • Moving Uchikomi - Moving Uchikomi Off the Grip 
  • Off the Grip Uchikomi part 2 
  • Off the Grip Uchikomi part 3 
  • Moving Uchikomi Forwards and Backwards 
  • Moving Uchikomi

Part 3:

  • Multi Directional - The Cross Drill
  • Sets of 5 
  • Sets of 5 Starting Different Grips
  • Sideways and Diagonal Movements 

 So, What Does It All Cost?