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Burton Richardson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Burton Richardson His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Burton Richardson?

Burton Franklin Richardson Jr. is an American martial artist who has instructed many aspiring martial artists, including well known MMA fighters. Burton is also an avid filmmaker, and he is an authority on Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts. He has also trained in Thai Kickboxing and Indonesian Silat. Burton has trained for many years under the tutelage of Dan Inosanto who was Bruce Lee’s training partner.

Who Is Burton Richardson?

Burton Franklin Richardson Jr. is an American martial artist who has instructed many aspiring martial artists, including well known MMA fighters. Burton is also an avid filmmaker, and he is an authority on Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts. He has also trained in Thai Kickboxing and Indonesian Silat. Burton has trained for many years under the tutelage of Dan Inosanto who was Bruce Lee’s training partner.

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Burton Richardson has travelled all around the globe to further his knowledge in all styles of martial arts. He is one of only a handful of Americans to ever travel to South Africa to study the art of Nguni Stick Fighting with a Zulu tribe. After 10 years of experiencing other cultures and learning many aspects of martial arts he began training others in self defense.

For ten years straight Burton published his knowledge of martial arts through regular articles called “Burt Offerings” in the magazine (Inside Kung Fu) Burton Richardson then started writing and sharing his concepts for the European magazine (Budo International) Burton has had many appearances on covers of magazines like Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Inside Martial Arts and Secrets of the Masters. Burton has also published 4 books on his theories and techniques behind martial arts. He is one of the original twelve Dog Brothers from the famous Dog Brothers Organisation and earned himself the nickname "Lucky Dog". 

In 2007 Burton Richardson directed a movie called “One Percent Full” where he starred in the film alongside the famous Filipino film star and martial artist Ronnie Ricketts.

Burton Richardson became aware of the difference between full contact fighting and practising drills and carta’s so he started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the 1990’s. Burton trained with some of the most formidable names in BJJ, from Carlson Gracie to Marcelo Garcia. After training for a long time Burton is now recognised as a third degree black belt under Egan Inoue.

Burton Richardson has achieved worldwide notoriety for his knowledge and experience in many forms of martial arts. His coaching abilities are well recognised by many martial artists including MMA fighters like Chris Leben and Nate Quarry.

Burton Richardson is also famous for his high volume of seminars that he teaches all around the globe. Many aspiring martial artists flock from far and wide to register for his seminars so they can learn from his superior knowledge. 

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How Old Is Burton Richardson?

Burton Richardson was born in Los Angeles California on the 15th of January in 1962. The extremely experienced martial artist is 59 years of age.

Burton Richardson’s Family!

Living in Los Angeles, Burton grew up with his three sisters Avalon, Angela and Arlene. Burton developed a love of martial arts that he inherited from his father Burton Sr. He was supported through his childhood by his mother Avalon and his family. 

Burton is the great grandson of the famous stage actress, comedian and singer Irene Franklin. Burton’s great grandfather was also an influential man in America, as he was a real estate developer known for his critical role in the development of Beverly Hills.

Burton Richardson attended Carson high school in Los Angeles, he then went on to college at the University of Southern California. During college Burton Richardson played three seasons of college Baseball, alongside future professional players Randy Johnson and Mark McGwire.

After college Burton stepped into the world of martial arts teaming up with Dan Inosanto, practising Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts.

Burton Richardson currently lives in Hawaii with his daughter and his wife Sarah Badat Richardson who he married in 1998.

How Much Is Burton Richardson Worth?

Although Burton Richardson keeps his finances close to his chest, he has accumulated a comprehensive fortune. Through his family’s wealth it has been easy for Burton to build his own finances. With Burton’s JKDU school and his high volume of seminars that he travels to around the world Burton’s fortune is worth millions.

How Tall Is Burton Richardson?

Burton Richardson stands at about 6 feet tall which is 182 centimeters. 

How Much Does Burton Richardson Weigh?

Burton Richardson weighs in at 88 kilograms, due to his extremely large quantity of training he is very strong and knows how to use his weight. To an opponent this can feel like he weighs 100 kilos.

Burton Richardson’s Fight List!

Burton Richardson’s journey through martial arts has taken him all over the world. Searching far around the globe he found the most efficient styles of fighting and adapted them to his martial arts. He has journeyed to China where he took Sanshou lessons, he has been to Japan and trained in Shootfighting. Burton travelled to the Philippines training in Kali and Escrima, he has also been to France where he learnt Savate. Heading into virtually unknown territory, Burton found a Zulu tribe in South Africa where he trained with sticks and spears. Burton also visited Brazil where he learnt the ways of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this ultimately led to finding MMA. All of these different styles of martial arts has allowed Burton to develop a winning formula, enabling him to teach his students the most functional self defense skills.

Burton Richardson’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Burton has developed many forms of martial arts and his well known Silat style has him well versed in self defense. As Burton explored many other arts he would soon find that MMA would pose one of the biggest problems. He would have to put aside his Silat and train in BJJ and MMA, he had to develop this style so he could effectively stand tall against MMA attackers. Because of MMA’s diversity, utilising Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and combinations of striking martial arts, Burton soon discovered MMA to be one of the most deadliest styles of all time.

A decade later Burton started to see openings for Silat style takedowns during his MMA training. He would eventually work out that many styles including Silat still had great application for setting up opponents. When he mixed Silat with his wrestling or MMA striking he found that it worked comprehensively. This led to Burton now teaching a more real style of MMA crossed with Silat, by adapting groin strikes, eye gouges and weapons training into his teachings.

Who Did Burton Richardson Lose To?

Burton Richardson’s theories into martial arts have always consisted of practising techniques in a real life scenario. Burton has lost many situations on the road to developing his martial arts, losing the battle is a great measuring tool for what works and what doesn’t. Burton was able to throw away techniques that did not serve well, and adapt techniques that actually worked against real life attackers. All of the full contact martial arts from around the world that Burton has endured, has helped him refine and perfect his vision of martial arts. 

Burton Richardson’s Records!

Burton has a long list of accolades throughout his prestigious career in martial arts. Burton Richardson is a full instructor in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts under the famous Dan Inosanto and Larry Hartsell. Burton is also a third degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Egan Inoue. He is an instructor in Muay Thai Kickboxing under Chai Sirisute. Burton also holds the instructor level in Silat and Kali under Paul DeThouars and Antonio Ilustrisimo respectively. According to Black Belt magazine, Burton Richardson was the 2015 self defense instructor of the year. 

Burton Richardson’s Injuries!

Burton Richardson has spent his life training in martial arts so conditioning for his body has always been paramount. He has suffered many injuries along the way, nothing too serious but the toll it has taken on Burton has been noticeable. At the age of 59 he is feeling a lifetime of fighting, from being whacked with Kali sticks to landing wrong from MMA takedowns. Burton has endured a run of niggling injuries, but through this adversity Burton has persevered to become one of the greatest teachers of all time.

Is Burton Richardson Retired?

Burton Richardson will never retire from martial arts as he is always on the quest for more knowledge. Burton runs JKDU which stands for Jeet Kune Do Unlimited. JKDU is a martial arts school run out of Hawaii, Burton teaches all kinds of martial arts including MMA. The revolutionary aspect to JKDU is that Burton grades his BJJ students through No Gi practises, it has been reported that recently a number of his students were graded to blue and purple belts. Burton’s knowledge and expertise makes him one of the premier coaches in the world today.

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