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Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts is a 1st degree black belt that has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since the year 2005, at the young age of 15. Sean first started training at Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Placentia under black belt Brad Jackson and then black belt Eduardo Fraga who came from Brazil to take over teaching when Brad retired from full time teaching, though Sean also continued to take private lessons on a weekly basis for several years from Brad to enhance his game.


  • 2015 Sport Jiu Jitsu Absolute World Champion (Black Belt)

  • 2016 Sport Jiu Jitsu Middleweight World Champion (Black Belt)

  • 4X World Champion Medalist

  • 4X North American Champion

  • 3X American National Champion

  • 4X Grapplers Quest Advanced Champion

  • 2007 No Gi World Champion

  • 2011 Grapplers Quest Absolute Champion

  • 2011 American National Absolute Champion

  • 2011 US Open Champion

  • 2012 San Francisco Open Absolute Champion

  • 2012 BJJ Kumite (Reality Series for Top Brown Belts Around the World)

  • 2013 Budovideos PPV Seminar with Kurt Osiander

  • 2012/13 Featured in Gracie Magazine and Jiu Jitsu Magazine

  • 2013 KO Finisher Superfight winner in two black belt superfights

  • 2014 Metamoris Competitor (6 superfights. Sean Roberts vs. Zak Maxwell)

  • 2014 UFC Fan Expo Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist – Adult Advanced No-Gi, Adult Black Belt Gi, and Adult Black Belt Absolute Divisions

  • 2015 NABJJF All Americas Champion (Black Belt)




Sean Roberts Biography

Sean took to Jiu Jitsu immediately and soon became known on the competition circuit. At the time Sean was competing there were very few teens his age to compete against so he was competing against adults in most tournaments and beating them. Sean quickly started collecting gold medals from the many tournaments he competed in and has continued to excel since then.  Sean had made many trips up north to visit Ralph Gracie, and in 2009, he moved to San Francisco as a purple belt to train under Ralph.  Sean started training at Ralph Gracie San Francisco under Ralph and black belt Kurt Osiander where he continued to compete in most every tournament and became even more known in the jiu jitsu community. It was during that time that Sean was asked to fly to Maryland to compete in The BJJ Kumite against 12 of the best brown belts from around the world where he came in 2nd place in the gi portion. This was shown as a reality series on YouTube, and Sean became one of the most recognized brown belts in the world. He was given his Black Belt by Ralph Gracie in March of 2013. He moved to Chino Hills to teach in September of 2013.  Sean has competed in over 200 tournaments throughout his nine years of training.

Sean Roberts Videos

Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie) - Sean Roberts fights as a purple belt

Sean Roberts vs. Magid Hage - 2015 Guatemala Open

Trap and roll & bottom sprawled position

How To Escape Side Control

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