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Nate Jackson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nate Jackson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Nate Jackson?

Nate Jackson is a former 2 time All American Collegiate wrestler, his technical abilities on the mats are highly decorated throughout the wrestling fraternity. Nate is only the 6th wrestler in Indiana’s history to win All American honours in two different weight classes. Nate was the team captain for Indiana University, with an extremely long list of honors.

Who Is Nate Jackson?

Nate Jackson is a former 2 time All American Collegiate wrestler, his technical abilities on the mats are highly decorated throughout the wrestling fraternity. Nate is only the 6th wrestler in Indiana’s history to win All American honours in two different weight classes. Nate was the team captain for Indiana University, with an extremely long list of honors.

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Nate Jackson attended high school at Marian Catholic in Chicago Heights, Illinois. During his first two seasons at high school Nate placed 5th at 152 lbs and qualified for the Illinois state championships twice. In 2012 Nate was awarded Male Athlete of the year. Nate won the Dubuque Open by going 3 - 0 with his only competition. Nate finished high school with an amazing record of 148 wins with 16 losses.

Nate went to college at Indiana University at the start of the 2014 season. As a sophomore he became an NCAA Qualifier, earning his spot by placing 9th at the Big 10 Championships. Nate Won the Keystone Classic Championship and came in second place at the Harold Nichols Open. This was an outstanding year for the Hoosier as he went 30 wins and 13 losses overall including a 10 - 3 Dual record. After his standout year Nate was awarded with the Hoosiers’ Brian Dolph Award for the most improved wrestler.

In Nate’s Junior year he was named All American at 174 lbs, he also was awarded All Junior Class Team by Open Mat. Nate finished 4th at the Big 10 Conference Championships and qualified for the NCAA titles. Nate backed up from his Sophomore year and won another consecutive title at the Keystone Classic. Nate also won the LHU Classic and finished in second place at both the Reno Tournament of Champions and the Eastern Michigan Open. Nate accumulated a 35 - 9 overall win record and was honoured with Indiana’s Joe Dubuque Most Outstanding Wrestler. 

In Nate’s Senior year he was named team captain and earned his second All American honours this time at 184 lbs. Nate had another amazing year and won the Navy Classic Championship, he also took out 4th place in the 54th Ken Kraft Midlands Championship. Another NCAA qualification came after finishing 6th at the Big 10 Conference Championships. Nate again was awarded Indiana’s Joe Dubuque Most Outstanding Wrestler. Nate secured the first unbeaten dual record since 2011 when he scored 82 dual points with a 19 - 0 record, with an overall record of 35 - 6. After finishing 8th in an extremely talented pool of wrestlers, at the 2017 NCAA Championships, Nate graduated college majoring in Liberal studies. He then accepted a job as an assistant coach for Princeton University. 

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How Old Is Nate Jackson?

Nate Jackson was born on August the 25th in 1994, he is currently 27 years of age. 

Nate Jackson’s Family!

Nate Jackson grew up in a proud catholic family, his father Nathan Jackson Sr was and his mother Sheena were heavy influences on Nate. Growing up in Chicago Heights from a young age it was constant competition between his siblings. Nate has 2 sisters Kiayla and Jaelyn and 2 brothers Zion and Khari. As kids they all played sports and Nate was introduced to wrestling from a young age. Nate’s journey into the world of martial arts would be an extremely successful one, as he became an incredible athlete competing in wrestling events while attending Marian Catholic high school. 

Nate Jackson now lives with his extremely supportive wife, they have three beautiful children. The couple had a boy and a girl before just recently giving birth to a little baby girl. Nate is determined to pass on his knowledge and guidance to his children. 

How Much Is Nate Jackson Worth?

Nate Jackson has earnt most of his money from his wrestling career, his successes on the wrestling mats have helped him benefit exponentially. Nate has become one of Indiana’s most decorated athletes to come out of wrestling. His amazing career has led him to coaching roles after graduating from college. Nate has a net worth that is reported to be as high as a few hundred thousand dollars. As Nate continues to coach young athletes, his finances and opportunities for remuneration are coming thick and fast.

