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Zach Sanders His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Zach Sanders His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Zach Sanders?

Zach Sanders is an exceptional collegiate wrestler who has earnt the honours of becoming a four time All American for the University of Minnesota. Zach Sanders is a highly intelligent and dedicated athlete and academic phenom, Zach has surpassed all expectations as he has become an incredible role model to many aspiring athletes. Zach has nearly qualified 10 times for World Team Trials over his career. Zach has also competed at US Olympic Trials and has more recently become an administrative assistant for the University of Minnesota.

Creating Offense Everywhere by Zach Sanders

Zach attended Wabasha-Kellogg high school, which is about 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Minneapolis in Minnesota, USA. Zach was an outstanding wrestler all throughout high school as he compiled an amazing record of 223 wins with only 5 losses. Zach also recorded 3 undefeated seasons as he won everything there was to win in high school. Zach competed as a Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestler, where he won National titles and achieved many great honours including; The Dave Schultz Excellence award for the top high school wrestler in the country and he was named Mr Minnesota by the Minnesota Wrestling Coaches Association. Zach also lettered two times in both Cross Country and Baseball. Zach was a highly intelligent academic student as he boasted an above average 3.58 GPA. 

Zach graduated from high school and headed off to college at the University of Minnesota. As a Gopher Zach hit the mat in spectacular fashion as he won 26 matches in a row. Zach competed in 7 events throughout the 2007 - 2008 season as he secured 6 title wins in an outstanding display of wrestling excellence. Zach was on notice as the collegiate wrestling world was paying close attention to the up and coming superstar.

Zach began the 2008 - 2009 season with a season high 15 wins in a row, and later in the year secured another 12 match win streak. Zach finished off the year with a commanding 39 - 10 win loss record, including 9 - 10 against ranked opponents. Zach also secured a dual meet record of 19 - 4 as he appeared in all 23 dual meets for the season. Zach placed fifth at the Big 10 Conference titles and placed sixth at the NCAA Championships, securing All American honours. Zach was also named in the All Rookie Team and was voted by his peers; the most outstanding freshman and the most exciting wrestler. 

As a Sophomore Zach Sanders won 11 straight matches to open his season. He secured title wins like the Bison Open and the NWCA Allstar Classic. Zach also placed third at the Southern Scuffle and third at the Big 10 Conference Championships after losing just one match to the eventual runner up Matt McDonough. Zach went 6 - 2 at the NCAA titles finishing fifth after losing his very first match. Zach won the Most Dedicated Award as he secured another All American selection, finishing his season with an overall record of 29 - 7, including an 11 - 3 dual record.

In Zach's Junior year he continued his wrestling accomplishments, placing fifth at the NCAA Championships and third at the Big 10 Conference titles. Zach would secure another All American honour as he was also named the Most Valuable Wrestler. Zach went 4 - 0 to win another Bison Open and was also selected for the Big 10 All Academic Team. Zach finished the season with an overall win loss record of 34 - 6 including an impressive dual record of 18 - 2 and a Big 10 record of 7 - 1.

Zach would finish college securing his 4th Varsity letter and became the 7th four time All American in Gopher history. Zach finished third at the NCAA titles and second at the Big 10 Conference Championships.  He would also win his fifth consecutive Bison Open and would finish in first place at the Southern Scuffle. Zach went on a 20 match win streak during the season, and is ranked sixth on the all time wins list with an overall record of 134 - 27 - 1. Zach's overall dual record is 63 wins and 11 losses. Zach also finished college being named to the Big 10 All Academic Team and won the Upperclassmen Academic Award. Zach graduated from college and majored in business marketing education.

They Shall Not Pass by Gordon Ryan

How Old Is Zach Sanders?

Zach Sanders was born in Minnesota on April the 27th in 1988, he is currently 33 years of age.

Zach Sanders Family!

Zach Sanders grew up in Wabasha Minnesota in the United States of America. Zach lived with his father Ron, his mother Liz and his brother and sister, Eric and Katie. As a family they loved to travel, they would camp in the wilderness as hunting and fishing were their main loves in life. Zach's father Ron wrestled for the University of Minnesota Morris, so it's no wonder Zach followed in his footsteps. Zach's brother Eric also wrestled at North Dakota State. The brothers grew up wrestling together as they heavily competed between each other to impress their father, this drove Zach to become one of Minnesota's best collegiate wrestlers of all time.

How Much Is Zach Sanders Worth?

