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Mikey Musumeci

Mikey Musumeci

The Musumeci's have been mainstays on the competitive scene for a very long time.  Mikey started his BJJ journey at age 4 and represented a number of academies before making a connection to the Mendes Brothers who happened to visit his home academy in Florida to teach some seminars.  This relationship continued for a long time with the Musumeci's traveling and taking private lessons whenever they were able.
In 2016, the two Musumeci's made the decision to make a change and join Caio Terra's association.  The news was a bit of a shock to the jiu jitsu world, but the change to the 10 time world champion's camp has continued to serve Mikey well with his 2nd world title.

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In the short highlight film we see the growth of Mikey Musumeci over his career.

Mikey Musumeci: A white belt becoming a black belt world champion

Notable Techniques


Mikey Musumeci is currently one of the best examples of modern jiu jitsu.  His mix of amazing guard retention and precise, perfect submission attacks make him one of the most exciting young grapplers to watch today.  In the following series of videos you will see a number of examples of Mikey's guard retention techniques as well as his high level teaching ability as he explains these complex techniques.

Defending Against the Over Under Pass (featuring Bernardo)

Inside Grip Torreando Defense from BJJ Fanatics

In the video below, Mikey Musumeci counters the Torreando Pass.  This video is excerpted from his Power Switch Guard Retention Series.

Long Step Knee Cut Pass Defense from BJJ Fanatics

Here is another example from his Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Take series available from BJJ Fanatics.


Below is just a small sampling of Mikey Musumeci's competitive career.  At just 22 years old, Mikey has not even begun to reach his competitive apex.  As fans, we have many, many more years of Musumeci highlights to come.

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Mikey Musumeci Makes History

In the video below, from FloGrappling documents Mikey's history making 2nd IBJJF World Championship.

Mikey Musumeci vs. Joao Miyao

The rivalry between Joao and Mikey Musumeci is the stuff of legends.  Their matches are always amazing to watch.

Mikey Musumeci vs. Rafael Barata

In this recent match from ACBJJ in Brasil, we see the quick work Mikey makes of his opponent.


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