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Sneaky Wristlock to Set up The Rear Naked Choke with Sakuraba

Sneaky Wristlock to Set up The Rear Naked Choke with Sakuraba


Great Choke Setup With The Legendary Sakuraba!

When we establish back control on our training partners, we are presented with lots of options and different forms of attacking. I’ve always felt that the best back attacks happen during transitions to the back, rather than after we’ve already settled in. As were taking the back, our opponents focus tends to be more devoted to not allowing us to set our hooks or connect our hands for the seatbelt grip. This can sometimes allow us to catch submissions in transition. When we secure the back and our opponent’s focus goes directly to defending our submissions, things can get a little bit tougher to deal with.

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It’s at this point that some trickery will most likely have to come into play to make out opponents give up the sub. There are plenty of ways to systematically attack the back. Many of them usually employing some form of eliminating hands so that we can begin to work on the neck and arms without much obstruction. But there are some lesser known methods of attacking out there as well. In this video, the legend himself, Sakuraba, gives us a look at a cool technique he uses to help him get to his partners neck. Check It out!

Sakuraba has secured the back with a seat belt grip. One of the most classic ways of defending the seat belt is a two one style grip on the choking arm. As his partner impedes the process by griping Sakuraba’s arm in this way, Sakuraba connects his hands and executes a wristlock. His partner is left with two choices. He either taps to the wrist lock, or must let go of his grip on the arm, allowing access to his neck.

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