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Kerry McCoy Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!

Kerry McCoy Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!


Who Is Kerry McCoy?

Kerry McCoy is an American wrestler who has competed at the collegiate and Olympic levels. He has been a three time NCAA All-American and a two time NCAA National Champion, and has competed at the World Cup Championships four times and the Olympic games twice. He served many years as the head coach for the wrestling team at the University of Maryland before stepping down in 2019.

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How Old Is Kerry McCoy?

Born August 2, 1974, Kerry McCoy is 47 years old.

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Kerry McCoy’s Family

Currently, there is no information available on the family of Kerry McCoy.

How Much Is Kerry McCoy Worth?

Kerry McCoy’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

How Tall Is Kerry McCoy?

Kerry McCoy’s official height is not known at this time.

How Much Does Kerry McCoy Weigh?

Kerry McCoy’s current weight is unknown, however when he competed most recently at the Olympic level, he competed at 286 pounds.

More About Kerry McCoy’s Career

Kerry McCoy had a successful wrestling career which started during his time at Longwood High School in Middle Island, New York. He was inducted into the Longwood High School hall of fame due to his accomplishments during his time there,and was later named the 2005 Friends of Long Island Wrestling Man of the Year.

After high school he went on to wrestle for Penn State where he continued to rack up the accomplishments. His overall collegiate record was 150-18. He won the NCAA heavyweight championships in both 1994 and 1997 along with three Big Ten titles. During his time at Penn State  he had an 88 match win streak, and won 131 of his last 132 matches. He was a three time All American and was also named the Penn State Athlete of the Year and Nittany Lions’ Wrestler of the Year in both 1994 and 1997.

During his senior year at Penn State he was the 1997 Dan Hodge Trophy winner, and was selected as Wrestler of the Year by WIN magazine. He finished his time at Penn State with a bachelor's degree in marketing and went on to compete at the Olympic level.

McCoy took fifth place at the 200 Olympics and seventh place at the 2004 Olympics to become a two time Olympian. After defeating 1999 World Champion Stephen Neal, McCoy qualified for the 2000 Olympics at 286 pounds. Additionally in 2004, McCoy won his fifth consecutive National Freestyle Wrestling Championship after competing in five straight matches to ultimately defeat 2003 NCAA Champion Stephen Mocco 3-0 in the final. This victory set him up to compete in the finals for the Olympic Trials where he beat Tolly Thompson and earned the right to compete in the 2004 Summer Olympics representing the United States.

McCoy consistently proved himself as a dominant wrestler on the national stage for a decade, achieving many high level achievements at the United States National Tournament including fourth place in 1994, third place in 1995, second place in 1996 and 1997, fifth place in 1998, third place in 1999, and first place from 2000-2004. He also placed fourth at the World Championships followed by a silver medal in 2003, and won a gold medal at the Pan-American Games in addition to being honored as the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament.

McCoy’s coaching career is just as impressive as his competition career. He first began as the assistant coach for the Lehigh wrestling program in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He served five seasons at Lehigh where he coached 14 NCAA All-Americans and two NCAA Champions, and the Lehigh program won the EIWA Conference championship four times. While coaching at the Lehigh Wrestling program McCoy also served as a director at the Lehigh Valley Athletic Club. He also served on Athlete Advisory committees for USA Wrestling and the United States Wrestling Committee.

Next, McCoy served as the head coach for Stanford between 2005-2008. He helped Stanford achieve a great amount of success, leading them to a winning record during his first year as head coach. He improved their dual meet record significantly, and helped the team advance by two spots at the Pac-10 Championships. 

Between the years of 2008-2019 McCoy served as the head coach at the University of Maryland. He helped take the school to great heights, leading the Terps to four top-20 finishes at the NCAA Championships,three ACC titles, and coaching seven aTerps to a total of 11 All-American awards. He was also named ACC Coach of the Year three times.

After the 2014 season, McCoy was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. McCoy played a huge role in helping the University of Maryland transition into the Big Ten during his last three seasons with the team. He helped coach Maryland to their first win in the powerhouse conference against Michigan State in 2016. The list of wrestlers he has helped to achieve some of the highest awards and achievements over the years is seemingly endless.

Kerry McCoy Injuries

Currently, there are no documented injuries for Kerry McCoy.

Is Kerry McCoy Retired?

Even though Kerry McCoy stepped down as the head coach for the University of Maryland in 1029, he is still very much active in the wrestling community.

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