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2 BJJ Guard Passes From The Great Passer Lucas Lepri

2 BJJ Guard Passes From The Great Passer Lucas Lepri


Lucas Lepri has amazing knowledge when it comes to passing the guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Many consider him to be the best guard passer in the world.

Lucas Lepri is a black belt under Elan Santiago, and a fighter for the Alliance team. He is currently living, training and instructing in Charlotte, North Carolina at Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Fitness. He is one of few who have won all 4 "majors" at the black belt, adult level – The World Jiu Jitsu Championship, Pan American Championships, the European Championship, and the Brazilian National Jiu Jitsu Championship.

The Greatest Passer In BJJ History Reveals His Complete System For Destroying The Best Guards In The World And Why He Hasn’t Lost A Match At Worlds in 6 Years!


Not only is Lucas a world class competitor, he is also a much sought after instructor with great teaching abilities. Lucas is able to break down advanced techniques into very fundamental concepts, making his battle tested tips and tricks easy for anyone to learn no matter what your level of experience is. If there is one thing Lucas is known for it is his guard passing. Some consider him the greatest guard passer in modern history. He makes the very best competitors look like white belts, and his guard system is truly unique. Lucas has a great new instructional series called “The Science of Guard Passing” available exclusively on! Let us check out some of the techniques you can find in this series. Here are 2 BJJ guard passes from the great passer on Earth, Lucas Lepri!

#1: Lucas Lepri’s Best Knee Cut Pass

This is a pass Lucas Lepri uses from De La Riva guard.  To do it, he first secures a collar grip with one hand on the same side as the De La Riva. A key detail to this is when Lucas places his arm below his training partner’s knee while maintain control of the opposite leg. Lucas relives pressure from the De La Riva by pulling his opponent into him. Then he closes up the elbow. Now he can pull the collar and the leg which causes his training partner to go over.

You will not be able to attack your opponent if his back is on the floor. He needs to be up on his side instead. When your opponent frames away from you then grab his arm behind the elbow in order to control him. Now you can lean forward and cut your knee, making sure it is pointed towards the floor. From here pivot on your other foot and use your grips to keep your opponent from escaping.

#2: Lucas Lepri’s Spider Lasso Step Drag Back Pass

Lucas Lepri’s method for passing the spider lasso is very methodical. If he is unable to find the proper angle to pass then he places his knee on his opponent’s stomach. This allows him to secure a collar grip while switching his other grip to the gi pants. From here Lepri lets go of the collar grip while switching to a gi pants grip, placing his foot on the mat. This is enough for Lepri to defeat his training partner’s lasso. Now he can finish the pass by stacking his opponent and driving forward, breaking his opponent’s grip, placing his knee on his opponent’s bicep.

Lucas Lepri has an exceptional eye for details when it comes to his vast knowledge of grappling. Not only is he a great competitor, he is a great teacher. These two video are a solid example of Lepri’s battle tested grappling skills. Keep these techniques in mind the next time you are struggling with a good guard player. And if you would like to explore some other excellent guard passing techniques then I highly recommend you check out Lepri’s “The Science of Guard Passing,” available exclusively on!


Lucas Lepri’s Guard Passing Science Will Teach You How To Diagnose & Dismantle Any Guard In Your Gym Or In Local Competition – He Regularly Makes The Very Best Competitors On Earth Look Like White Belts

Passing the guard is a very easy concept when you break it down: you can go over, under or around the person’s legs.  Lucas has taken that concept to a science like no one else in history. His one buzzword in every pass: Precision!



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