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Alberto Crane His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Alberto Crane His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Alberto Crane?

Alberto Crane is a 5th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who was graded under Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes. Alberto became the first ever American to receive the rank of Black belt under the Gracie Barra Academy. Alberto is a NoGi World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has won multiple other titles. Alberto has also had an extensive Mixed Martial Arts career that includes 20 fights and two Lightweight Championship Titles in different organisations. 

Who Is Alberto Crane?

Alberto Crane is a 5th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who was graded under Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes. Alberto became the first ever American to receive the rank of Black belt under the Gracie Barra Academy. Alberto is a NoGi World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has won multiple other titles. Alberto has also had an extensive Mixed Martial Arts career that includes 20 fights and two Lightweight Championship Titles in different organisations. 

Crucifix Crane Style by Alberto Crane

Not long after graduating from high school, Alberto decided to move to Brazil. He wanted to get into the essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so he joined up with the famous Gracie Barra team in Rio De Janeiro. Alberto would train under Vinicius Magalhaes who was an expert coach and well known throughout Brazil. After an extended period, Alberto moved back to New Mexico where he opened two Martial Arts academies one in Santa Fe and one in Albuquerque.  Alberto would teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to many of his students. 

During Alberto's competitive career in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he would enter into numerous events. In 1998 Alberto placed 3rd in both the IBJJF Pan American Championships and the IBJJF World Championships. In 1999 Alberto would continue his rise up the ranks as a Purple belt and secured two bronze medals at the Brazilian Nationals in his weight class and in the open weight class. Alberto also made it into the final of the IBJJF World Championships where he would walk away with a Silver medal. Alberto would also receive a Gold medal as he was a part of the winning Brazilian Team Title Championship.

As a Brown belt, Alberto placed second at IBJJF Pan American Championships, and third at the Brazilian Nationals. In 2002 Alberto was awarded his Black belt by Vinicius Magalhães.  Alberto continued his competitive assault, as he placed third at the Pan American Championships and third at the World Championships, he was also a part of another winning Brazilian Team Title Championship.

Alberto felt the need to challenge himself so he decided to enter into Mixed Martial Arts. For the next three years Alberto went undefeated securing an 8 and 0 record, including two Lightweight Championship Titles at King of the Cage and Ring of Fire promotions. Alberto had impressed the fight world with his aggressive submission skills inside the cage. In 2007 Alberto would make his UFC debut against Roger Huerta, and after nearly 3 rounds Alberto would lose to a flurry of punches resulting in a TKO. Alberto lost his next two fights in the UFC forcing him to head back into lower level MMA. Over the next 3 years Alberto won 7 out of 9 fights in the cage, before hanging up his gloves.

During 2009 Alberto founded his own Gracie Barra in Encino California, and by 2011 he had opened two more gyms, one in Pasadena and one in Burbank. Later Alberto would trademark his new academy “Legacy Jiu Jitsu” in Burbank. Alberto’s academy teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing. From 2012 to 2015 Alberto would get back into the competition scene of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Over the three years he achieved a huge list of accomplishments including Gold medals at; IBJJF NoGi World Championship, Abu Dhabi Pro US Nationals, IBJJF European NoGi Championships, IBJJF American Nationals, Grapplers Quest, Five Grappling and numerous open tournaments around the world. 

Tacfit: Grapplers Toolbox 101 by Alberto Crane

How Old Is Alberto Crane?

Alberto Crane was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the 14th of July in 1976, he is currently 45 years of age. 

Alberto Crane’s Family!

Alberto was born in Santa Fe in New Mexico, and as a young child Alberto’s family travelled the world. They lived in Europe and all over the United States of America. Alberto was heavily involved in sports as he played soccer, boxing and wrestling. Alberto loved Martial Arts and as he grew into a teenager he definitely headed down the path to fighting. After seeing the success of the Gracie family in the UFC, Alberto began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the rest became history.

Alberto Crane and his wife have a loving family with three children, his son Sevan and his twin daughters Sona and Serineh. Together they live an extremely fun and fulfilling life. 

How Much Is Alberto Crane Worth?

Alberto Crane has had an amazing career with many ups and downs. Alberto has earned significant profits from many of his business ventures over his life. Alberto owns a franchise of Martial Arts academies and is also heavily invested in Tacfit, which provides training regimes and sells many fitness related products. Alberto has instructional videos available for purchase on BJJ Fanatics, his titles include; Tacfit: Grapplers Toolbox 101, Crucifix Crane Style and Omoplata Cross Guard. Alberto is said to be worth millions and millions of dollars as his stocks are considerably high for the American born Martial Arts Champion.

How Tall Is Alberto Crane?

Alberto Crane stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is the equivalent to 175 centimetres.

How Much Does Alberto Crane Weigh?

