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Marcus Aurelio His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Marcus Aurelio His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Marcus Aurelio?

Marcus Aurelio Is a former professional Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist and a 5th degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Marcus utilises skillful Submission style Grappling, Wrestling, Boxing and Brazilian Capoeira. Marcus has fought in various MMA organisations like; WEFC, XFA, USMMA, ZST, KOTC, Pride FC, UFC and Hook n Shoot. Marcus has never been stopped inside the cage as all 10 of his losses have come by way of decision. Marcus is a former Hook n Shoot Southeast Lightweight Champion, USMMA Lightweight Champion and a ZST Grand Prix Champion. Marcus also contended for the Pride Lightweight Championship title. 

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From 2002 to 2003 Marcus Aurelio debuted inside the cage, his first two fights in WEFC and XFA were both submission wins for Marcus via triangle and armbar respectively. Moving up to the Absolute Fighting Championships in 2003, Marcus would win the Hook n Shoot Southeast Lightweight title with an armbar submission win against Justin Wisniewski. A couple of months later Marcus would win another title, this time competing at USMMA 3 Ring of Fury, Marcus defeated David Garner with an armbar for the vacant USMMA Lightweight title.

In November 2003 Marcus fought Takumi Nakayama in the first round of the ZST Grand Prix, defeating him in the first round with an armbar. January 11 2004 the rest of the ZST Grand Prix would take place, Marcus would win 3 fights in the same night securing a triangle choke in the final against Remigijus Morkevicius, winning the ZST Grand Prix.

Ater Marcus had success at the ZST Grand Prix in Tokyo, he would then be signed to the Pride FC organisation. He fought in 6 separate Bushido events securing wins over Takanori Gomi, Daisuke Nakamura and Jutaro Nakao. Unfortunately for Marcus he would lose the rematch against Takanori Gomi for the Pride Lightweight Championship in a controversial Split decision.

In 2007 and through to 2008 Marcus would fight in the UFC gaining wins over Luke Caudillo and Ryan Roberts. Marcus would suffer a setback in his career with losses to Clay Guida, Tyson Griffin, Hermes Franca and Evan Dunham, Marcus would then be released from the UFC.

Following his UFC career Marcus would compete in lower ranked MMA shows in Peru, Finland, Canada, Japan and Brazil. He finished his career off with a 4 - 2 record after the UFC, with his last fight securing an armbar submission against Garrett Gross at Warrior fight in 2012.

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How Old Is Marcus Aurelio?

Marcus Aurelio was born in Fortaleza Brazil on the 18th of August in 1973, he is currently 48 years of age.

Marcus Aurelio’s Family!

Marcus Aurelio grew up in Fortaleza Brazil, a place that is known for its increasing crime rate. A dangerous place to grow up, would force Marcus’ parents into helping him learn self defense. As an 8 year old boy Marcus started training in boxing and wrestling. Before long he found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira, a very active style of fighting. Marcus would compete in local Brazilian tournaments as he began to master his arts of fighting. As a young man Marcus moved with his friend and student Hermes Franca to the United States of America where they joined up with American Top Team. The pair would eventually split over a feud involving Hermes awarding Kurt Pellegrino his black belt. Their heated feud would boil over into the UFC octagon at UFC 90 where Hermes Franca was awarded a unanimous decision.

How Much Is Marcus Aurelio Worth?

Marcus Aurelio earnt most of his money in the cage as an MMA fighter, he also spent years on the professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu circuit. Marcus now owns and runs his own academy in Northern Miami, Florida called Marcus Aurelio Jiu Jitsu Academy. The notoriety of the famous Pride and UFC veteran has ensured the popularity and success of his academy. Marcus Aurelio has a net worth reported to be over a million dollars and steadily increasing.

How Tall Is Marcus Aurelio?

Marcus Aurelio is 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent to 178 centimetres.

How Much Does Marcus Aurelio Weigh?

Marcus Aurelio weighs in at 70 kilograms which is the equivalent to 155 lbs, Marcus has always competed as a lightweight in his MMA fights.

