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Roberto Jimenez

Roberto Jimenez is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt representing Alliance Jiu Jitsu, training out of Alliance Team Gaucho in Texas. Roberto became a BJJ Purple Belt teenage sensation when he won double gold at the 2018 Worlds at age 18. Roberto is a young athlete with a bright grappling future in front of him. Even as a blue belt, Roberto was already achieving very high accomplishments. Not only is Roberto a great competitor, the young grappler is also humble, respectful and fearsome.

Roberto Jimenez Accomplishments

  • 2015 - IBJJF- Kids Pan-Am Champion
  • 2018 – 2x World Champion Gold (Purple belt – Heavyweight and absolute division)

Roberto Jimenez Instruction

Attacking The Back Every Match By Roberto Jimenez

18 Year Old Roberto Jimenez Had 10 Matches At The 2018 World Championships & He Tapped Out All 10 Opponents To Win Double Gold At Purple Belt – Most Of Them From The Back. The Wonder-kid Has Revealed His Complete Formula In This 4 Volume Instructional


Roberto Jimenez Biography

Roberto Jimenez began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 5. Some of Roberto’s earliest BJJ memories are not pleasant as far as he remembers. He used to hide in the bathroom, not wanting to train after being enrolled in class by his father. But after Jimenez over came this resistance he began to train up to three times a day, quickly becoming obsessed. He quickly moved through all the kids BJJ belts before earning his blue belt. It was here that he started to become known to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community after some incredible grappling feats.

In 2018 at the IBJJF World Championship, Roberto Jimenez’s success cast a shadow on even the most anticipated black belt matches. As a teenager Roberto managed to become a double gold world champion at purple belt. Not only did Roberto beat every opponent in his path but he did so in an incredible fashion – 10 opponents, 10 submissions. The two toughest opponents Jimenez’s faced came in the semifinal and the final match. First, Jimenez got back from a 9 point deficit to be Pedro Alex with a lapel choke. In the final, he squared up with Mixed Martial Arts fighter Mason Fowler. Not surprising, the final did not last long. Jimenez got on Fowler’s back in no time and sunk in another lapel choke. Despite Mason’s attempts to escape, Jiminez finished with a bow and arrow choke.

Roberto is a rising star with a bright future ahead of him in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What stands out the most about Roberto is not only his immense technical abilities but also his amazing attitude. He is truly the embodiment of the “leave your ego at home” philosophy. Roberto is a very driven young man who is going to be a fierce grappling competitor for anyone in only a few years’ time.

Roberto Jimenez Videos

De La Riva to Back Take with Knee Pressure by Roberto Jimenez

Back Take From Double Sleeve Grip by Roberto Jimenez

How To Do The Collar Drag Attacking The Back And Choking by Roberto Jimenez

Onnit Invitational X Match 18 Quentin Rosenzweig vs Roberto Jimenez

Roberto Jimenez - Alliance / Team Gacho Elite Submission League - Mexico 2016

Onnit Invitational X Match 11 Roberto Jimenez vs DJ Abshire

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