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Nicolas Gregoriades: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nicolas Gregoriades: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Nicolas Gregoriades?

Nicolas Gregoriades is a South African born black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who has traveled around the world training with different grapplers to become more well rounded. He competed actively from the early 2000s until he claimed the title of British Open Champion in 2012. Gregoriades is well known to be the first person promoted to black belt by one of the best competitors of all time, Roger Gracie.

Yoga For Grapplers Digital Only by Nicolas Gregoriades

Gregoriades was born in the fall of 1979 as a citizen of one of the three capital cities of South Africa, called Cape Town. He comes from a long line of martial artists and was introduced to judo at a young age by his father, himself a black belt in the art of karate. He showed himself to be a dedicated student from the outset.

Nic continued to progress through the judo belt system until he achieved the rank of brown belt. All the while, however, his eyes were set on Jiu-Jitsu. Unable to find a place to train BJJ in Cape Town, Gregoriades joined a more general submission wrestling club in the year 2000.

After about four years of training in submission wrestling, Gregoriades moved to London, England to join Roger Gracie’s academy in 2004. He would train for only four additional years with Gracie before being awarded his black belt from the noted world champion in 2008. This moment also marked the first time that Roger had promoted someone to black belt.

In addition to his own journey through Jiu-Jitsu, Nic has worked hard to help others along their own personal paths. He is one of the founders of a worldwide affiliation known as the “Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood”, which advocates three main tenets of the sport: community, self-reflexivity, and open-mindedness. Gregoriades has also hosted multiple podcasts, including London Real and Digital Communion.

After the 2012 British Open Championships, Nic took a trip to the Amazon to experience something new. He has often discussed how his journey with the ancient plant medicine Ayahuasca changed his life. To be sure, Nic made some radical moves by taking 5 years to travel the world, teach Jiu-Jitsu, and learn about humanity. 

In addition to his successful online business, his thriving BJJ association, and his in-person coaching, Nic is also a talented creator of online instructional videos.

Budofit Digital+Download Only by Nicolas Gregoriades

How Old is Nicholas Gregoriades?

Nic Gregoriades is 42 years old as of 2021. He was born in early September of 1979 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Nicholas Gregoriades Family

Nic moved from his native home in South Africa to train with Gracie in London around the age of 25. He did not move with any family, and has mentioned in interviews that fighting in South Africa is his favorite because his family are able to attend.

How Much is Nicholas Gregoriades Worth?

Gregoriades’ net worth has not been published. As a self-described “spiritual explorer”, we think Nic would hate this question.

How Tall is Nicholas Gregoriades?

Nic Gregoriades is about 6’1”. He is on the taller side of his weight division, and learned his style from the lanky, 6’4” Roger Gracie.

How Much Does Nicholas Gregoriades Weigh? 

Nic has competed most often in the medium heavyweight division at 88 kg, or roughly 194 pounds.

Nicholas Gregoriades Fight List

A complete list of Nic Gregoriades’ opponent’s is not available. See below for a list of his biggest achievements in BJJ:

  • 2005 IBJJF London Open - Gold (Blue)
  • 2005 South African National Grappling Champion
  • 2006 ADCC: United Kingdom - Gold (Purple belt)
  • 2006 IBJJF Paris Open - Gold (Purple)
  • 2006 Gracie Invitational - Gold
  • 2007 Grappler of the Year – France
      • 2007 Gracie Invitational - Gold
  • 2008 Absolute Submission Fighting - Gold
  • 2009 Absolute Submission Fighting - Gold
  • 2009 British Open Grappling Championships - Gold
  • 2010 Abu-Dhabi Pro European Qualifier
  • 2012 British Open Grappling Championships - Gold
  • Nicholas Gregoriades' Best Fight of All Time

    One of Nic Gregoriades’ best matches came against Guillaume Piquet in March of 2010. The two faced off in a rare MMA bout for Nic under the French Mixed Martial Arts promotion, 100% Fight. Piquet managed to hold his own in round one but midway through round two, Gregoriades was able to isolate his leg. After a few seconds of repositioning, Piquet was forced to tap to a nasty kneebar.

    Who Did Nicholas Gregoriades Lose To?

    After winning the 2012 British Open at black belt level, Nic hoped to repeat his performance at the tournament the following year, in 2013. He made it to the finals in the adult black belt medium heavyweight division where he faced Leo Querioz, a member of the well-known Checkmat affiliation. The match was won by points, with Leo managing to stall for several minutes as Gregoriades attacked from the back. Nic worked a solid offensive guard but ultimately the point system worked against him, as Queiroz was able to sit back defensively in Gregoriades’ guard and prevent further scoring.

    Nicholas Gregoriades Record

    Nic’s overall grappling record is not available.

    Nicholas Gregoriades Injuries

    In his book “The Black Belt Blueprint: An Intelligent Approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”, Gregoriades focuses heavily on how to avoid injuries and maintain longevity while training for decades. He has also advocated yoga, strength training, and mobility drills as excellent methods to keep the body performing well as the years pile on.

    Is Nicholas Gregoriades Retired?

    Nic has competed sporadically as recently as 2018, but appears to have retired from the international competition circuit. He is focused on continuing to grow his own affiliation of schools, The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood.

    Beyond his in person classes, Gregoriades has published a book and several instructionals that are available through BJJ Fanatics. His emphasis on protecting your body in the long run is on full display with these titles: “Yoga for Grapplers”, “Budofit”, and  “Flow Jits”. The last product, Flow Jits, was created in conjunction with Mike Bidwell. Each one offers a different angle from which to address your overall fitness, and promises to prolong your time on the mat.

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