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Chase Pami His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Chase Pami His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Chase Pami?

Chase Pami is a former Collegiate and Freestyle wrestler with over 20 years of experience on the mats. Chase has won Gold medals at various tournaments like; The Pac 10 Conference Championships, The Grand Prix International in Paris and the NYAC International Open. Chase has spent his competitive career at the top of the food chain, as he has now set his sights on coaching young grapplers and helping them to achieve their dreams. 

Who Is Chase Pami?

Chase Pami is a former Collegiate and Freestyle wrestler with over 20 years of experience on the mats. Chase has won Gold medals at various tournaments like; The Pac 10 Conference Championships, The Grand Prix International in Paris and the NYAC International Open. Chase has spent his competitive career at the top of the food chain, as he has now set his sights on coaching young grapplers and helping them to achieve their dreams. 

Gold Rush Takedowns by Chase Pami

As a college student Chase Pami attended California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) Chase was an extremely intelligent individual with a plethora of wrestling abilities. During his collegiate years on the wrestling mats, Chase performed exceptionally well as he became a two time All American wrestler. Chase won two Pac 10 Conference titles in 2008 and 2010 off the back of some supreme wrestling. In 2010 Chase competed at the NCAA Division 1 Championships against J.P O’Connor. In a tight match that went down to the wire, Chase lost and walked away with a Silver medal. 

From 2012 to 2015 Chase Pami was training out of the Illinois Regional Training Centre. He had an amazing 2012 season as he racked up wins all over the board. Chase was off to a tremendous start as he won the Gold medal at the NYAC International. He also secured second place at the Dave Schultz Memorial championship qualifying him for the Olympic Team Trials, where Chase finished in 4th place. Chase was a member of the 2012 and 2013 USA World Cup Teams, where he secured another 4th place finish in 2013 in the World Cup.

In 2015 Chase began some volunteer coaching at the Air Force Academy, where he started to pick up the necessary skills he needed to become a future coach. Chase began training with the University of Pennsylvania from 2015 till 2019, where he began enhancing his wrestling prowess. In 2018 Chase finished in third place at the US Open in Las Vegas, which qualified him once again for the World Team Trials where he secured another 4th place finish. Chase also won a Gold medal at the prestigious Paris International Grand Prix. Later that year Chase entered into the US Open freestyle Championships as he walked away with another Bronze medal. 

Chase has been an assistant coach with the quakers in Philadelphia since 2016. Chase has showcased his skills on the mats over his career, and now he is proving his worth by adding his extensive knowledge into the young students at Philadelphia. Chase has coached six NCAA Championship qualifiers, nine All Ivy Wrestlers and an EIWA Champion during his tenure at University City in Philadelphia. 

No Gi Takedowns Made Easy by Rick Hawn

How Old Is Chase Pami?

Chase Pami was born in Las Vegas in the United States of America in 1987, he is currently 34 years of age.

Chase Pami’s Early Life?

Chase Pami Grew up in Las Vegas Nevada, where he has always been interested in wrestling from a young age. His Mother threw Chase into a wrestling event early in his childhood to help toughen the young boy up. From that point on Chase was on a mission to become the best wrestler he could be. Chase has spoken about how lucky he was to have USA Wrestling give him the opportunity to enhance his abilities in wrestling. Chase was lucky enough to travel around and experience different coaching styles in his youth. Chase has been heavily influenced by John and Matt Azevedo who have run many wrestling camps that Chase has been involved with. Chase has also had tutelage from guys like Sammy Hensen, Joe Heskett, Bill Zadic, Brandon slay and Zeike Jones. All of these people have had a positive influence into the progression of Chase Pami as an all star American Wrestler.  

How Much Is Chase Pami Worth?

Chase Pami has had an amazing career on the competition mats, he has been lucky enough to have lots of help getting funded to be able to wrestle internationally. Over his illustrious competition and coaching career he has had the opportunity to make some significant remunerations for his outstanding work ethic. Chase has also filmed an instructional video called “Gold Rush Takedowns” through the online platform BJJ Fanatics. Chase Pami has a net worth that is steadily rising up towards a million dollars. Chase accredits it all to the help he received as a junior.  

How Much Does Chase Pami Weigh?

Chase Pami weighs in at  70 kg or (154 lbs) Chase has also competed at different weight classes like 74 kg or (163 lbs) and 80 kg or (176 lbs)

Chase Pami’s Fight List!

