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Victor Silverio His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Victor Silverio His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Victor Silverio?

Victor Silverio is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the tutelage of Julio Cesar from (GFT) Grappling Fight Team. Victor was identified as a prodigy in the sport of competitive grappling after winning the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro as a Blue belt. He would later repeat this accomplishment by winning the same event as a Brown belt. In 2013 Victor was awarded his Black belt by Julio Cesar and from that moment on, Victor's career took off like a freight train.

Who Is Victor Silverio?

Victor Silverio is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the tutelage of Julio Cesar from (GFT) Grappling Fight Team. Victor was identified as a prodigy in the sport of competitive grappling after winning the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro as a Blue belt. He would later repeat this accomplishment by winning the same event as a Brown belt. In 2013 Victor was awarded his Black belt by Julio Cesar and from that moment on, Victor's career took off like a freight train.

Z-Guard Destruction by Victor Silverio

Victor started off his Black belt campaign with some high calibre wins at the Copa Podio against athletes like Gilbert Burns. Victor won double Gold at Brazil's most reputable event The Rio Open, as he defeated guys like; Andre Deco, Cassio Francis, Alan Regis and Deigo Vivaldo. Victor finished off 2014 with 8 wins in a row including other wins against Felipe Cesar and Tiago Alves.

In 2015 Victor moved to the United States and began working closely with AJ Sousa in Florida. Victor then competed at Polaris as he recorded a draw against the up and comer Kit Dale. Victor chalked up a first place finish at the Miami Open with wins over Ricardo Rezende by an advantage in the semi final, and Thiago Sa 4 - 2 on points in the final. Victor also secured runner up at the IBJJF New York Pro and 3rd Place at the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, with wins over Dimitrius Souza and Mansher Khera respectively.

2016 was one of Victor's best years on the competition scene. Victor would secure double Gold medals at the IBJJF Boston Spring Open, in his weight class and in the absolute division. Victor defeated the famous Gregor Gracie to take home the absolute division Gold medal. Victor also won the IBJJF American Nationals with a referee decision over Manuel Ribamar. Following the American Nationals Victor suffered an extensive shoulder injury in the final of the Los Angeles Grand Slam, which kept him sidelined for nearly 12 months.

After coming back from injury Victor decided to join up with Romulo Barral, as he began teaching at Romulo's academy in Northridge California. Victor would continue his onslaught into the grappling world as he won multiple Gold medals at events like; The New York Spring Open, Miami Spring Open, Los Angeles Grand Slam, Las Vegas Open, Long Beach Open and the OC Open. Victor secured these titles with wins over; Horlando Monteiro, Enrique Galarza, Jonathon Satava, Diego Ramalho, Victor Rodriguez, Andris Brunovskis and Jaime Canuto.

How to Pass Guards Quickly and Easily Using Leg Attacks by Craig Jones

How Old Is Victor Silverio?

Victor Silverio was born in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil on the 3rd of July in 1991, he is currently 30 years of age.

Victor Silverio's Early Life!

Victor Silverio grew up in Rio De Janeiro with his family, as a child he was heavily involved in the Cidade Maravilhosa which is a traditional march that happens all throughout Rio. In Rio the music and festivals sweep the nation as its rich culture and history is a spectacle to see. Victor began his Martial Arts journey at the age of 15, as he was influenced by some of his school friends that already trained in the art. Victor began training at Game Fight under the watchful eye of Leandrinho Barroso, and his academy was an affiliate of Gama Filho. Victor would often train at the headquarters of Gama Filho, just so he could learn from the famous Julio Cesar. After Victor was awarded his Purple belt, there was some politics that caused Julio Cesar to cut ties with Leandrinho Barroso’s academy. As the two clubs split, Victor decided to stay with Julio Cesar and he moved through the ranks until he became a Black belt in 2013. 

How Much Is Victor Silverio Worth?

Victor Silverio has had an outstanding career with multiple world class match wins and medals. Victor has accumulated some significant wealth over the course of his career. Victor has earned remuneration from winning cash prizes and coaching his beloved art of grappling. Victor has also started to work with the famous company BJJ Fanatics, to film an instructional video called “Z-Guard Destruction” With all of these components put together, Victor is worth up near a million dollars with a steady rise of income and assets are highly predicted. 

How Much Does Victor Silverio Weigh?

Victor Silverio weighs in at 181 lbs which is the equivalent to 82 kilograms, he has also competed at 77 kilograms and has a history of competing in absolute divisions.

Victor Silverio’s Fight List!

