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Tom McMahon

Tom McMahon is the founder of Rise Again BJJ. He started studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2006 under Pedro Carvalho and Emilio Samartin. He was promoted to brown belt faster than anyone in the school’s history. In 2012 he moved to Minneapolis for work; and under the mentorship of Damian Hirtz, joined the renowned Alliance Team. In 2014 Damian awarded him his black belt on behalf of Fabio Gurgel.

Main Achievements

  • World Champion (2009 weight purple belt adult)

  • Panam Champion (2010 weight purple belt adult)

  • Masters Worlds Champion (2012, 2013 weight + 2013 open brown belt)

  • Panam Runner Up (2009 weight purple belt adult)

  • Masters Worlds Runner Up (2012 open brown belt)

  • #1 Ranked Masters I Brown Belt (2012 + 2013)

  • World Pro Champion (2014 weight black belt adult)

  • NY Open Champion (2015 weight black belt adult)

  • San Antonio Open Champion (2015 weight black belt adult)

  • Panam Bronze Medalist (2016 weight black belt masters)

  • Over 125 competition fights

  • Over 50 medals won




Tom McMahon Videos

Thomas McMahon X Gustavo Pires LA BJJ PRO 2016

Guard pass by Tom McMahon

Thomas McMahon vs Kenneth Brown, Black Belt Adult Male Ultra Heavy Final, 2015 New York Summer

Magid Hage IV vs Thomas Anthony McMahon


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