Chase Pami has had an extremely rewarding career on the competition mats. He has come into many wrestling events full of confidence and executed his game style on an expert level. Chase has fought athletes like;  Jason Nolf, Mike Torriero, Takuma Koishihara, Kyle Ruschell, Brendon Morgan, Boris Novachkov, Jason Welch, Istvan Zsombor Gulyas, Adam Hall, Tyler Safratowich, Jason Chamberlain, Dylan Ness, Joshua Heil, Justin Lister, 

Chase Pami’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Chase Pami has been involved in some great fights over his career, he has wrestled at multiple events including; Pac 10 Conference Titles, NCAA Division 1 Championships, US World Team trials, Olympic Team Trials, US Opens and many other prestigious International events. One of Chase Pami’s best ever events came in 2018 when he competed at the Paris International Grand prix. Chase won his first two matches by technical falls with a combined tally of 21 - 0. In the final Chase Pami edged out the 2014 World University Championships Bronze medalist Zsmobor Gulyas from Hungary 2 - 1 in a really tight match up. Chase would celebrate as he left the tournament with the Gold medal.

Who Did Chase Pami Lose To?

Chase Pami has had his fair share of defeats over his 23 year career on the mats. He has fought many world class wrestlers and lost to guys like;  Michael Chandler, Gregor Gillespie, Dan Vallimint, Matt Moley, Hayden Hidlay, Jordan Leen, Michae Poeta, Christian Jonsson and Griffin Parriot. Chase Pami has fought against some formidable wrestlers throughout his career, with one of his most notable losses coming in 2010. Chase fell just short of becoming the first Cal Poly wrestling champion of today's generation. Chase lost in a close match that resulted with a 6-4 decision that went the way of Harvard University’s J.P. O’Connor. The pair squared off  in the final of the 157-pound weight class at the NCAA Championships  in Omaha, Nebraska. Chase Pami led 2-1 early in the match against the undefeated and highly regarded wrestler. O’Connor scored a late takedown to lead 3-2 and then added more pain to Chase as a reversal helped O’Connor ramp up to 5-2 during the second period. Chase would lose the match and finish in second place, taking home the silver medal.

Chase Pami’s Record!

Chase Pami has had a stellar career as a collegiate wrestler and a high class wrestling coach. Chase has formed quite an extensive resume in competitive wrestling throughout his high school, college and professional career. Chase has won over 100 fights for Cal Poly in his collegiate years. Chase has a list of accolades that consists of;

 Ranked #4 in Cal Poly history, Ranked As High As 9th In The World, 2 x All American, NCAA Division 1 Runner Up (2010) 4 x NCAA Division 1 Qualifier, Pac 10 Conference Champion (2008, 2009) 4 x High School All American, 2 x Nevada State Champion, Nevada First Division Finalist, Grand Prix of Paris Gold Medalist, NYAC International Gold Medalist, David Schultz International silver Medalist, Sunkist Kids International bronze Open Medalist, USA Olympic Team Trials 4th Place, 5 x US Open Placer, Member of the USA World Cup Team (2013, 2014) World Team Trials 3rd Place (2017) Marine Corps US Open 4th Place (2018) World Team Trials 4th Place (2013) 5 Years Coaching In Division 1. 

Chase Pami Injuries!

Chase Pami has been lucky enough to have no significant injuries throughout his wrestling career. Although he has had minor strains and pains, that is customary when you are a high profile wrestler. Chase has been involved in wrestling for over two decades and his training regimes are second to none. He has expert knowledge in how to prepare his body due to the high calibre of coaching he has received. 

Is Chase Pami Retired?

Chase Pami has hung up his wrestling shoes after competing at the 2019 US Open. Chase was elated to finish off his career in his home town of Las Vegas 23 years after it began, Chase has quoted “It was a storybook ending”. Chase has been a volunteer assistant coach at Philadelphia since 2015 as he looks to solidify himself further as coach and development officer. Chase has plans to serve as an assistant to the head coach Brandon Slay who is a former Olympic Gold medalist, at Pennsylvania Regional Training Centre. Chase has openly spoken about how he wants to help develop future athletes in wrestling, Chase will add his expert knowledge to help America become one of the best wrestling countries in the world. 

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