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Owen Roddy: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Owen Roddy: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Owen Roddy?

Owen Roddy is a retired Mixed Martial Artist and active striking coach for one of the biggest superstars the UFC has ever seen. Known affectionately as “Rowdy” Roddy, his fights were spectacles that very rarely made it to the third round, with only one of his professional bouts ever going to judges decision. His work with MMA superstar Conor McGregor has reinvigorated the idea that Owen Roddy is a pioneer who has as much to share with the world while coaching as he did while fighting professionally.

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Rowdy was born in the United Kingdom in Ballymun, Ireland in the early 1980s and fell in love with MMA as a young adult, at the age of 18. He was fortunate to come across well-respected coach John Kavanagh at that time, and quickly became a member of Straight Blast Gym, “SBG”. Shortly after discovering the sport and finding a high aptitude for it, Roddy quit his regular job to become a full-time fighter and coach.

As a professional fighter, Rowdy fought to an impressive winning record and finished over 90 percent of the opponents he won against. He competed in many regional and international European tournaments before eventually headlining some major cards in larger promotions. Roddy stayed active, including a long win streak in the late 2000s, until 2013 when he retired after sustaining a series of injuries that made it impossible for him to continue competing at the highest levels. As the story goes, Roddy wanted to continue but his coaches repeatedly warned him that it was time to hang up the gloves. From then on, he turned his attention to coaching the next generation of striking athletes.

But Roddy’s day in the spotlight would come again. In July of 2015, one of Rowdy’s students, who had been making some noise for his flashy knockouts in an early UFC run, got a shot at the interim title. In July of 2015, at UFC 189, Conor McGregor scored a TKO against Chad Mendes to set off one of the most memorable and interesting careers that MMA has ever seen. Roddy continues to work with Conor McGregor today as his main striking coach.

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How Old is Owen Roddy?

Coach Roddy was born on Apr 20, 1983. He is 38 years old as of April 2021. He retired from the sport at age 29 and has been dedicated to coaching striking athletes for nearly a decade.

Owen Roddy Family

Owen Roddy is married to his wife, Kellie Roddy. The couple has two daughters together.

How Much is Owen Roddy Worth?

Owen Roddy’s net worth is not publicly available, but a quick look at his career suggests that he is doing well financially. In addition to his successful MMA career and his instructional products, Roddy operates a YouTube channel with well over 50,000 subscribers. Since his retirement, he has coached constantly, including steady work with the biggest superstar in combat sports, Conor McGregor.

How Tall is Owen Roddy?

Owen Roddy is listed at various heights, between 5’8” and 5’11”. In pictures, he towers over the 5’9” Conor McGregor, indicating that Roddy is likely approaching six feet tall.

How Much Does Owen Roddy Weigh?

“Rowdy” Owen Roddy competed at bantamweight during his Mixed Martial Arts career, which is 135 pounds (61 kg). He is notably tall for this weight class.

Owen Roddy Fight List

Roddy competed starting in 2005 with regional tournaments in the United Kingdoms. He progressed to international tournaments around 2008 before joining the more well known organizations, such as Cage Rage and Cage Warriors FC. Check out his full record below:

  • Loss vs Wilson Reis - Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 50 - December 2012
  • Win vs Shannon Gugerty - Cage Contender 14 - July 2012
  • Win vs Ben Davis - Cage Contender Series 10 - July 2011
  • Win vs  Shane Thomas - Cage Contender Series 7 - December 2010
  • Win vs Tchavdar Pavlov - Superior Challenge 3: Untamed - May 2009
  • Win vs Patrick Bogyo - Ring of Truth 8 - February 2009
  • Win vs Amin El Allali - Cage Rage Contenders: Ireland vs. Belgium - May 2008
  • Win vs Navid Yousefi - Superior Challenge 1: The Uprising - April 2008
  • Loss vs Sergej Grecicho - Ultimate Conflict 1: Battle on the Border - March 2008
  • Loss vs Emmanuel Fernandez - Ring of Truth 7: The Next Level - July 2007
  • Win vs Kevin McAlonan - Cage Rage Contenders: The Real Deal - May 2007
  • Win vs Micky Young - Ring of Truth 6 - April 2006
  • Win vs Tim Murphy - Ring of Truth 4 - April 2006
  • Loss vs Nayeb Hezam - King of Kings Fight Promotion - January 2006
  • Win vs Mark Robinson - Ultimate Fighting Revolution 4 - November 2005

Owen Roddy's Best Fight of All Time

“Rowdy” Roddy had many exciting fights, and was known as a vicious finisher in his day. Only one fight that he ever entered concluded with a decision; Roddy either stopped his opponent or got stopped trying to put them away every time he walked in the octagon. With all the wild moments in his long career, it’s hard to dial in to just one. 

Perhaps his greatest victory came in late July of 2011, when Roddy was matched up with Ben Davis in Cage Contender Series 10. The first round looked to be over with Roddy hanging on to a guillotine attempt to finish out the time. Roddy was able to adjust the choke, however, and secure the tap from Davis with only a single second remaining before the bell.

The excitement of this finish in the first round was enhanced by its context: Rowdy had now finished 6 opponent’s in a row without ever seeing a third round. There’s no denying that wins like this, with exciting, last second submissions, characterized Rowdy’s career.

Who Did Owen Roddy Lose To?

In December of 2012, in Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 50, Owen Roddy lost his last fight to one of his most decorated opponents, Wilson Reis. The fight was undecided until the third round, when Roddy began to fade. The match revolved around grappling and, although Roddy is a BJJ Black Belt, it was eventually clear that Reis had the upper hand on the ground. Reis is also black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and was able to take the back to secure a rear naked choke in the third and final round. Aside from this memorable loss to the great Wilson Reis, Roddy only lost to three other fighters in his 7 year career: Sergej Grechicho, Emmanuel Fernandez, and Nayeb Hezam.

Owen Roddy Record

Owen Roddy has an impressive overall record of 11-4-0 as a professional Mixed Martial Artist. He finished his opponent in ten of his eleven victories, 6 by submission and 4 by knockout or TKO. His losses went similarly: three by submission and one by knockout. Clearly, “Rowdy” Roddy left everything in the cage whenever he competed, daring to go for finishes even at the cost of exposing himself to the same fate. Notably, Roddy went on a seven fight win streak that lasted an incredible four years, from late 2008 until 2012 when he encountered Reis.

Owen Roddy Injuries

Owen Roddy retired from Mixed Martial due to compounding injuries. While details on his particular injuries are hard to find, it’s been widely publicized that Roddy’s coaches repeatedly encouraged him to hang up the gloves due to injuries that had piled up from years of hard training.

Is Owen Roddy Retired?

Roddy retired from Mixed Martial Arts competition in the year 2013, at age 29. He now coaches striking for the likes of Conor McGregor and maintains an active YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. His instructional video, “Coach Roddy’s Blueprint: Fundamental Striking Concepts” is available now on BJJ Fanatics.

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