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Chris Camozzi Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!

Chris Camozzi Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!


Who Is Chris Camozzi?

Chris Camozzi is a professional American kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He has competed as a Glory kickboxer and as a competitor in the middleweight division of the UFC. He has been a professional mixed martial artist since 2009, and has also fought for the MFC, Shark Fights, and HDNet Fights promotions.

Who Is Chris Camozzi?

Chris Camozzi is a professional American kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He has competed as a Glory kickboxer and as a competitor in the middleweight division of the UFC. He has been a professional mixed martial artist since 2009, and has also fought for the MFC, Shark Fights, and HDNet Fights promotions.

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Camozzi is from Alameda, California and his combat sports background started with wrestling and rugby in high school. He continued his rugby career after high school at Fort Lewis College, but shortly after dropped out to return home and begin training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. After he began training, all it took was one of his coaches who had previously fought in the UFC asking him if he was interested in mixed martial arts, and soon after began his career in that discipline.

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How Old Is Chris Camozzi?

Born November 20, 1986, Chris Camozzi is 34 years old.

Chris Camozzi’s Family

Currently, there is no information available on the family of Chris Camozzi.

How Much Is Chris Camozzi Worth?

Chris Camozzi is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $4 Million.

How Tall Is Chris Camozzi?

Chris Camozzi stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

How Much Does Chris Camozzi Weigh?

Chris Camozzi weighs approximately 185 pounds.

Chris Camozzi Fight List

In the beginning of his mixed martial arts career, Camozzi signed to be a part of the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter. To get into the house, Chris has his preliminary fight against Victor O’Donnell. The fight went the distance through all 3 rounds, and Chris was declared the winner by decision. However, both fighters took a noticeable amount of damage; O’Donnel suffered a fractured orbital and Camozzi suffered a broken jaw. Unfortunately, the damage Camozzi took was too much for him to go on and during the third episode of the season, Dana White informed him that he had to withdraw due to his injuries.

Even though Camozzi was removed from the show, he had the opportunity to fight against James Hammortree at The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz. Camozzi won the bout by unanimous decision.

Next up, Camozzi fought Kyle Noke at UFC 127 in February 2011. Camozzi lost the bout by a rear naked choke submission in the first round which resulted in him being released by the UFC. Following his release, Camozzi began fighting for the Shark Fights promotion, and had his first fight against Joey Villasenor at Shark Fights 15. Initially the fight was called as a draw, however the ruling was eventually overturned after the New Mexico Athletic Commission revealed that one of the judges scores was calculated incorrectly and Camozzi was granted a split decision win.

Shortly after this fight in September 2011 it was announced that Camozzi would make a return to the UFC. His first bout was against Francis Carmont at UFC 137 in October 2011. Camozzi lost this fight by unanimous decision. In his next fight in January 2012 at UFC on Fox 2, Camozzi defeated Dustin Jacoby with a guillotine choke in the third round.

Chris headed back to the cage in June 2012 to face Nick Catone at UFC on FX 4. During the third round Camozzi hit Catone with a powerful knee to the head resulting in a giant cut for Catone. The doctor stepped into the fight and declared a doctor stoppage, resulting in a third round TKO win for Camozzi.

Camozzi’s next fight was scheduled to be against Buddy Riberts at UFC 150 in August 2012, however due to an injury Camozzi was forced to pull out of the fight. Instead, his next fight occurred in October 2012 against Luiz Cane at UFC 153. Camozzi won the fight by unanimous decision. His next fight was against Nick Ring at UFC 158 in March 2013, where he won by split decision. Camozzi had several more fights in the UFC resulting in some wins and some losses, but was ultimately released from the promotion again in 2014 after losing 4 consecutive fights.

Camozzi continued to have and have success in regional promotions, and was invited back to compete in the UFC for the third time. His first fight back was a rematch against Ronaldo Souza at UFC on Fox 15 in April 2015. Camozzi lost this fight by an armbar submission in the first round. His next fight was against Tom Watson at UFC Fight Night 73 in August 2015, and he won the bout by unanimous decision.

In February 2016 Camozzi faced Joe Riggs at UFC Fight Night 88 and won the fight by TKO after throwing a barrage of knees in the first round. Camozzi was awarded a Performance of the NIght bonus for this fight. Shortly after in May 2016 Camozzi faced Vitor Miranda at UFC Fight Night 88 and won by unanimous decision. Camozzi had several more fights and success in the UFC, and in June 2017 he announced that his UFC contract had expired and he was now a free agent.

He began fighting in the Absolute Championship Berkut promotion and was scheduled to have his first bout against Thiago Silva at ACB 88 in Australia in June 2018. This was a highly anticipated fight, however it was canceled just days before due to travel issues Silva was facing. Instead, his first fight took place against Muslim Magomedov in March 2019 at ACA 93, and he lost by a third round stoppage. His third fight for the promotion was against Tony Lopez at SLC 76 in September 2019, and he won with a first round submission. Camozzi went on to have several more fights in the Professional Fighters League.

Chris Camozzi’s Best Fight Of All Time

Chris Camozzi’s best fight of all time is widely considered to be his fight at UFC 121 against a Korean newcomer in the UFC, Dongi Yang. Yang started the fight strong with a takedown followed by a ground-and-pound, however Camozzi was able to stand the fight back up and keep Yang controlled with kicks and clinch work. The exciting fight continued to go back and forth, and Camozzi was able to pull off a win by split decision.

Who Did Chris Camozzi Lose To?

During his professional kickboxing career, Chris Camozzi lost to Mike Lemaire and Ryot Waller. During his professional MMA career, Chris Camozzi lost to Jesse Forbes, Nick Rossborough, Jesse Taylor, Kyle Noke, Francis Carmont, Ronaldo Souza, Lorenz Larkin, Bruno Santos, Rafael Natal, Thales Leites, Dan Kelly, Trevor Smith, Muslim Magomedov, and Emiliano Sordi.

Chris Camozzi’s Record

Chris Camozzi’s professional MMA record is 27-15.

Chris Camozzi Injuries

During his fight against Victor O’Donnell on The Ultimate Fighter, Chris suffered a fractured orbital which forced him to leave the show. Chris has also suffered numerous other injuries in training that prevented him from fighting, however the specifics on those injuries are unknown at this time.

Is Chris Camozzi Retired?

No, Chris Camozzi is still competing as a professional mixed martial artist. Most recently he has been fighting for the Professional Fighters League promotion.

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