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Nick Drossos

Nick Drossos is a fitness guru, one of the top self defense experts in the world, and a motivational speaker. Nick Drossos is the inventor of The Hero Program which combines a variety of training knowledge in fitness, self defense, fight analysis, diet, motivation and much more. Nick Drossos also runs his own YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands subscribers and millions of views where he commonly shares life experiences, fitness tips, and self defense training.

Nick Drossos has trained in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Reality Based Self Defense, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Boxing and Kickboxing. Drossos has worked in security for over 7 years in the Montreal night life scene. He has also been a body guard for high profile clients as well as private security during large scale events. Nick is a certified personal trainer and has acquired TRX, KettleBell, Kickboxing and Yoga certifications. He presently trains celebrities such as Sugar Sammy and Gouchy Boy, and has worked on various film sets.

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Scientific Street Fighting and The Self Defense Encyclopedia by Nick Drossos Destroy & Dominate Any Attacker By Learning The Hidden Details Of Street Fighting From Montreal’s Most Feared Bouncer Who Became “The Most Famous Brawler In The World” – Over 45 Million People Have Learned From Him - 6 DVD Nick Drossos Bundle While Supplies Last!


Nick Drossos Videos

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