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Amy Harris Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Amy Harris Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Amy Harris?

Amy Harris is a Canadian born black belt in Judo, she spent her childhood training in martial arts. As a junior at the age of 5 she entered a competition where she was too scared to compete, after some convincing by her family she won the tournament with very little effort. This day was influential as it paved the way for Amy to head down the path of becoming a high level Judo practitioner and coach.

Who Is Amy Harris?

Amy Harris is a Canadian born black belt in Judo, she spent her childhood training in martial arts. As a junior at the age of 5 she entered a competition where she was too scared to compete, after some convincing by her family she won the tournament with very little effort. This day was influential as it paved the way for Amy to head down the path of becoming a high level Judo practitioner and coach.

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Amy’s first ever Junior Nationals in 2002 at age 13 she did not medal. This event gave her the hunger to compete and win, every year after that she qualified for junior and senior nationals. She was a member of the Judo Alberta which is the governing body for the sport of Judo in the province of Alberta Canada.

2005 was an extremely breakout year for Amy Harris as she earned a medal at the junior nationals in her home town of Alberta. She was also named IJF Female Athlete of the year by Judo Alberta.

By 2006 Judo Alberta picked Amy to be the first female to compete on the international stage. She travelled to France and Belgium where she trained and competed finishing fourth overall, she was tremendously proud of her achievements and then adopted a new mentality for Judo.

After Amy came back to Canada in 2006 with a new lease on her martial arts she decided to get into coaching roles. She acquired her Early Development Certification at Grant MacEwan which paved the way for her to start teaching children. By 2011 she had finished her Personal Training Certificate (PFT) she also decided to further her training knowledge by adding certificates in TRX which is a type of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance and flexibility in the core. She also added qualifications in Olympic Weightlifting and Yoga.

Amy Harris is now a coach at the famous Hayabusa training Centre in Alberta Canada, where she coaches kids Judo classes. Amy also is one of the head trainers where she helps her students with many aspects inside and outside of Judo, including pre and post rehabilitation, post and prenatal, athletics for sports, weight loss, weight gain, flexibility with range of motion and simple health and fitness. The highlight of Amy’s career so far is being named 2015 Judo Alberta coach of the year. 

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How Old Is Amy Harris?

Amy Harris was born in 1987 in Alberta a province in canada, She is currently 34 years of age.

Amy Harris’s Family!

Amy Harris grew up in Alberta which is a province in Canada, as a young child she was encouraged by her parents to get involved in competitive sports. She discovered Judo at the age of 5 and even though she was reluctant to compete, she excelled at the sport and it quickly became a passion of hers. 

Now Amy has a family of her own and she encourages her two children to train in martial arts. Amy is married to the highly regarded Luke Harris who is a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the famous Robert Drysdale. Together Luke and Amy co-own The Hayabusa Training centre in Alberta Canada.  

How Much Is Amy Harris Worth?

Amy Harris has an extremely profitable business that she runs with her partner Luke. The Hayabusa training centre has over 500 members with kids as young as 2 years old and adults ranging up to 60 years of age. It is safe to say Amy and Luke are doing really well. With the notoriety of her own accomplishments and the achievements of her partner in MMA, as well as the intake from their martial arts academy, they have accumulated a wealth of millions. 

How Tall Is Amy Harris?

Amy Harris is 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is equivalent to 167 centimetres. 

How Much Does Amy Harris Weigh?

Amy Harris weighs in at 56 kilograms which is the equivalent of 123 lbs.

Amy Harris Fight List!

Amy Harris has had many Judo fights and has become provincial and national champion multiple times. Amy took on many Judo practitioners as a junior and competed internationally which gave her the spark to teach Judo.

Through Amy’s training academy they have specialized in many styles of martial arts including; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Kung Fu, MMA, Boot Camps, Personal Fitness Training and Self Defense Systems. They have trained many great up and coming fighters who have competed locally all throughout Canada and the United states and internationally in places like Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil and Thailand. Amy has also taken athletes to the Alberta Winter Games and the Canadian Games.

Amy Harris’s Best Fight Of All Time!

In 2006 Amy Harris was selected by Judo Alberta to join the French National team. She travelled to Paris where she began her international career and then competed in Arlon in Belgium where she finished 4th overall. This was a very memorable time for Amy Harris as this would be one of the most tragic and important years of her life. 

Amy’s best friend and training partner passed away that year, and Amy was set to retire from the sport as she found it extremely hard to keep competing. Her coaches convinced her to do one more competition so she decided to do it for her friend (Stephanie Kerr) she ended up winning a bronze medal, and that’s how she ended up being invited to Europe to train with the French National team.

Amy Harris’s Records!

Amy Harris has had an illustrious career in Judo, with her multiple provincial and national titles. She has recorded many other accolades in her career, as she competed heavily at the junior and senior level. Amy was the first woman to be chosen to represent Alberta in the European championships where she managed an impressive 4th place overall. She has an incredible list of qualifications and honours including; Judo Alberta Coach of the year in 2015, International Judo Federation Athlete of the year in 2005. She has an impressive cv including; Certified Personal Fitness Trainer - NAIT (2011) Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist - NAIT (2011) Certified Yoga For Athletes Instructor (2011) National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP - level 1 in Judo in 2010) Olympic Weightlifting Certification (2010) Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor (2010) Early Childhood Development - level 1 - Grant MacEwan (2007)

Amy Harris’s Injuries!

Amy Harris has not had any significant injuries throughout her career. Although she has suffered on a personal level through losing her best friend and training partner, who passed away. This event changed her life and ultimately led to Amy building a passion to coach future generations in Judo and fitness. Her love of the sport gave her the pathway to build success in the youth of Alberta.

Is Amy Harris Retired?

Although Amy Harris is retired from international Judo competition, she still endeavours to train and coach her students in Judo and other variations of fitness. Through the Hayabusa training centre Amy and her partner Luke carry on the legacy of judo on a national, international and olympic level. 

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