Marcus Aurelio’s Fight List!

Marcus Aurelio has over 40 years experience in martial arts, from his younger boxing days to his rise through the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu circuit. Marcus is better known for his MMA years as he has fought under many different organisations, the most notable being Pride FC and the UFC. Marcus has had fights against exceptional fighters in their primes, guys like; Evan Dunham, Takanori Gomi, Jutaro Nakao, Daisuke Nakamura, Masakazu Imanari, Takumi Nakayama, David Gardner, Luke Caudillo, Shinya Aoki, Matt McGrath, Remigijus Morkevicius and Rich Clementi.

Marcus Aurelio’s Best Fight of All Time!

Marcus Aurelio has had some amazing fights in the cage and on the Jiu Jitsu mats. Marcus has won 2 Pan American and 2 Brazilian National Championships in Jiu Jitsu. He has also defeated athletes and secured two separate lightweight MMA titles. In 2004 Marcus had success in Tokyo in the ZST Grand Prix by defeating some of Japan's finest Pride FC fighters. In the first round Marcus defeated Takumi Nakayama 3 minutes into the first round with an armbar. Qualifying for the rest of the event held two months later Marcus defeated Rich Clementi in a submission that left Rich injured. Marcus then went on to win a close match in a split decision over the famous Masakazu Imanari. In the final Marcus submitted Remigijus Morkevicius with a savage triangle winning the ZST Grand Prix. 2 years later Marcus would submit the athletically talented Takanori Gomi with a head arm triangle. 

After Marcus’ successes in Japan he was signed to the UFC where he went 1 win and 1 loss before taking on Ryan Roberts. UFC fight night 13 would go down in history as Marcus’ best fight ever. Marcus entered the record books with the fastest ever submission in UFC history. 14 seconds into the first round Marcus finished Ryan Roberts with an armbar.

Who Did Marcus Aurelio Lose To?

Marcus Aurelio has lost some fights in his career, but it is safe to say he is the most gallant even in his losses. Nobody has ever finished Marcus inside the cage with all his losses going the distance. He has lost to guys like; Antonio McKee, Dokonjonosuke Mishima, Mitsuhiro Ishida, Clay Guida, Tyson Griffin, Evan Dunham, Shinya Aoki and Lyle Beerbohm. Marcus has had two losses that still haunt him, the first being the rematch against Takanori Gomi for the Pride FC Lightweight title. After defeating Gomi previously with a submission, his loss in this match via a controversial split decision is one that gets under his skin. Marcus would also lose to a former friend and student in a grudge match at UFC 90. There was bad blood between Marcus Aurelio and Hermes Franca over the controversy involving the grading of another student to a black belt. Hermes walked away with a unanimous decision and the bragging rights.

Marcus Aurelio’s Record!

Marcus Aurelio has an MMA record of 22 wins with 10 losses, including 15 submission finishes and has never been finished inside the cage. Marcus holds the record for the fastest submission in UFC history (14 seconds via armbar) against Ryan Roberts. Marcus’ other accolades are; 2 x Pan American Champion in BJJ, 2 x Brazilian National Champion in BJJ, Pride FC ZST Grand Prix Champion, Hook n Shoot Lightweight Champion, Ring Of Fury Lightweight Champion, MMA USA Lightweight Champion.

Marcus Aurelio’s Injuries

Marcus Aurelio has had a long and illustrious fight career, from BJJ to MMA he has solidified himself as one of the sport's best all rounders. Marcus has suffered different injuries throughout his career, with muscle strains and bruised bones, Marcus has always maintained a good condition for his body. Being the high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner that he is, has always given him the hindsight of taking care of his body. His resilience and bulletproofing through his conditioning is highly regarded throughout his training partners and students.

Is Marcus Aurelio Retired?

Marcus Aurelio is 48 years of age and has retired from MMA, his last fight was in 2012. For the last decade Marcus has been focusing entirely on developing his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students. His academy that he runs in Florida is highly acclaimed, as many young and aspiring athletes want to be a part of the MMA and BJJ veterans' highly decorated instruction.

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