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Adam Wardzinski

Adam Wardzinski


Adam Wardzinski was born in 1991 and became involved in martial arts as a youth with Aikido.  He eventually moved to the BJJ academy of Karol Matuszczak who is a pioneer of BJJ in Poland and credited with bringing the art to the country.  Though one might think that Poland has limited BJJ, they now have over 300 black belts with Adam leading the competitive charge

Early on in his BJJ training his instructor retired and left him with another coach to run the academy in his absence.  After hosting Checkmat black belt Alan “Finfou” do Nascimento who was based in Sweden for a seminar, the groups formed a relationship and Adam's academy became an affiliate of Finfou.

After a few more years of training, Adam was awarded his black belt from Finfou at age 25.  This was in 2016.

Known best for his butterfly guard usage and sweep game, this highlight video will serve as a good introduction to his work.

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Notable Techniques

Adam Wardzinski utilizes the classic butterfly guard quite heavily.  As he states in a recent social media post, the butterfly guard came easily to him as a young blue belt and it is something that he's spent recent years honing into a system of sweeps, submissions, and transitions to other positions.

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Butterfly Sweep Crossing the Arm from BJJ Fanatics (featuring Bernardo)

Adam Wardzinski Butterfly Guard Study Volume 1 from BJJ Scout

In the video below, BJJ Scout starts a multi-part breakdown of the butterfly guard of Adam Wardzinski.  Check out the other parts available on YouTube.


Below are a few matches featuring Adam Wardzinski.  Pay attention to how he utilizes his patented butterfly guard throughout the matches.  It is clear that he will soon be making his way to the top of the podium at more events.

Adam Wardzinski Vs. Bradley Hill Poznan Open 2018


Check out more instructional videos by Adam Wardzinski:

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