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Philip Monica

Philip Monica

Professor Philip Della Monica has always been passionate about Jiu Jitsu. Philip started training at a young age. From early on he knew he wanted to make jiu jitsu his profession. He began competing when he was 13 years old and received his black belt at the age of 20. Nowadays, Philip has a different focus and passion. “I love to compete,” he says, “I’ve been to all the big tournaments and have been involved in all competitive situations. I’ve won a lot and I’ve lost a lot and I feel like I’ve fulfilled that part of my life. I’m a very competitive person, and I like to win, but my focus is not on winning gold medals anymore. Now, I like to share my competition life with my students and give them whatever they need on and off the mats.”

In 2007, Philip moved to Irvine, California to join forces with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. in his mission of bringing jiu jitsu to everyone. His work and dedication were recognized and Philip began to teach some at the HQ. In 2009, Philip was sent to Chicago to assist in the development of the region. With impeccable work after 6 months he returned to California in search of his biggest dream: open a Gracie Barra school of his own.

Philip Monica was head instructor for five years at GB Saddleback. It was during this time that Philip became a jiu jitsu entrepreneur. In the year 2015 Professor Della Monica was invited to join forces at the Gracie Barra US Headquarters. In addition to working at the HQ, Monica was also very dicated to the GB competition team, the GB North America projects and the support of GB schools. In May 2017, Professor Philip Della Monica was appointed Chief Instructor of the GB Headquarters – in Irvine, which is one of the most successful and admirable positions to conquer.

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