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Will Grundhauser

Professor Will “The Grinder” Grundhauser is the Head Coach of the Grindhouse Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs located in Billings, Montana. Will’s nickname was given to him by his team mates, as he is known for using a tremendous amount of grinding pressure when competing. Will is a First Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Sylvio Behring (from X Gym Brazil). He currently trains under Bernardo Faria 5X Blackbelt World Champion. Will operates Bernardo’s first affiliate school in the US, Grindhouse Academy. Will has also competed in Combat Sports for the last 13 years where he has won 3 Title Belts in Amateur MMA. Will is currently undefeated as a Professional. He has traveled coast to coast competing in BJJ both personally and with his students.

“We collect hardware everywhere we go! I believe anyone can become a Champion with the proper training and guidance. I also believe you are rewarded in life by the effort you put forth consistently over a period of time. OSSS!” – Will Grundhauser



side control destruction gi and nogi

How Does An Average Sized Dude From Nowhere Montana Consistently Make His Opponents Feel Like They Are Being Pinned Beneath A Dead Whale From Side Control

  • Will's got 12 year olds in his gym holding down grown men, imagine what his Side Control Destruction can do for YOU

  • Introducing Will “The Grinder” Grundhauser’s Side Control Destruction (Gi & No Gi)

  • A first degree black belt competitor, he is the first US affiliate of 5 x World Champion Bernardo Faria

  • Devolop pressure that will make your opponents tap to side control

  • An entire new way to hold someone down


Will Grundhauser Videos

Sweep From Double Under by Will Grundhauser

Crazy Armbar From Half Guard By Will Grundhauser

Will "The Grinder" Grundhauser AMFA Billings Match 2 masters Div Fight to Win Nationals

Will "The Grinder" Grundhauser AMFA Billings Vs James Pisani The Farm Bjj Fight to Win Nationals

Ryan McCracken vs. Will Grundhauser

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