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Kurt Osiander

Kurt Osiander is an iconic figure in the jiu jitsu world.  This long time black belt has blended a rock and roll energy with the hard nosed San Francisco Bay jiu jitsu he's been practicing for decades into a persona that is equal parts super hero and rockstar.  Known for a variety of catch phrases such as "Shut the F**k up and Go Train!" and when asked how to get out of bad positions, he famously says "You f**ked up a long time ago!"

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  • Pan American Champion (2003 absolute & 2005 Master, 2009 Senior 1, 2011 weight & absolute, 2012 & 2013 Senior 3)
  • Pan American Silver Medallist (2009 absolute Master)
  • Pan American Bronze Medallist (2006 Master)

Kurt Osiander came up in the very early days of jiu jitsu.  Competitions were nowhere near as prevalent as they are today.  He also did a stint fighting MMA as well.  It can be argued that his true achievements as an iconic figure in BJJ came mostly from his wildly successful "Move of the Week" videos and his work with Anthony Bourdain, having been featured in an episode of Parts Unknown focused on San Francisco and highlighting Bourdain's own love of the art of BJJ.

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Kurt "Rhino" Osiander

Kurt Osiander grew up in the Bay Area and would eventually go to high school with long-time friend and eventual teacher Cesar Gracie.  After high school, Cesar would leave for a stint in the Marines, but would eventually relocate to Brazil to learn his families trade, which happened to be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Upon returning, he would introduce his old high school buddy to the art via the Rear Naked Choke and from there Kurt was hooked.

Around the same time, Cesar decided to open up his own academy and his cousin Ralph Gracie would relocate there to be the head instructor.  Under Ralph Gracie's tutelage, Kurt would earn his rank and his hard-nosed work ethic.  Known for his long hours spent on the mats from early morning until late evening nearly every day of the week, Kurt soon stood apart and eventually became the head instructor at Ralph's academy for many years.

Most recently, via a much publicized departure Kurt and a fellow black belt Jake Scovel started their own academy Empire Jiu Jitsu.  It is there that Kurt currently teaches and trains.

Kurt Osiander has earned his widespread following via his no nonsense, in your face approach to jiu jitsu and teaching.  With catch phrases like "Go Train" and "You f**ked up a long time ago" when asked how to get out of bad spots, he has earned himself a cult following in the jiu jitsu world.  His larger than life presence is matched by his deep knowledge of the fundamentals of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and his clear and effective instruction. 

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Notable Techniques

Arm Bar Escape

In this excerpt from his Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade, Kurt Osiander shows one of his favorite arm bar escapes.  Check it out!


Two Loop Chokes

In another excerpt from Fundamentals of a Jiu Jitsu Renegade, Osiander shows two options for setting up the powerful loop choke.  Check it out here!

Lasso Guard Pass to Arm Bar

Here Kurt shows how to pass the pesky lasso guard grips of his opponent and set them up for an arm bar submission.  Check it out!

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Moves of the Week

Here we would like to highlight a few samples from Kurt's wildly popular YouTube Channel featuring his "Moves of the Week".

In this first example, he is joined by the late Anthony Bourdain who himself was an avid jiu jitsu student.  The episode of Anthony's travel and culinary show Parts Unknown that featured Kurt Osiander helped expose the art to millions of people who probably had no idea it existed.

In this next visit from Anthony Bourdain, we see Kurt teaching a triangle choke set up from the back. 

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Kurt's Move of the Week YouTube Channel

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