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Creating Muay Thai Connections by Aurelien Duarte


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Aurelien Duarte

Professional Fighter

Master crucial muay thai connections with former world champion thai fighter, Aurelien Duarte

  • Duarte is world champion muay thai fighter with over 30 years of experience
  • With Duarte’s help anyone can learn battle tested techniques proven at the highest levels of muay thai competition
  • Discover secret methods of mental conditioning and breathing to help you maximize your energy and recovery

Course Content

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Volume 1

Switch deep breath2:18
Warm Up 4:07
Hips specific11:29
Posture and placement36:11

Volume 2

Techniques - Middle kick 0
Straight punch 10:09
Straight knee 14:21
Horizontal elbow 19:51
Combo 1 24:01
Combo 2 27:45
Combo 3 31:15
Complete combo at thai pad with details 36:11

Volume 3

Calm Down - Shadow Boxing 0
Deep relaxation exercices 4:58
Outro 22:45

Master crucial muay thai connections with former world champion thai fighter, Aurelien Duarte

Duarte is world champion muay thai fighter with over 30 years of experience

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What Will You Learn?

In Creating Muay Thai Connections, former world champion thai fighter Aurelien Duarte with share with you the secrets of his INCREDIBLY WELL-ROUNDED training regimen, including ,warming up (physically and mentally), technical striking instruction, and cooling down, so that you can enjoy the same success and longevity that Duarte has enjoyed over a long, illustrious, and successful career!

Train forever with Duarte’s instruction that's been cultivated over the span of a 30-year career, with tips and tricks that can only be amassed through years of focused study and competitive experience! Duarte is opening up the vault to share his AMAZING MUAY THAI TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES so you can reap the same benefits on your own time!

In part-1 you'll get warmed up with some of Duarte’s favorite breathing techniques to get your mind and body ready to perform! You'll progress to some instruction on some basic strikes and MASTER SOME HIGHLY EFFICIENT COMBOS in part-2 so you can add some DANGEROUS NEW STRIKING TOOLS to your arsenal! In part-3 you'll wrap things up with some shadow boxing and deep relaxation exercises to cool down and close out your session!

The 3 parts in this series are easily digestible and Duarte urges you to go slow and really take the time to understand the techniques. With Duarte’s easy going guidance you'll learn in a relaxed manner and easily add some phenomenal new tools into your skill set! Don't miss the chance to learn from a true legend of the art and add crazy value to your striking toolbox!

Switch Deep Breath

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Présentation 
  • Introduction 
  • Switch deep breath 
  • Warm Up 
  • Hips specific
  • Posture and placement 

Part 2:

  • Techniques 
  • Middle kick 
  • Straight punch 
  • Straight knee 
  • Horizontal elbow 
  • Combo 1 
  • Combo 2 
  • Combo 3 
  • Complete combo at thai pad with details

Part 3:

  • Calm Down
  • Shadow Boxing 
  • Deep relaxation exercises 
  • Outro 

Straight Punch

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