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Matt McDonough His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Matt McDonough His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Matt McDonough?

Matt McDonough is an American born freestyle wrestler, he has claimed the NCAA wrestling championships twice and is a two time Big Ten Conference champion. Matt attended Linn Mar high school in Marion Iowa where he dominated his way through his schooling years. Matt secured 3 high school state titles, and he was a 4 time state place winner. He finished his high school career with an impeccable record of 151 wins and only 15 losses.

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Matt attended college at the University of Iowa and surprised many as he dropped from 141 lbs after his first year to 125 lbs. As a freshman he won the starting spot in the Hawkeye lineup and achieved 23 dual victories as a team, including a formidable 11 - 0 of his own, at the Carver Hawkeye Arena. By the end of 2010 Matt only lost one fight to former NCAA champ Angel Escobedo in the Big Ten Conference. He finished the season with an NCAA division 1 title win defeating his teammate and fellow freshman Andrew Long.

As a sophomore Matt continued his outstanding run of wins going 27 - 2 for the year. One of his defeats came at the hands of Brandon Precin who he would later rematch at the Big Ten Conference. Matt would avenge his loss and go on to win his first conference championship.

The next year Matt McDonough won his 100th college victory in the NCAA championships, defeating Nico Megaludis. Matt went on to win his second Big Ten Conference Championship over Zach Sanders. Matt had an impressive year winning 36 out of 37 fights and securing his third straight Midlands title.

Matt finished his college career with an impressive 122 - 9 record but failed to win his third straight conference championship after making the finals. Matt suffered some injuries in his last collagen year which cost him his fourth straight All American honours.

After the injury set back Matt spent the next few years picking up a few bronze medals. He started coaching the Eastern Iowa Wrestling club and shortly after he was offered a position as an assistant coach at the University of Wisconsin alongside head coach Christopher Bono, where they coached future stars Cael Happel and Jack Andrews. Matt has since launched his own club in 2020 called McDominate Wrestling Academy.

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How Old Is Matt McDonough?

Matt McDonough was born in Cedar Rapids in Iowa on May 12th 1990, making him 31 years old.

Matt McDonough’s Family!

Growing up in Cedar Rapids was highly influential for Matt as wrestling is a huge part of Iowa’s history. Following in the footsteps of his father Mike McDonough, who wrestled for Iowa in the 1970’s, Matt was highly motivated to win. Matt’s father Mike quoted “Matt has two gears fast and off” as the highly talented Matt McDonough shows in all his wrestling abilities. His mother Sandi always talks about his extremely high work ethic and his ability to overcome obstacles in his life. Matt adores his family and his community with his devotion to the church and his ties to the youth of Iowa, he constantly gives talks in hope to motivate the next generation. Matt is a prime example of a leader according to his mother, and with his work through wrestling camps his affection for the youth is unparalleled.

How Much Is Matt McDonough Worth?

Matt McDonough’s estimated wealth ranges between 1 - 5 million dollars, this is due to Matt’s high success rate of wrestling. He also has added wealth now by founding McDominate Wrestling Academy where he is the owner and head trainer. Matt also runs wrestling camps over the US which is another source of his added wealth.

How Tall Is Matt McDonough?

Matt McDonough is 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent of 170 cm.
How Much Does Matt McDonough Weigh?

From his second year of college Matt McDonough weighed in at 125 lbs which is 56 kilograms. He made the drop to 125 lbs after being 141 lbs (63kg) in high school and his first year of college.
Matt McDonough’s Fight List!

Matt McDonough has had well over 300 fights in his high school, college and international career, he has taken on some extremely talented athletes. Matt’s fight list compiles of greats like Andrew Long, Brandon Precin, Anthony Robles, Zach Sanders, Nahshon Garrett, Fumitaka Morishita, Ivan Yarygin and Tony Ramos.

Matt McDonough’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Matt McDonough’s best fight would have to be when he avenged his loss to Brandon Precin (in a duel in the 2010 Midlands final) The next time he would take on Brandon Precin it was in the Big Ten Conference Championship. Matt would find himself trailing Brandon 1 - 0 after two periods, before escaping to tie the score 1 - 1. Both wrestlers were then caught in an offensive scramble, but Matt came out victorious by scoring a takedown midway through the third period over the #2 seed defeating him 3 - 1 earning himself his first ever Big Ten Conference title.

Who Did Matt McDonough Lose To?

Matt McDonough’s most notable loss was in 2011 in the NCAA final against the formidable Anthony Robles. McDonough would get dominated by Robles 7 - 1 leaving Matt to lick his wounds. Considering Matt McDonough won the division 1 title in 2010 and 2012, the 2011 fight against Robles would have made it three in a row and it was the one that got away. But like Sandi McDonough said her son Matt was great at overcoming adversity so he focused his energy and bounced back and recorded a division 1 title in 2012.

Matt McDonough’s Record!

Matt would record amazing high school and college records of 151 - 15 and 122 - 9 respectively, making him one of the most successful wrestlers to come out of Iowa.

Matt McDonough would also record an outstanding honours list of; 3 time All American (2010,2011,2012) High School State Champion (2006,2007,2008) NCAA division 1 title (2010,2012) NCAA division 1 runner up (2011) Big Ten Conference Champion (2011,2012) Big Ten Conference runner up (2010) Bronze medals in both University World Championships (2014) and Paris Grand Prix (2015)

Matt McDonough’s Injuries!

Matt McDonough would suffer an extensive shoulder injury at the end of his college career which cost him his fourth straight All American honours. This injury was significant and it took Matt some time to heal and then adjust back into wrestling. It ultimately led to Matt delving into the coaching aspect of wrestling.

Is Matt McDonough Retired?

Matt McDonough has had a stellar career in wrestling and due to his shoulder injury he never returned to the same level of wrestling. Through this adversity it opened the door for Matt to hone his coaching ability. He now runs his own academy where he can live out his ambitions to help the youth of Iowa in succeeding at their dreams.

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