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William Tackett His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

William Tackett His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is William Tackett?

William Tackett is a specialist NoGi grappler who trains under Rodrigo Cabral. William has lit up the world arena of grappling with his incredible attacking style of submission grappling. As a Juvenile and a Blue belt William has won IBJJF World Championships and a IBJJF Pan American Championship. As William rose through the ranks, he took many scalps along his journey as well as winning other prestigious tournaments as a higher belt. William was awarded his Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in March of 2021 by Rodrigo Cabral.

Passing To Side And Back Control by William Tackett

William Tackett has proven to be somewhat of a prodigy throughout his career so far. As a juvenile and a Blue belt William won the IBJJF World Championships in his weight category and in the absolute division. William has a phenomenal attacking style of grappling that has helped him defeat multiple high calibre opponents over his career. William felt the need to join up with a more comprehensive competition driven team, so he left Team Rabadi and joined up with Rodrigo Cabral's Brazilian Fight Factory in Austin Texas in 2017.

Rising through the ranks of Purple and Brown belt, William became one of the top tier athletes on the Jiu Jitsu circuit. William won multiple tournaments including; Jitz King, MDW Finishers, Kasai Pro 6, Grappling Idiots and TMS Pro. He secured wins over exceptional athletes like Felipe Cesar, Nick Ronan, Mauricio Gomez and Enrico Cocco. 

During the 2020 season William Tackett only lost 3 matches and defeated 9 opponents. During the season he won a Sub Spectrum competition with an inside heel hook finish over Andrew Wiltse. William also won 3 super fights at Submission Underground 18, WNO 4 and Third Coast grappling against quality opposition. 

In 2021 William began the season with back to back wins at Fight to Win 160 and Fight to Win 166. William then lost his next four matches in a row, before defeating Rousimar Palhares 9 zip at BJJ Bet in his first win as a Black belt. William surged on winning 7 out of his last 11 fights including wins over some quality opponents. William won 6 matches in a row including 3 inside heel hook finishes at the ADCC East Coast Trials, as he made his way into the final against Kade Ruotolo. William lost by points in a highly energetic matchup and secured the silver medal. 

The Leg Pin Passing System by Kade & Tye Ruotolo

How Old Is William Tackett? 

William Tackett was born in Orange County in California on the 14th of May in 2001, he is currently 20 years of age.

William Tackett's Family!

William Tackett was born in Orange County in California and at the age of 4 his family moved to Austin Texas. William grew up under extensive competition between all 3 of his brothers. At the age of 8 William was heavily interested in soccer as he played competitively.  William's father was an avid lover of Martial Arts movies and when a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club opened near their family home, William's father joined up along with two of his sons William and Andrew. This was the beginning of a pathway towards professional grappling that both William and Andrew took with both hands.

How Much Is William Tackett Worth?

William Tackett is only just starting his career on the professional circuit. Even though he has showcased his extraordinary skill set on the global scale, he is yet to maximise his income and assets. William is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with and his future looks bright in terms of accomplishments and remuneration. He is currently worth a couple hundred thousand dollars but you can rest assured knowing that this young prodigy is destined to become a millionaire.

How Tall Is William Tackett?

William Tackett stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres.

How Much Does William Tackett Weigh?

William Tackett weighs in at 84 kilograms or 185 lbs, William has also competed at 88kg (194 lbs) 77kg (169 lbs) he has also competed in the absolute division.

William Tackett's Fight List!

William Tackett has had an exciting start to his career on the professional grappling circuit. He has jumped straight into the limelight and taken on some of the world's toughest athletes in today's era. William's fight List includes grapplers like; Enrico Cocco, Mauricio Gomez, Mike Dewitt, Michael Carpenter, Nick Ronan, Harry Gretch, Nick Flore, Felipe Cesar, Saar Shemesh, Alan Surmunt, Jay Jay Wilson, Andrew Wiltse, Gabriel Checco, Tex Johnson, Felipe Andrew, Manuel Ribamar, Rousimar Palhares, Pierre Leclerc, Kody Steele, JZ Cavalcante, Kirk Brennan and Dante Leon.

William Tackett's Best Fight Of All Time!

William Tackett has delved into the high intensity world of competitive grappling with a formidable resolve. He has already achieved World Championship status at juvenile and Blue belt level. William has since stepped up in the Black belt division as he has scored highly regarded wins over exceptional grapplers like; Dante Leon, JZ Cavalcante and Kody Steele. One of William's best ever fights came in 2021 when he won his first match as a Black belt. At BJJ Bet William Tackett would dominate the highly esteemed Rousimar Palhares 9 - 0 on points. William has propelled himself into the limelight of grappling stardom as he looks forward to his future.

Who Did William Tackett Lose To?

William Tackett has only lost 12 matches over the last 3 years, as he solidifies himself as one of the future prospects in the sport. William has lost to exceptional practitioners like; Tex Johnson, Pedro Marinho, Roberto Jimenez, Lucas Barbosa, Victor Hugo, Vagner Rocha, Tye Ruotolo, Leandro Lo and Mica Galvao.  William's last loss was his most notable, as he lost to Kade Ruotolo in the final of the ADCC East Coast Trials.

William Tackett's Record!

William Tackett has excited the Jiu Jitsu World with his explosive submission style. Since 2019 his win loss record is 38 wins and 12 losses, William has an amazing finishing percentage of 73.68% as he has secured 28 submission wins in the last 3 years. William has a list of accolades that includes; Jitz King Grand Prix Champion (2019) Grappling Idiots Invitational Champion (2019) Midwest Finishers Only Champion (2019) Subversiv Tournament Runner Up (2020) Jitz King Grand Prix Runner Up (2020) ADCC EC Trials Runner Up (2021) F2W Brown belt Champion (2020) IBJJF NoGi World Champion Blue belt (2018) IBJJF NoGi World Champion Juvenile (weight class 2017, 2018 and absolute in 2017) IBJJF Pan American Champion Blue belt (2017) IBJJF NoGi Absolute World Champion Runner Up Juvenile (2018) ADCC West Coast Trials Runner Up (2019) IBJJF World Champion 3rd Place Blue belt (2017, 2018)

William Tackett's Injuries!

William Tackett has spoken out in an interview about his worst BJJ experience. William dislocated his rib and spoke about the pain and discomfort that it caused. It took William over 3 months to heal and he was frustrated as he couldn't even flow roll without reinjuring his ribs. After his 3 months of rehab William put all his focus and attention back into his professional Jiu Jitsu career.

Is William Tackett Retired?

William Tackett has only just begun his exciting Jiu Jitsu career, at the age of 20 he is an extremely young man. William does not shy away from competition as he is fast becoming one of the most talented grapplers on the world stage. William Tackett has also teamed up with BJJ Fanatics to bring instructional videos to the forefront. William Tackett has filmed "Passing To Side And Back Control" as his popularity grows so will his online content. William Tackett looks forward to showcasing his skills at future ADCC events, as he has reported that he would love to fight Gordon Ryan at the next ADCC super fight. William Tackett is highly regarded not just for his exceptional submission skills but for his resounding confidence and willingness to fight the world’s best grapplers. 

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