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Kendall Cross Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Kendall Cross Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Kendall Cross?

Kendall Cross, born February 24. 1968, is an American Olympic gold medalist, wrestling coach, and freestyle wrestler. While wrestling at 57 kilograms during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, he won the gold medal. In the final match he faced Guivi Sissaouri of Canada, who he defeated 5-3. Cross also placed sixth at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

What this article covers:

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Kendall Cross was born in Hardin, Montana and then moved with his family to Oklahoma just before high school. Cross wrestled for Mustang High School in Oklahoma where he won a state title. He went on to wrestle for Oklahoma State University, becoming a three time All-American and winning the 1989 NCAA Championship. On top of his wrestling career, Cross graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in political science and economics.

Aside from his personal wrestling achievements, Cross has a long coaching history. After college and while training for the Olympics Cross served as an assistant coach at the UNiversity of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Additionally, he coached at the Dave Schultz Wrestling Clubs and the Sunkist Kids. After taking a job working for Marrill Lynch in Boston, Kendall became an assistant coach at Harvard University. During this time, Kendall wanted to create a program to help develop young athletes, creating the Kendall Cross Gold Medal Wrestling Club. He then moved to Dallas, Texas where he and other Olympians such as Jamill Kelly and Brandon Slay helped coach the Dallas Dynamite. During this time, he also helped coach the Trinity Christian Academy high school wrestling team.

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How Old Is Kendall Cross?

Born February 24, 1968, Kendall Cross is 53 years old.

Kendall Cross’s Family

Kendall Cross has two children. Kennedy and London Cross.

How Much Is Kendall Cross Worth?

It is estimated that Kendall Cross is worth approximately $4.5 Million.

How Tall Is Kendall Cross?

Kendall Cross stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

How Much Does Kendall Cross Weigh?

Kendall spent most of his career competing at 57 kg, or 125.5 pounds.

Kendall Cross Fight List

Some of Kendall’s most prestigious achievements include:

  • Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, inducted 2002
  • Three time US National Champion
  • Outstanding Freestyle Wrestler at the U. S. Nationals, 1992 and 1995
  • 1997 USA Wrestling Athlete of the Year
  • Espoir National and Espoir World Cup Champion, 1988
  • Bronze medal at Junior World Championships, 1986
  • World Cup Champion, 1997
  • Olympic Champion, 1996

His international achievements include:

  • 1996 Roger Coulon Tournament champion (France)
  • Four-time Sunkist International Open champion (1990-91 and 1994-95)
  • 1995 Michigan International Open champion
  • Third in 1993 Sunkist International Open
  • Third in 1993 World Cup
  • Fourth in 1993 Krasnoyarsk Tournament in Russia
  • Second in 1993 Medved Tournament (Belarus)
  • Third in 1993 Dan Kolov Tournament (Bulgaria)
  • Sixth in 1992 Olympics
  • 1992 Krasnoyarsk Tournament champion (Russia)
  • Third in 1992 Pan American Championships
  • Second in 1991 U.S. Open International
  • 1988 Espoir World Cup champion
  • Third in 1986 Junior World Championships

After moving to Oklahoma for high school, Cross earned a state championship for Mustang High School. In 1986 we went on to win bronze at the Junior Worlds. By 1988 he had titles at both the Espoir National and Espoir World Cup.

After Cross finished college and began to compete at the Olympic and professional level, his career exploded. He won the Sunkist International Open titles in 1990 1991, 1994, and 1995. He won the New York Athletic Club Championships in 1991 and 1994. In 1991 he also placed third in the Pan American games, and won the Krasnoyarsk Tournament in Russia.

In 1993 he placed third in the Dan Kolov Tournament and the World Cup. He won the Michigan International open in 1995, and then took the gold medal at the 1996 Olympics, making him one of only a few American wrestlers to have qualified for two Olympic Games. In 1996 he won the Roger Coulon Tournament in France. Following his Olympic win and before retiring, he won yet another championship at the 1997 World Cup of Freestyle Wrestling.

In his journey to qualifying for the 1996 Olympics, he had to beat Terry Brands, a huge name and two time World Champion. They battled each other on numerous occasions and Cross took the win in the final. This set him up to defeat Giuvi Sassaouri of Canada to win the gold.

When Kendall talks about his journey with wrestling, he notes that his move from Montana to Oklahoma was one of the best things that could have happened to him. As he followed in the footsteps of his older brother who was also a wrestler, his career quickly flourished.

As he was wrestling at Oklahoma State University, he watched two of his teammates Kenny Monday and John Smith both become Olympic Champions. This made his dream all the more real and helped give him the motivation to pursue it. In 2002 Kendall cross was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Apart from his wrestling career, Cross has worked in his field of study after earning a degree in political science and economics. He worked as a financial consultant in Boston at the same time he was serving as a coach for Harvard University. He has also devoted tons of his time to motivational speaking and conducting goal-setting seminars for corporations and schools.

All in all, Kendall Cross has an incredible story. An American from a small town finds his passion and talent in wrestling and goes on to win the Olympics. Using his other gifts and talents, he has devoted his time to helping youth both on and off the mats, inspiring people wherever he goes.

Kendall Cross’s Best Match Of All Time

Kendall Cross’s best match of all time is widely considered to be his second match against Angel Cejudo at the Dave Schultz Memorial International in 2007. Cross had initially announced his retirement in 1999, however made an announcement in the winter of 2006 that he would return to competition at the age of 38. This was huge for him given the amount of time he had been out of professional competition. Making it to the quarter finals of the tournament, Cross lost to Cejudo by a pin. However, being the dedicated man that he is, he fought back and defeated Cejudo for the bronze medal belt, placing third in the tournament. After retiring and not competing for numerous years and then coming back to place in a highly competitive tournament, this match is looked at as one of Cross’s best of all time.

Who Did Kendall Cross Lose To?

Currently, there is not an official list of all of Cross’s losses. He has lost to competitors such as Brent Metcalf, Angel Cejudo, Phillip Simon, and others.

Kendall Cross Record

Currently, there is not an official record of all of Kendall Cross’s matches.

Kendall Cross Injuries

It is said that the end of Kendall Cross’s career is largely due to severe rib injuries that he faced.

Is Kendall Cross Retired?

Yes, Kendall Cross is retired from professional competition. He originally announced his retirement in 1999, but made a comeback to the sport in 2007. After several more matches, Cross went back into retirement and has spent his time coaching.

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