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Henri Hooft Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Henri Hooft Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Henri Hooft?

Henri Hooft, sometimes also known as Harry Hooft, is a Dutch MMA and striking coach and former fighter who is best known as the head coach of Sanford MMA, formerly known as Hard Knocks 365 and former head coach at Blackzilians. 

Who is Henri Hooft?

Henri Hooft, sometimes also known as Harry Hooft, is a Dutch MMA and striking coach and former fighter who is best known as the head coach of Sanford MMA, formerly known as Hard Knocks 365 and former head coach at Blackzilians. 

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Henri Hooft was born in The Netherlands and at the age of 15, he became interested in martial arts and combat sports. He started by training in full contact Karate with his brother but later switch over to kickboxing. Henri Hooft began competing after training in the style for only 3 months. 

At 18 years old, Henri Hooft was invited to move to Thailand and train in Muay Thai by Rob Kaman, a famous Dutch kickboxing champion. After making the move, Henri Hooft began to both fight and coach other fighters at the same time. This is where Henri Hooft started to develop his striking style which combines Dutch kickboxing with Muay Thai. This style would go on to become known as H kickboxing. 

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After his time in Thailand ended, Henri Hooft went back to the Netherlands in 2004 to become a sparring partner and trainer for Peter Aerts at his gym, Team Aerts. 

In 2011 he moved to the US to become the head coach of Blackzilians in Boca Raton, Florida after being invited to coach there by kickboxer Tyrone Spong. After that gym closed in 2017, Henri Hooft started his own gym called Hard Knocks 365, which is now known as Sanford MMA and many fighters from the Blackzilians team went there to go train with him. 

How Old is Henri Hooft?

Henri Hooft was born on the 21 of May 1969 which makes him 52 years old at the time of writing. He was born in The Hague, Netherlands. 

Henri Hooft’s Family

Henri Hooft is married, he met his wife when he was living and training in Thailand. 

How Much is Henri Hooft Worth?

Henri Hooft’s estimated net worth is not available at the time of writing. 

How Tall is Henri Hooft?

Henry Hooft’s height is not readily available online. 

What is Henri Hooft’s Reach? 

Henry Hooft’s reach is not readily available online. 

How Much Does Henri Hooft Weigh?

Henry Hooft’s weight is not readily available online. 

Henri Hooft’s Fight List

Henri Hooft’s fight list is not available online but he is said to have competed in over 100 matches across boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. 

Henri Hooft's Best Fight of All Time

Henri Hooft’s best and most notable fight is his match against Stefan Leko at the K-1 Grand Prix in 1999. In this fight, Henri Hooft was announced as Henry Hooft. 

The bout started off with Henri Hooft showing off an impressive ability to mix punches and kicks together like any high-level dutch kickboxer. Henri Hooft seemed to be winning the first round by landing more shots that were also cleaner and more damaging than his opponent’s. However, in the final minute of the match, Stefan Leko was able to land a spinning back kick on Henri Hooft as Hooft was coming in. This spinning back kick landed straight onto Henri Hooft’s liver and was powerful enough to keep the dutchman down for the whole ten count and cost Henri the victory. 

Who Did Henri Hooft Lose to?

As Henri Hooft’s fight list is not available but we do know that he lost to Stefan Leko at the K-1 Grand Prix '99. 

What is Henri Hooft’s Record?

Henri Hooft’s fight record is not widely available to list out. 

What Titles Has Henri Hooft Held?

While it is unconfirmed, Henri Hooft is said to have held several world and European titles in both Kickboxing and Muay Thai. 

Who Has Henri Hooft Trained? 

Henri Hooft has trained a large number of fighters and a lot of those fighters are at the top of their sports. 

When Henri Hooft began training fighters at Blackzilians he worked with fighters like Tyrone Spong, top UFC Lightweight Michael Johnson,, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans and former UFC and Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, among many others. 

After Blackzilians closed in 2017, Henri Hooft opened his own gym, Hard Knocks 365 in Deerfield Beach, Florida, where a lot of former members of Blackzilians joined Hooft to continue to work under him. That is where Henri Hooft began to train other big name fighters like 3 time Bellator Lightweight champion Michael Chandler, former UFC Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and former UFC Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

In 2019, after getting a sponsorship deal with Sanford Health, Hard Knocks 265 was renamed to Sandford MMA. 

Henri Hooft has also trained other UFC fighters like Gilbert Burns, Vitor Belfort, Anthony Johnson, Matt Mitrione, Vincente Lique, Jared Gordon and Stefan Struve.

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Henri Hooft even trained current UFC Welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. Henri Hooft was actually Kamaru Usman’s coach for most of his UFC career and for his championship win over Tyron Woodley. 

However, after that match, Kamaru Usman left Sanford MMA went to go train under Trevor Wittman at ONX Sports due to former teammate Gilbert Burns challenging him for his Welterweight title.

Henri Hooft has also trained a number of ONE Championship titleholders like former ONE Championship Heavyweight Champion Brandon Vera, former One Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Aung La Nsang and former ONE Featherweight and Lightweight champion Martin Nguyen. 

Has Henri Hooft Had Any Serious Injuries?

Henri Hooft has not sustained any injuries of note. 

Is Henri Hooft Retired?

Henri Hooft retired from competition in 2007 but he is still working as a coach to this day with no end in sight for the Dutch coach. 

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