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Winning With Effective Leg Attacks by Dave Habat


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Secure More Takedowns With Efficient Set Ups, Finish Variations, Combination Wrestling, And More With 2x All-American Dave Habat!

  • Habat shares his V-block system that allows you to establish control ties, and immediately work towards scoring.
  • Take your offense to the next level with next-level details to help you finish a wide range of takedowns.
  • Use unique finishing variations that help you consistently find ways to secure the takedown.
  • Upgrade your single leg, double, high-c, control ties, and MUCH more with 2x All-American Dave Habat!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Getting into V Blocks 0:54
V Block Finding the Wrist 4:12
Hand Fighting V Block 8:23
V Block Single Leg 12:38
Single Leg Dump 18:13
Dump to Single Leg High Trip 25:56
Single Leg Dump-Circle Back inside 32:05

Volume 2

Chase the Ankle 0
Chase the Ankle Shelf 8:30
Shin Whizzer Finish 15:10
Out the Back Door Finish 22:30
Barrel Roll 30:52

Volume 3

V Block High Crotch 0
High C Dump 4:20
Hi C- Fake crackdown double 7:50
Iranian Lift 11:05
Crackdown Shelf 15:38
Fake Go Behind 21:22
Drag 24:52
Outro 28:30

Secure More Takedowns With Efficient Set Ups, Finish Variations, Combination Wrestling, And More With 2x All-American Dave Habat!

What Will You Learn?




If you are looking for a consistent gameplan on how to make contact with an opponent, shut down their offense, and increase your own then Winning With Effective Leg Attacks is for you! This 3-part series from 2x All-American Dave Habat dives in on how to effectively set up a wide range of takedowns by using the V-Block system, as well as other next level concepts. Habat teaches you how to make the V-Block a valuable and versatile tool that ANY wrestler can make use of!

Use V-Blocks To Set Up Your Shots!



The V-Block system is a unique system that allows you to simultaneously control your opponent while providing the opportunity to set up endless takedowns. Dave made the V-Block an integral part of his game throughout his top-tier wrestling career. The V-Block is a tool that ANY wrestler can use to set up more efficient shots on your opponent. Singles and High-Cs become even easier with Habat’s V-Block System that will create unique and fast entries into your favorite takedowns.

Set Up Effective Attacks That Keep People Guessing




With the added versatility of using the V-Block you’ll be able to increase your takedown efficiency. To add to this Dave shares his favorite takedown finishes. Here you'll learn to work your way towards a better position as soon as the match hits the mat. Dave’s takedown finishes occur on the feet with single leg trips and high-C dumps, as well as low-level finishes that transition directly off of the shot. Winning With Effective Leg Attacks is a 3-part master class on securing points with consistency by using the V-Block system and executing efficient takedowns!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

    • Intro
    • Getting Into V Blocks
    • V Block Finding The Wrist
    • Hand Fighting V Block
    • Single Leg Dump
    • Dump To Single Leg High Trip
    • Single Leg Dump-circle Back Inside

    Part 2:

      • Chase The Ankle
      • Chase The Ankle Shelf
      • Shin Whizzer Finish
      • Out The Back Door Finish
      • Barrel Roll

      Part 3

      • V Block High Crotch
      • High C Dump
      • Hi C - Fake Crackdown Double
      • Iranian Lift
      • Crackdown Shelf
      • Drag
      • Outro

      So, What Does It Cost?