Zach Sanders has made a considerable amount of money over his career, with all of his wrestling dominance and outside income sources. Zach has made some significant remuneration through coaching at the University of Minnesota. Now Zach is dabbling in instructional videos, as he has filmed a recent video with BJJ Fanatics called “Creating Offense Everywhere”. Through all of these sources Zach has a net worth of over a million dollars, which is steadily rising as he matures into his 30’s.

How Much Does Zach Sanders Weigh?

Zach Sanders weighs in at 125 lbs or (56 kg) in highschool Zach competed at 119 lbs or (53 kg)

Zach Sanders Fight List!

Zach Sanders has become a superstar in the world of collegiate wrestling. Zach has wrestled against some of the best wrestlers to ever come through the American collegiate system. His fight list includes athletes like; Frank Perrelli, Nico Megaludis, Trent Sprenkle, Joe Roth, Ladd Rupp, Alan Waters, Johnni Dijulius, Jesse Delgado, Bo Touris, Justin Brooks, Sean Boyle, Matt Garcia, Corey Ulmer, Frank Lomas, Drew Hammen, James Nicholson, 

Best Fight of All Time

Zach Sanders has been an inspiring young athlete to many young collegiate wrestlers. Zach has paved the way in his field of athletic excellence throughout his wrestling career. Zach has had many great fights throughout high school and college, he has defeated some of the best wrestlers of his generation. Some of his wins include; Trent Sprenkle, Ladd Rupp, Alan Waters, Jesse Delgado, Nick Smith and Allen Bartelli. One of Zach's best wins came in his Senior year when he competed at the NCAA Championships. Zach became only the 7th Gopher in the history of his college to achieve 4 consecutive All American selections. After winning his last match at the 2012 NCAA Championships against Frank Perelli 6 - 4 in overtime, Zach secured his best ever finish in the tournament of third place.

Who Did Zach Sanders Lose To?

Zach Sanders has lost some extremely close matches against some highly ranked wrestlers. Some of his losses include athletes like; Brandon Precin, Jarrod Garnett, Angel Escobedo, Matt McDonough, Andrew Long and Tyler Clark. One of Zach Sanders most notable losses came in 2011 at the Big 10 Conference Championships, after defeating Bo Touris 22 - 7 by tech fall and pinning Justin Brooks in the quarter finals. In the Semi final Zach would fall to Northwestern's Brandon Precin who would finish in second place. Zach ended up winning his way back into third position. 

Zach Sanders Record!

Zach Sanders has become one of Minnesota's most highly recognised wrestlers in their history. Zach has his name etched into the record books at number 6 of all time with a record of 134 - 27 - 1. Zach has also secured a formidable high school record of 223 - 5. Over the course of Zach's high school and college years he has accumulated an incredible list of accolades that includes;

 4 time All American (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) 4 time NCAA Competitor (placing 6th, 5th, 5th, 3rd) 4 time Big 10 Conference Competitor (placing 5th, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd) 5 x Bison Open Champion (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) All Rookie Team (2009) Most Outstanding Freshman (2009) Most Exciting Wrestler (2009) NWCA All Star Classic (2010) Most Dedicated Wrestler (2010) Big 10 All Academic Team (2011) Most Valuable Wrestler (2011, 2012) Daktronics Open Champion (2007) Kaufman Brand Open Champion (2007) Husky Open Champion (2007) Flash Flanigan Champion (2007) Worthington Open Champion (2007) North Country Open Champion (2007) Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award (2007) 5 Time High School State Champion (2004 - 2007) US Wrestling Junior Greco Roman Nationals 2nd Place (2007) US Wrestling Junior Freestyle Nationals 3rd Place (2007) ASICS First Team All American (2006, 2007) Named Mr Minnesota in Wrestling (2006) 3 Undefeated Seasons as a Highschool Wrestler.

Zach Sanders Injuries!

Zach Sanders has avoided any significant injuries, due to his supreme body conditioning and expert competition preparation. Zach is a consummate professional, who is always training his body to the best of his abilities.

Is Zach Sanders Retired?

Zach Sanders graduated from college with a degree in business marketing education. After college he continued competing in Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling events like; Men's Freestyle World Cup, Dave Schultz Memorial, Bill Farrell International and the US Olympic Team Trials, where Zach has made the team 9 times in his career. Zach took on a position with the University of Minnesota’s wrestling staff as an administrative assistant. Zach has vowed to give back to the sport that has given him so much in the past. 

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