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Kurt Osiander’s Loopy Side-Control Choke

Kurt Osiander’s Loopy Side-Control Choke


A well-executed loop choke is one of the most graceful Jiu Jitsu moves to watch.  I can watch loop chokes all day—unless I’m the victim of the loop choke. Then, it’s nighty-night time.

Kurt Osiander is a great person to demonstrate a side control loop choke because his teaching style is highly entertaining and a little loopy, too.

In this video, Osiander demonstrates a quick and efficient loop choke.  

Bernardo Faria describes Osiander as a practitioner with an old-school style.  And this loop choke is exactly the kind of old-school technique that so often makes the old way the best way.

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Osiander begins in an “old-school” side control, with his left arm wrapped around Bernardo’s left shoulder and his right arm against Bernardo’s right hip.

Osiander then lets Bernardo bridge a bit.  Osiander maintains control of Bernardo, but Bernardo’s escape attempt plays right into Osiander’s set-up for the loop choke.

As Bernardo bridges, it gives Osiander an opportunity to slip his left arm behind Bernardo’s neck and around to Bernardo’s chest, where he slips his four fingers into Bernardo’s left collar and keeps his thumb on the outside of the collar.

Note that, in the image above, Osiander is sitting up and out of position to allow us to view his grip on Bernardo’s collar.  Normally, he would not offer up so much space with which Bernardo could work an escape.

After securing his grip, Osiander slips his head out from under Bernardo’s left arm, catches that arm with his own right arm, and begins to tighten the choke by working into a North/South position while his movement tightens Bernardo’s collar around his neck.

Finally, Osiander completes the choke by moving past North/South, slipping his right hand under Bernardo’s head, and laying his own head on Bernardo’s chest. 

If necessary, Osiander walks the fingers of his right hand forward to tighten the choke even more.  

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The look on Bernardo’s face tells us everything we need to know about how effective this choke is.

Watch the complete video below:

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