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Cesar Casamajo His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Cesar Casamajo His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Cesar Casamajo?

Professor Cesar Casamajo Cardoso, who often drops his last name in favor of just “Cesar Casamajo”, is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and member of the Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu association out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He began filming video content and spreading his knowledge of the game in his early twenties and, despite his top-level skill as a grappler, still hasn’t turned 30!

Best of Butterfly Guard by Cesar Casamajo

As a black belt competitor, Cesar Casamajo has become known for his devastatingly effective use of the butterfly guard. The position is a bit of a niche focus for the Jiu-Jitsu ace and he has specialized in it to a degree that few have. It’s safe to say that students coming out of his classes in Honolulu are not to be trifled with in Butterfly guard.

Casamajo has had the chance to test these skills out on high-level opponents in both sanctioned IBJJF tournament settings and in superfights. The latter took place on Seth Daniels’ Fight to Win Promotion, where Casamajo is currently 2-0 thanks to a stellar set of performances in 2019.

Casamajo is now a full-time professor at the Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu Family (CJJF) academy in Honolulu, where he shares his experience and passion for the sport of Brazilian jiu jitsu with both experts and newcomers looking to improve their skills.

Butterfly Guard Re-Discovered by Adam Wardzinski

How Old is Cesar Casamajo?

Cesar Casamajo was born in 1994 and is just 28 years old as of 2022.

Cesar Casamajo Family

There isn’t a lot of information out there about Cesar Casamajo’s family. He maintains a private life, and focuses on the sport during interviews.

How Much is Cesar Casamajo Worth?

Cesar Casamajo’s net worth is not published information. 

How Tall is Cesar Casamajo?

Cesar Casamajo’s height is unknown. Grapplers often do not publish their heights as only weight is required for BJJ tournaments.

How Much Does Cesar Casamajo Weigh? 

Cesar Casamajo competes most often at 181 pounds, or about 82 kg. This is considered Middle Weight under IBJJF guidelines.

Cesar Casamajo Fight List

As a grappler, Cesar Casamajo has had far too many bouts to list them all here. He has ben actively competing at a high level since his performance at the 2010 IBJJF Worlds. With only a blue belt tied around his waist, and limited experience, Cesar managed to take home a bronze medal. This tournament was the catalyst for a chain of successes that would bring him through black belt and to his current position as a coach for the Caveirinha association.

Cesar Casamajo's Best Fight of All Time

Cesar Casamajo has had some amazing moments in an outstanding career and perhaps none bigger than his performances on the Fight to Win promotion in 2019. His first match came early on that year, in February and he was matched up against a fellow Hawaiian. Royal Mitchell is a coach at Atos’ Island Jiu Jitsu, just a stone’s throw away from Casamajo’s own camp. The match ended with Cesar choking Mitchell for the tap.

After his debut, Casamajo took another bout later that year on the same promotion. In November 2019, he stood across the mat from Adam Taufmann. This time the match was more evenly fought, and neither athlete was able to submit the other. As the time expired, the referee's decision went to Casamajo for his superior control during the match.

Who Did Cesar Casamajo Lose To?

All grapplers face the challenge of recollecting themselves after taking tough losses, and Cesar Casamajo is no different. In his long career, he’s suffered frustrating defeats every now and then just like the rest of us. 

At the 2020 Copa Podia tournament in California, Cesar was matched up with Guthierry Barbosa, a tough competitor on the international scene. Although Casamajo put up a strong effort, Barbosa was able to ride out two early points for a final score of 2-0. This ended Casamajo’s day a little early, as he was not able to medal at the event.

Cesar Casamajo Record

Cesar Casamajo’s overall record has not been compiled. He is 2-0 in the Fight to Win promotion. Two things make it difficult to track down his complete record. The first is that overseas matches are not tracked well on english-language websites. The second issue is that Cesar has competed both with and without his given last name, Cardoso.

Cesar Casamajo Injuries

Many fighters and grapplers who dedicate their lives to the mat find themselves injured as their career progresses. Even a competitor like Cesar Casamajo has certainly experienced some physical setbacks. Thankfully, he has not had to miss any major time on the mat or been forced to drop out of any bouts as a result of injuries.

Is Cesar Casamajo Retired?

Cesar Casamajo is not yet retired from professional grappling. Although he is now a black belt professor at CJJF, he maintains a rigorous and active competition schedule as well. Perhaps his most recent major tournament was the 2021 IBJJF Pan American Games. Although he did not place in the event this time around, it’s likely that Casamajo will continue to improve and be back for more in 2022 and beyond.

Now that he has plenty of experience under his black belt, Casamajo has also slowed himself down from competition training just enough to produce some excellent content on the infamous blue mats at BJJ Fanatics. His product “Best of Butterfly Guard” is available now on the site, and will no doubt improve your ability to play from this difficult, seated position. Check it out today for some expert advice on clinching, sweeping, and setting up finishes from the unassuming butterfly guard.

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