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Winning Combinations by Darcel Yandzi


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Darcel Yandzi

Professional Fighter

Learn creative combo attacks from Darcel Yandzi, world renowned coach of some of today’s top-tier athletes.

  • Darcel has coached Judo greats like Teddy Riner and Ugo Legrand.
  • Discover efficient methods of kuzushi, footwork, gripping, and technique transitions!
  • Remove the guesswork and approach your combinations methodically.
  • Techniques like Sode, Kouchi, and Ouchi Gari will have an all new spin once you learn how to combine them with other weapons in your arsenal.

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 1:34
Sode Uchi Mata 1:34 - 7:44
Sode Osoto 7:44 - 12:53
Setting up Sode Uchi Mata and Sode Osoto 12:53 - 17:53
De Ashi right vs Right 17:53 - 22:54
De Ashi left vs Right 22:54 - 27:46

Volume 2

Uchi Mata with Under Grip 0 - 4:34
Uchi Mata with Power Grip 4:34 - 9:02
Kouchi 9:02 - 13:46
Osoto to Sesai 13:46 - 18:20
Ouchi 18:20 - 23:12
Sumi Gaeshi 23:12 - 27:53
Hizagaruma 27:53 - 32:37

Learn creative combo attacks from Darcel Yandzi, world renowned coach of some of today’s top-tier athletes.

Darcel has coached Judo greats like Teddy Riner and Ugo Legrand.

What Will You Learn?

Winning Combinations focuses on giving you the techniques to help get you to the top of the podium! Any elite athlete will tell you that chaining techniques together is a surefire way to find success on the mat and Darcel Yandzi knows a thing or two about helping athletes find success on the mat. Darcel has had a hand in the careers of two of Judo’s very best, Teddy Riner and Ugo Legrand.

If you find yourself not landing techniques because they are easily defended Winning Combinations will put an all new spin on your strategy. Many practitioners get stuck in the rut of going for one technique at a time. However this leaves your one and done approach going nowhere. All is not lost though, because by making your opponent defend you are creating tempo. Tempo, is a term for controlling the action. By having tempo on your side you provide an opportunity to chain to your next attack. 

Winning Combinations is so much more than combining two techniques together. Darcel dives deep on how to utilize footwork, proper gripping, and kuzushi to maximize how effective your Combo attacks are. This instructional goes into detail on how to force a reaction from your opponent. When you can anticipate how your opponent will react you can be better prepared to transition to your next attack.

Throughout the entire instructional Darcel is constantly emphasizing the crucial elements on what makes your combinations work. Once you get the hang of some essentials you won’t need to rely on strength or athleticism. Winning Combinations focuses on putting you in winning positions at all times!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Sode Uchi Mata 
  • Sode Osoto 
  • Setting up Sode Uchi Mata and Sode Osoto
  • De Ashi right vs Right
  • De Ashi left vs Right 

Part 2:

  • Uchi Mata with Under Grip 
  • Uchi Mata with Power Grip 
  • Kouchi 
  • Osoto to Sesai
  • Ouchi 
  • Sumi Gaeshi 
  • Hizagaruma 

So, What Does It All Cost?