Alberto Crane weighs in at 155 lbs or (70 kilograms) Alberto has competed as a middleweight and a lightweight in Mixed Martial Arts, he has also fought in many open weight tournaments in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Alberto Crane’s Fight List!

Alberto Crane has fought against many of his generation's toughest guys in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has also fought against some seriously tough competitors inside the MMA cage. Alberto has fought guys like; Richie Reyes, Jeremy Crowe, Richard Villa, Gabe Rivas, Eric Regan, Adrian Valdez, Christian Carvalho, Joe Vigil, John Mahlow, Javier Vazquez, Nick Shadwick, Ludwig Salazar, Brad Nordquist and Takuhito Hida. 

Alberto Crane's Best Fight Of All Time!

Alberto Crane has had numerous fights all over the world, his audacious submission skills have earnt him widespread respect and notoriety. Alberto has won multiple titles and fights throughout his career. On March 21 2003 Alberto defeated Javier Vazquez and secured the King of the Cage title. One of his best MMA fights came in 2004 at PNRF Explosion, as he made short work of Richie Reyes by submitting him with an omoplata in 28 seconds into the first round. In 2015 Alberto would also have his best fight on the Jiu Jitsu mats at the IBJJF NoGi World Championships. Alberto would fight Eduardo Telles Moreira and defeat him to be crowned world champion in the masters division.

Who Did Alberto Crane Lose To?

Alberto Crane has had an extremely successful career in Martial Arts, some of his losses however still haunt the Black belt champion. In 2007 Alberto Crane would lose his UFC debut, as he suffered a TKO defeat against Roger Huerta. Alberto would suffer his worst loss inside the cage in 2009 at King of the Cage - Militia. Alberto took on Tony Hervey and in a blink of an eye, Tony would TKO Alberto with punches only 12 seconds into the fight. Alberto suffered through the embarrassment of losing in such a quick manner, but he ended up finishing off his MMA career with 3 wins on the trot. Alberto felt like he had redeemed himself and he could now focus on his Jiu Jitsu and coaching careers. 

Alberto Crane’s Record!

Alberto Crane has had an amazing career in Martial Arts, from his Jiu Jitsu prowess to his dominance in Mixed Martial Arts. Alberto has an incredible list of wins in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boasts an MMA record of 15 - 5. Throughout Alberto’s MMA career 14 out of his 15 fights have come by way of submission, with 13 out of the 14 submissions he secured in the first round. Alberto has competed extensively throughout his career and has a list of accolades that includes;

As a Black belt;

IBJJF World NoGi Masters Championship (2015) Abu Dhabi Pro US Nationals Masters Openweight (2015) Grapplers Quest UFC Expo Gi and NoGi Champion (2014) IBJJF NoGi European Champion Masters (2014) Five Grappling Nevada 1 Champion (2014) Five Grappling California 1 (2014) IBJJF Munich International Open Masters Champion (2013) NABJJF LA Open Masters Champion (2013) IBJJF Las Vegas Spring International Open Masters Champion (2012, 2013) San Francisco International Open Masters Champion (2013) Abu Dhabi Pro US National Masters Champion (2013) IBJJF Long Beach International Open Masters Champion (2012) IBJJF American Nationals Masters Champion (2012) IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2002) Brazilian Team Title Championship (2002) IBJJF Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2002) 

As a coloured belt;

Brazilian National championship 3rd Place (Brown Belt 2001) IBJJF Pan American Championship 2nd Place (Brown Belt 2001) Brazilian National Championships in middle and open weight (Purple Belt 2000) IBJJF World Championship 2nd Place (Purple Belt 1999) Brazilian Team Championship (Purple Belt 1999) IBJJF World championship 3rd Place (Purple Belt 1998) IBJJF Pan American Championship 3rd Place (Purple Belt 1998)

MMA Career;

King of the Cage Lightweight Champion (2003) Ring of Fire Lightweight Champion (2003)

Alberto Crane’s Injuries!

Alberto Crane has suffered from some extensive injuries throughout his career. In 2012 he struggled with many niggling injuries from his fighting days, he was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Alberto went through some severe pain as he looked for ways to heal his body. Alberto was first introduced to a system called Tacfit in 2007 by Scott Sonnon, after Alberto’s significant diagnosis he decided to work with Scott. Alberto would utilise Tacfit to heal his body as it helped him get back onto the competition mats. Alberto believed so much in Tacfit that he invested his money and became the CEO of the company. 

Is Alberto Crane Retired?

Alberto Crane has retired from MMA and professional grappling, at 45 years of age he is conserving his body. Alberto now focuses on teaching Martial Arts at Legacy Jiu Jitsu in Burbank California. Alberto spends his days professing his Jiu Jitsu knowledge to many students around the United States, running his businesses and raising his family.

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