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Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor, 3x All American wrestler at the University of Maryland; 2x ACC Wrestler of the Year; Columbia University Assistant Coach; tied for fifth all-time in NCAA D-I history in career pins (87). Hudson is also a LGBT activist and the Found Director of Athlete Ally. He is straight and married, he is a strong advocate for LGBT athletes.

Bernardo Faria convinced Hudson to start training BJJ in 2014. Bernardo started training with him and 2 months later, Hudson was the No Gi Pan Ams Adult Blue belt Division Double Gold Champion. 6 Months after that, he did it again in IBJJF Worlds as a Blue Belt, and 6 months after that, he won the No Gi Worlds as a Purple Belt (adult division).

He has a unique approach to guard wrestling, and wrestling for BJJ overall.


  • 2007-08 Atlantic Coastal Conference Wrestler of the Year / Champ
  • 2009-10 Atlantic Coastal Conference Wrestler of the Year / Champ
  • Third in Nationals 2008, 2009, Fourth 2010 (senior)
  • Tied for fifth in career pins in the all-time NCAA record books with 87
  • School record for career pins (87), career wins (165), and pins in a single-season (24).
  • IBJJF Blue Belt World Champ Gi
  • IBJJF Pan Ams Blue Belt World Champ (Double Gold)
  • IBJJF No Gi Worlds Purple Belt World Champ


Wrestling For BJJ by Hudson Taylor

wrestling for bjj

Wrestling For BJJ by Hudson Taylor

Learn The Wrestling Based System For Jiu Jitsu That Other BJJ Guys Can’t Defend. Hudson Taylor’s Wrestling System Can Be Adopted By Anyone To Takedown & Control Younger, Stronger Or Higher Belt Opponents – Even Black Belts.

Hudson can show you the easiest takedowns that give you the most bang for your buck. With just a little practice you should be able to takedown virtually any BJJ opponent. Why? BJJ guys don’t practice wrestling takedowns! Doing them or defending them! They are making major errors that you can exploit easily – once you know how! 


Hudson Taylor Bio

Hudson Taylor was born in 1987 and is currently the Columbia University wrestling coach, a LGBT activist, and Founding Director of Athlete Ally. Hudson is married to Lia Alexandra Mandaglio and was one of the top wrestlers at the University of Maryland and ranked top 5 pinners in NCAA wrestling history... imagine what his side control is like...

Hudson was an NCAA Wrestling All-American before graduating in Interactive Performance Art and becoming a coach at Columbia University in NYC. He still has the award of the most pins and most wins in the history of collegiate wrestling at the University of Maryland. As well, he holds several hall-of-fame records.

Taylor comes from a long line of Christian missionaries, including James Hudson Taylor, who was of the the first Christians to attempt to evangelize China. "Christianity has instilled a strong sense of inclusion over exclusion." This is sometimes considered a different view in the Christian community who has some "groups" that do not support LGBT rights.

Taylor graduated from the University of Maryland with a Interactive Performance Art Degree. He met many gay people in the program, and even wore an equality sticker on this wrestling headgear. Though he faced ridicule for his actions, they became known, and he gained media attention. He blogged about experiencing homophobia in collegiate sports, he received hundreds of emails from closeted athletes; which led to the start of Athlete Ally.

Hudson Taylor Videos

The Umbrella Guard by Hudson Taylor

US OPEN FS Challenge 2 84kg - Hudson Taylor vs. Chris Honeycutt
Hudson Taylor (NYAC) won by pin over Christopher Honeycutt (Edinboro) Pin 1:17

The Inverted Ankle Pick by Hudson Taylor
Ankle pick is one of the main techniques used by wrestlers in grappling. In this video Hudson Taylor shows a great variation, doing the inverted ankle pick instead of the regular ankle pick

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