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Tom DeBlass has been a black belt for over 9 years now.  He recently received the third degree on his black belt, awarded to him by his longtime instructor Ricardo Almeida, himself the very first black belt from the legendary Renzo Gracie.  Not only has he developed his world class jiu jitsu and teaching philosophy as part of a legendary lineage, but he has also used that knowledge to produce high level black belts of his own, namely Garry Tonon, who is currently slated to take another step in his mentor's shoes and begin his MMA career in March. Tom...

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We spend a lot of time working techniques in the laboratory that is the training mats at our academies against training partners who are essentially allowing us to work out technique.  Very rarely does the execution of a specific technique or submission look exactly like what your Instructor or Coaches has shown the class.   Most times, as the unwilling partner during live training, or the opponent during a competition recognizes the submission we're going for and begin to counter or work a potential escape.  In some cases, we are able to still catch the originally planned submission in the scramble or...

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5x Adult Black Belt World Champion, Bernardo Faria has finally opened his new academy in Bedford, MA.  This academy is one of the most unique academies in the entire world and will surely become one of the most popular training destinations.  Bedford, MA is located right near Boston, MA and is near the north shore area of Massachusetts.  You can check out more on the academy here. Bernardo is known for being one of the nicest and most charismatic people in Jiu Jitsu both on and off of the mats.  He has a desire to help others, an extremely radiant...

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Bernardo Faria is one of the most decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in history.  Having won the World Championships an amazing 5 times, he is considered one of the most important super-heavyweight competitors in history and certainly one of the best of his generation of athletes.  But there was a time early on when Bernardo was not certain he would be able to follow the course that training BJJ had begun to lay out for him early on. It was as a purple belt, that Bernardo's development had reached a tipping point and his course as one of history's most...

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At most academies, BJJ promotions can be few and far between.  Whether it is a stripe or a new belt, chances are you've put in a lot of work before you are considered for or rewarded with a promotion. It can take upwards of a decade or more to achieve your black belt and with only three belt colors between white and black, promotions are hard won and relatively rare.  You've been training hard for so long, you begin to get tempted to perhaps take some time off.  Or perhaps after getting that blue or purple belt, you start to...

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