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Understanding Collar Chokes by Travis Stevens


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Travis Stevens

Professional Fighter

Travis blends the BEST of both worlds to bring you Understanding Collar Chokes!.

  • Learn how Judoka’s slap on lightning quick chokes, and learn the finer details of finishing them.
  • The longer the fight is on the ground the more Jiu-Jitsu prevails, Travis teaches you how to use this to your advantage.
  • Learn how to systematically choke your opponent from the turtle, the back, and even side control!
  • Grip your way to victory! Travis teaches you how to ALWAYS find a way under the chin, obtain a grip, and let ‘er rip!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Principles of choking 0 - 5:02
Turtle - Getting Under The Chin 5:02 - 12:49
Clock Choke 12:49 - 21:13
Double Collar Choke 21:13 - 27:03

Volume 2

Choke To Back Finish 0 - 5:03
Crucifix Style Finish 5:03 - 10:49
Reverse Collar Choke 10:49 - 15:27
Ezekiel 15:27 - 20:24

Volume 3

Back - Protecting Your Hands 0 - 3:56
Double Collar Choke 3:56 - 8:40
Wing Choke 8:40 - 15:29
Ezekiel 15:29 - 19:50
Side Control - Cross Choke 19:50 - 23:58
Paper Cutter 23:58 - 29:42
Lapel Cross Choke 29:42 - 35:13

Very few Judoka spend enough time on Ne-Waza, even fewer have a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Travis Stevens used Ne-Waza to earn a Silver Medal in the ‘16 Olympics AND is a Renzo Gracie/John Danaher BLACK BELT in Jiu-Jitsu!

Check Out The Trailer For This Series!

What Will You Learn?

The art of strangulation has come a LONG way in recent years. Yet, athletes like Travis Stevens have found a way to push the boundaries of how effective a choke can be at the highest levels of competition. Understanding Collar Chokes dives DEEP on all aspects of finishing fights with efficient chokes from 3 of the most dominant positions in combat!

To start things off Travis goes into the principles of choking. Here he describes the mindset and basic principles that are required to become effective at maintaining position, proper grips, and general finishing details. He then shows how to successfully attack the Turtle position.

The Turtle is used in both Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. Although how they occur in each respective sport is quite different. In Judo an opponent who finds themselves in danger of being thrown can drop into the turtle to defend the throw. This is why Travis is so good at the clock choke, because he has had to HUNT for it throughout his entire career! Jiu-Jitsu on the other hand usually sees the Turtle position when passing the guard. While the rules are different, a person using the Turtle is looking for the same thing...DEFENSE!

Since defense from the turtle is so extensive the first half of the instructional is dedicated to systematically cracking the defensive shell of the Turtle. Learn how to consistently get under the chin to apply your chokes! Travis shows multiple methods to put your opponent into a bad position that allows for grips to easily slide into place. Learn multiple finishes including the Clock Choke, Double Collar Choke, Ezekiel, and MORE!

Part 3 of Understanding Collar Chokes goes into how to secure one of the most dominating positions in combat, THE BACK! Secure your hooks and get to work with Travis’s unique take on protecting your choking hands, and submitting your opponent. Once you get your opponent’s back it should be a checkmate type situation. Travis helps you find the finish with his take on the wing choke, double collar, and Ezekiel variations of strangulation!

To wrap things up Travis goes over how to wrap your opponent up with chokes from Side Control. Side Control is another very useful position to secure chokes from. Some practitioners even prefer hunting for their finishes from Side Control! This is especially useful if you are smaller than your opponent. Being slightly unattached to your partner helps you shift into place for techniques like Travis’s brutal Paper Cutter Choke.

Cross Choke

Keep your opponent under constant threat of chokes, and you will find yourself having a much higher success rate on the mat! Check out the complete technique list below!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1

  • Principles of choking 
  • Turtle
  • Getting Under The Chin 
  • Clock Choke 
  • Double Collar Choke 

Part 2

  • Choke To Back Finish 
  • Crucifix Style Finish 
  • Reverse Collar Choke 
  • Ezekiel 

Part 3

  • Back
  • Protecting Your Hands 
  • Double Collar Choke 
  • Wing Choke 
  • Ezekiel 
  • Side Control
  • Cross Choke
  • Paper Cutter 
  • Lapel Cross Choke 

Ezekiel Choke

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