How Tall Is Nate Jackson?

Nate Jackson is 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is the equivalent to 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Nate Jackson Weigh?

Throughout his career Nate Jackson competed at 174 lbs (78 kg) In Nate’s senior year he competed at 184 lbs (83 kg) 

Nate Jackson’s Fight List!

Nate Jackson has had a prestigious wrestling career, with many wins over highly decorated collegiate wrestlers. With over 300 high school and college wrestling fights, Nate has competed against the likes of; TJ Dudley, Jack Dechow, Sammy Brooks, Emery Parker, Bryce Gorman, Nick Corba, Hunter Ritter, Bo Nickal, Myles Martin, Clayton Bass, Ethan Smith, Matt Brown, Gabe Stark, Kevin Matyas and Kyle Wojtaszek. 

Nate Jackson’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Nate Jackson has had some pivotal battles inside the wrestling arena, some of his best wins have come against high calibre wrestlers. He has defeated guys like; Kyle Wojtaszek, Thomas Grosso, Conan Schuster, Te’Shan Campbell to win the Keystone Classic Championship. He has also beaten guys like; Zac Brunsen, Alex Meyer, Sammy Brooks and Reed Tennyson. One of Nate’s best ever fights came in 2016 during one his best ever seasons, Penn State took on Indiana University in a dual,  Nate defeated the powerhouse Bo Nickal 7 - 6 by decision. 

Who Did Nate Jackson Lose To?

Nate Jackson has a formidable record in highschool and college wrestling, with the majority of his losses coming before he was a Junior. In his Freshman and Sophomore years he lost to guys like; Leroy Munster, Mike Evans, Michael England, Blaise Butler, Alex Meyer and Zac Brunsen. In his Junior and Senior years, Nate only lost 16 out of 90 fights. Nate lost to guys like; Emery Parker, Drew Foster, Bo Nickal, Sammy Brooks, TJ Dudley (3 times) and Myles Martin (4 times) Nate fell short in the NCAA Championships and the Big 10 Conference titles. 

Nate Jackson’s Record!

Nate Jackson has starred all through high school and college wrestling, even though he fell short in the big events, Nate has become one of the best wrestlers to come out of Indiana. His highschool record was 148 wins with 16 losses, his college record was 111 wins with 38 losses. Nate was the first wrestler since 2011 to go undefeated with a dual record of 19 - 0. In 2016 and 2017 in Nate’s junior and senior years, he secured 35 - 9 (%79.55) and 35 - 6 (%85.37) win loss records respectively.

Nate has an honours list that includes; 

2 time All American (174 lbs 2016 and 184 lbs 2017) All Junior Class Team (2016) Keystone Classic Champion (2015, 2016) Harold Nicols Open Runner Up (2015) LHU Classic Champion (2016) Reno Tournament of Champions Runner Up (2016) Eastern Michigan Open Runner Up (2016) 4th at the Big 10 Conference Championships (2016) Joe Dubuque Most Outstanding Wrestler award (2016, 2017) Navy Classic champion (2017) Illinois State Champion (2017) Male Athlete of the Year (2012) Brian Dolph Most Improved Wrestler (2015) Nate Jackson also holds the record for the most takedowns and total points in Illinois history. 

Nate Jackson’s Injuries!

Nate Jackson has no reports of any significant injuries, throughout his exceptional career Nate has remained well conditioned. His professionalism inside the wrestling arenas are highly regarded, as it led to Nate securing coaching roles after college. Nate has a knack for preparation as his vigorous training regimes are highly acclaimed.

Is Nate Jackson Retired?

Since graduating from college Nate Jackson has stepped away from the wrestling mats as a competitor. Nate has swapped his wrestling singlet for a suit as he is heavily involved in coaching roles. Since 2017 Nate Jackson has been an assistant coach with the Princeton Wrestling team. Nate has worked closely with Patrick Brucki, as he helped the class of 2021 wrestle high into the national rankings.

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