Victor Silverio has been competing as a Black belt on the world grappling circuit since 2014. After 149 professional fights Victor has compiled a list of fights against many world class Black belts. His fight list includes; Marcos Costa, Gilbert Burns, Alan Regis, Cassio Francis, Tiago Alves, Kit Dale, Felipe Cesar, Vinicius Nascimento, Eduardo Santoro, Ricardo Lima, Caio Almeida, Dimitrius Souza, Gregor Gracie, Johnny Tama, Lucas Barbosa, Dante Leon, Igor Paiva, Alex Cabanes, Masahiro Iwasaki, Lucas Rocha, Renato Canuto, Tex Johnson, Jaime Canuto, Thiago Lemos, Michael Salazar. Daniel Augustus and Kauan Barboza.

Victor Silverio's Best Fight Of All Time!

Victor Silverio has won multiple open championships throughout his BJJ career. Victor's talents for grappling have become world renowned as he has defeated some seasoned athletes. Some of his best wins came in 2016 when he competed at the Boston Spring Open. Victor would go on to win Gold in his weight division after defeating Oliver Kee Seng with an armbar in the Semi final, before dominating Sean Fisher in the final 8 points to nil. Victor then fought in the Absolute division, submitting Oliver Huerre with a savage bow and arrow choke in the semi final. Victor stood toe to toe with Gregor Gracie in the Absolute final, with Victor taking home the win after a referee decision. Double Gold at the event was a massive moment for Victor and it is still one of his favourite achievements.

Who Did Victor Silverio Lose To?

Victor Silverio has been a tough competitor to most of his opponents over his illustrious career. Out of his 57 losses as a Black belt he has only been submitted 7 times on the competition mats. Victor has lost fights against high calibre opponents like; Gilbert Burns, Clark Gracie, Leandro Lo, Erberth Santos, Davi Ramos, Felipe Cesar, Otavio Sousa, Sandro Vieira, Keenan Cornelius, Murilo Santana, Bernardo Faria, Lucas Barbosa, Dillon Danis, Edwin Najmi, Gabriel Arges, Nathan Mendelsohn, Josh Hinger, Johnny Tama, Vitor Oliveira, Michael Langhi, Gustavo Batista, PJ Barch, Lucas Rocha, Luiz Panza and Nick Rodriguez.

Victor Silverio’s Record!

Victor Silverio is a world class grappler who has lit up the stage with his ferocious competition prowess. As a Black belt Victor has an impressive win loss record of 92 wins with 57 losses. Victor has been able to secure multiple Gold medals in various states across the US and in Brazil. As a Black belt, Victor’s list of accolades consists of; IBJJF American National Champion (2016) IBJJF Las Vegas Summer Open Champion (2018) IBJJF Las Vegas Summer NoGi Champion (2018) IBJJF Boston Spring Open Champion (2016) IBJJF Boston Spring Open Absolute Champion (2016) IBJJF Rio Open Champion (2014) IBJJF Sao Paulo Open Champion (2014) IBJJF Miami Open Champion (2015) UAEJJF Los Angeles Grand Slam Runner Up (2016) ADCC Brazilian Trials Runner Up (2013) IBJJF New York City BJJ Pro Runner Up (2015) CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Absolute 3rd Place (2015) Copa Podio LW Grand Prix 3rd Place (2014)

As a coloured belt Victor has achieved; 

UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion as a Blue in (2009) as a Brown in (2013) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion as a Purple in (2011) CBJJ Brazilian National NoGi Champion as a Purple in (2010)

Victor Silverio Injuries!

Victor Silverio has had an all-star run as a competitive grappler over the last 7 years. The exception being in 2016 as Victor suffered from what was reported as a freak injury. Victor competed at the Los Angeles Grand Slam, where he advanced into the final against Edwin Najmi. Victor was winning the fight 2 - 0 and with 1 minute to go in the match Edwin Najmi attempted a single leg sweep, Victor was unable to post or even break fall as he landed awkwardly on his left shoulder. Victor was unable to continue and after some later scans it was revealed that he had a Grade 3 joint separation with a torn ligament. Victor was lucky that he did not need surgery as he rehabilitated his injury and was back on the world scene 12 months later. Unfortunately for Victor his injury kept him sidelined during the Grappling Pro Championships, the IBJJF NoGi World Championship and the IBJJF New York Pro. 

Is Victor Silverio Retired?

Victor Silverio is still competing on the world stage of grappling at 30 years of age. After losing to Nick Rodriguez in EBI overtime at the BJJ Fanatics Championships in 2019, Victor Like many other grapplers were forced to the sidelines because of the covid 19 pandemic. In 2021 Victor would jump back into grappling by competing at the American NoGi Nationals. Victor defeated Alan Sanchez and Michael Salazar on his way to the final. Victor ended up being disqualified in the final against Luan Andrei, this was the last event that Victor has competed at. Victor has his grips firmly set on redeeming himself after losing in such a fashion. 

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