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Youssif Hemida: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Youssif Hemida: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Youssif Hemida?

Youssif Hemida is an Egyptian-American heavyweight freestyle wrestler and NCAA All-American for the University of Maryland. More recently, he has represented his nation of Egypt in international freestyle competition. Hemida is an international silver medalist in the U23 World Championship and has even begun to coach while creating video instructionals to broaden his reach.

Who is Youssif Hemida?

Youssif Hemida is an Egyptian-American heavyweight freestyle wrestler and NCAA All-American for the University of Maryland. More recently, he has represented his nation of Egypt in international freestyle competition. Hemida is an international silver medalist in the U23 World Championship and has even begun to coach while creating video instructionals to broaden his reach.

Effective Heavyweight Offense by Youssif Hemida

Before he attended the University of Maryland, Youssif had already made a name for himself in high school, wrestling to an impressive 70-16 record despite missing the majority of his junior year to injury. He came in 5th place at the 2014 Junior Freestyle Nationals and second that year at FloNationals. He also managed to earn seventh place at the 2015 NHSCA Nationals and second place in the 2014 Super 32 challenge. His crowning achievement in high school was winning the New York State Championship in 2015.

His freshman season of 2015-2016 at the University of Maryland was average, and he finished with a 12-14 record. That year saw many firsts for Hemida, including his first career win in the Big Ten when he scored a fall over Dimitrus Renfroe of Michigan State. He also went 4-0 in the heavyweight division of the Messiah Open to claim that title. Finally, his freshman year culminated in his first Big Ten Tournament win, when he beat Tyler Kral of Purdue in March of that season.

Hemida’s sophomore year took place in 2016 & 2017, and represented a serious step up for the young contender. It was during this year that the was named team captain, and received a bid to attend in the NCAA Championships after posting a solid record of 20-11 during both the regular seasons and the conference tournament. He would finish with a 23-13 record and earn 7th place in the Big Ten for heavyweight before moving on to his junior year.

Junior year was a standout year for Youssif, as he was finally named an NCAA All-American thanks to a 30-8 record. The 2017-18 season was packed with accolades, as he was also selected as an All-American by the NWCA and placed 6th in the Big Ten. He won an incredible 79% of his matches during this season, and was ranked number twelve going into the NCAA Tournament.

Youssif’s senior season took place during the 2018-19 school year. Again he was team captain, this time posting a record of 21-9. He made it to 3rd place in the Big Ten and was ranked as high as 4th in the nation at 285 for a period of time during the season. Tragedy struck midway through this year, as his mother and grandfather both passed away unexpectedly. Hemida committed himself to wrestling in memory of his fallen family members and continued to compete. Soon after, he participated in the U23 World championships, which were held in Romania, and was able to win a silver medal at that event. 

In the years since college, Hemida has continued to compete internationally in the men’s freestyle heavyweight division at 125 kg. In October of 2021, he competed in the World Wrestling Championships and placed in the top 16 worldwide. He was eliminated in the second round by Zelimkhan Khizriev of Russia.

Effective Heavyweight Defense by Youssif Hemida

How Old is Youssif Hemida?

Youssif Hemida was born September 13 of 1997, making him 24 years old as of 2021. 

Youssif Hemida Family

In 2018, Youssif Hemida experienced some major losses. His grandfather died suddenly, and his mother passed away for unrelated reasons just two days later. Wrestling was a guiding light for Hemida during this time. Sure that his mother would have wanted him to follow his dreams, Hemida flew to Romania for the U23 World Wrestling championships soon after to win a silver medal.

How Much is Youssif Hemida Worth?

Youssif Hemida’s net worth is not published.

How Tall is Youssif Hemida?

Youssif Hemida is 6’5” tall. This is exceptional height, even for a heavyweight wrestler.

How Much Does Youssif Hemida Weigh? 

Youssif Hemida is a true heavyweight, and weighs around 285 pounds. In college, he competed in the NCAA’s highest weight class, with a 285 pound, 129 kilogram limit. After college, Hemida had to slim down to compete at the international standard of 125 kg, or 275 pounds. 

Youssif Hemida Fight List

Youssif Hemida has competed in well over 200 matches between high school, college, and the professional circuit. While we don’t have space to list them all here, we’ve compiled a list of Hemida’s proudest accomplishments on the matst:

  • 2017 NCAA Qualifier
  • 2017 Big Ten Placement: 7th
  • 2018 NCAA All-American
  • 2018 U23 World Championship Silver Medalist 
  • 2018 NCAA Qualifier
  • 2017 Big Ten Placement: 6th
  • 2019 NCAA Qualifier
  • 2019 Big Ten Placement: 3rd

Youssif Hemida's Best Fight of All Time

Many wrestlers come out of high school with an impressive record, but it can take some time to determine if they’ll succeed at the collegiate level. If anyone had questions about Hemida’s ability, they were answered in his sophomore year with his first win at the Big Ten Tournament. He was able to win, marking his first victory in that setting.

Who Did Youssif Hemida Lose To?

In 2021 Hemida found himself in the second round of the World Wrestling Championships with just fifteen other competitors remaining. He was matched up with Russia’s Zelimkhan Khizriev who managed to stop his run with a 7-3 loss by points. Hemida will no doubt be hungry to test himself on this stage again in 2022.

Youssif Hemida Record

Hemida finished his senior year at the University of Maryland with a 86-44 overall record. That number is comprised of his 21-9 freshman record, his 23-13 mark as a sophomore, a 30-8 showing as a junior, and his final 21-9 season as a senior.

Youssif Hemida Injuries

Youssif Hemida’s career was almost cut short before he ever finished high school. During his junior year, he fractured the C6 cervical vertebrae in his neck during a practice. He was confined to a neck brace and given an estimated two or three months for recovery. This prognosis kept him out for the majority of the season. Sitting on the sidelines watching his teammates compete ranks as one of Hemida’s most difficult moments.

In addition to the frustration of watching his peers continue to develop while sidelined, Hemida also became frustrated with the difficulty of basic, everyday tasks like eating, sleeping, and looking around. He set his mind to make a full recovery and was able to make it back on to th emats for his final match of the season. Hemida won that match, and defied doubters by becoming sectional champion and placing 7th at the New York State Championships.

Is Youssif Hemida Retired?

Youssif Hemida is not retired. As recently as October, he was still competing on the largest stages at the 2021 World Wrestling Championships. Although he was knocked out in the second round by a competitor from Russia, Hemida is still hungry for gold. At only 24 years old, he’s sure to be making waves in the international competition scene for years to come. 

In the meantime, Hemida has broken down his wrestling system into two complementary halves: “Effective Heavyweight Offense” and “Effective Heavyweight Defense”. Both are produced in coordination with BJJ Fanatics and are available to view now. Each one is a master class in the fine details that it takes to be successful, straight from the mouth of one of today’s fiercest international competitors.

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