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Roberto Jimenez Shows 2 Back Takes In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Roberto Jimenez Shows 2 Back Takes In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


You might think these back takes are only for "small guy" Jiu Jitsu, but they are actually great for anyone, no matter your body type or level of experience!

Roberto Jimenez has stirred up a bunch of attention in the BJJ scene after having won double gold at the 2018 Worlds at the young age of 18. Representing Alliance Jiu Jitsu out of Gaucho Texas, Roberto Jimenez is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt who is turning heads and making himself known. Roberto is a young athlete, but he has got a bright future in front of him. At just blue belt level Roberto was already achieving very high accomplishments. Not only is Roberto a great competitor, the young grappler is also humble, respectful and fearsome.

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We are lucky to have such exciting talent coming into the scene. What stands out the most about Roberto is not only his immense technical abilities but also his amazing attitude. He is truly the embodiment of the “leave your ego at home” philosophy. Roberto is a very driven young man who is going to be a fierce grappling competitor for anyone in only a few years’ time.

If there is one thing that really stands out about Roberto Jimenez’s game it is his back takes. At the World Championships in 2018, Jimenez tapped out all 10 of his opponents, largely due to his ability to easily move around his opponent, especially taking the back. And we are in luck! Because Roberto has shared his most dominant back attacks in his debut instructional series “Attacking The Back Every Match” available exclusively on! It is a complete formula for taking the back and attacking submissions from the most dominant position. Let’s check out some of the techniques Roberto shares. Here are 2 back takes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the young grappling sensation Roberto Jimenez.

De La Riva to Back Take with Knee Pressure by Roberto Jimenez

From a standing position, Roberto first looks to control his opponent’s legs by grabbing below the knees. He traps his training partner’s inside leg, kneeling so that his opponent’s knee is right below his chin. Roberto also has grips on both sides of his opponent’s gi collar, right below the neck. This keeps his opponent’s back flat on the mat for now. Typically what will happen is your training partner will push into you and try to re-establish their guard. Roberto uses this momentum to trap his opponent. The first thing he does is drop his hips and pass the knee. He keeps his hand on his opponent’s back and then pressures forward, dropping his chest in and his knee right on the side of his opponent’s leg. Robert then switches his grips to set up his choke. He starts to worry about the choke before he even starts to take the back.

With the choke set, Roberto slides his left knee up and stretches his arms to create leverage. From here he sits down and tries to get his foot over the hips. He goes to the side while hooking his opponent’s shoulder with his foot. His heel hook goes to the ribs to trap the outside arm. To finish the choke, Roberto pulls his opponent in with his arms and legs.

Back Take From Double Sleeve Grip by Roberto Jimenez

This is a different technique that is very basic. It is super simple, and has stuck with Roberto through his BJJ journey. From bottom closed guard, Roberto looks to get a double sleeve grip. You can use your legs, your hips, and your grips to push your partner from side to side. When Roberto is ready, he pulls his opponent forward with his grips, using his hips to off balance his opponent’s base. While pulling his training partner into his guard he extends the arms so he can secure double under hooks and secure his grip around his opponent’s back.

From here Roberto switches his grip and escapes his hips to the side. He continues to work around the back until he can secure a collar grip. He feeds the collar grip to his left hand. If he can’t pull his opponent over then he climbs all the way up to his back as he gets to his knees. With his hooks set, Roberto pulls his opponent into him and swings his hips in. He gets on top and then turns to the other side, finishing with a seat belt grip.

As you can probably tell, Roberto is already a master at moving around his opponent’s body and positioning himself in the perfect places for highly effective back takes. This is very fundamental stuff, but done on a seriously advanced level. If you liked these two techniques then you will love “Attacking The Back Every Match” By Roberto Jimenez. It will give you an entirely new perspective on back attacks and transform your game incredibly quick! So give these techniques a try the next time you are on the mats, and impress all your BJJ friends with some exciting new back takes!

18 Year Old Roberto Jimenez Had 10 Matches At The 2018 World Championships & He Tapped Out All 10 Opponents To Win Double Gold At Purple Belt – Most Of Them From The Back. The Wonder-kid Has Revealed His Complete Formula In This 4 Volume Instructional



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