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Nahshon Garrett: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Nahshon Garrett: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Nahshon Garrett?

Nashon Garrett is an All-American wrestler from Chico, California who competed out of Cornell University. Most recently, Garrett became a member of the US national team to compete in the Olympic qualifiers. During his college career, Garrett compiled an incredible W-L record as well as many other titles, accolades, and awards. Since graduating from Cornell in 2016, Nahshon Garrett has continued to compete internationally. He has reached the highest heights of the sport, even placing in the top 8 of the Olympic wrestling trials in 2016, immediately after his senior year at Cornell.

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How Old is Nahshon Garrett?

Nashon Garret was born on August 23, 1993, making him 28 years old at the time of writing. Since he began wrestling at age 13, Garrett has been a competitive freestyle werstler for 15 years, well over half of his life.

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Nahshon Garrett Family

Nahshon Garret was raised in Chico, California after being born to his parents, Golden Sizemore and Alvin Garrett. He has two brothers and four sisters, Denine, Kesha, Vena, and Kandi, as well as two brothers, Isaac and Cameron. Notably, Nahshon is not the only Garrett with athletic gifts. His twin, Isaac Garrett, has worked as a professional ballet dancer while his sister Kandi also achieved All-American status in track at the University of California, Berkeley.

How Much is Nahshon Garrett Worth?

Garrett’s net worth is not public information. It’s worth noting that Garrett competed in NCAA Division I long before the 2021 rule change allowing college athletes to profit off of their success in sports. In his time, there were heavy restrictions on the money that college athletes could make.

How Tall is Nahshon Garrett?

Garrett is 5’5”, which places him on the short side of his weight class. Although you could never tell by looking at his record, many of Nahshon Garret’s opponents have enjoyed a substantial height advantage over him

How Much Does Nahshon Garrett Weigh?

Before attending Cornell, Nahshon Garret competed at a feather-light 112 pounds. As he grew in stature, he eventually found a home in the 125 pound (57 kg) weight division of the NCAA and competed there for the first few years of college. In his senior year of college at Cornell, Garret elected to challenge himself and moved up to the 133 pound (61 kg) division. His most frequent fight weight during his career, which spans a decade, is 125 lbs.

Nahshon Garrett Fight List

Nahshon Garrett’s career is a long one, boasting well over 150 matches at the collegiate level. Due to this, listing his fights here is impractical. See below for specific details on some of his most notable wins and losses at both the collegiate and national level. Some of his proudest accomplishments in the sport of wrestling include:

  • 2013 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, Des Moines, 125 lbs: Bronze
  • 2013 EIWA Championships, New Brunswick, 125 lbs: Gold
  • 2014 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, Oklahoma City, 125 lbs: Silver
  • 2014 EIWA Championships, Philadelphia, 125 lbs: Gold
  • 2015 EIWA Championships, Bethlehem, 125 lbs: Gold
  • 2016 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships, New York City, 133 lbs: Gold
  • 2016 EIWA Championships, Princeton, 133 lbs: Gold
  • 2017 US Open National Championships, Las Vegas, 57 kg: Silver
  • 2018 US Open National Championships, Las Vegas, 61 kg: Silver

Nahshon Garrett's Best Fight of All Time

During his roughly 15 year career, Nahshon Garret has fought some incredible matches. One of his most memorable took place in less familiar territory for Garrett at 133 pounds. In 2016, he faced Iowa’s Cory Clark to win the championship and take home the gold in his senior year of college, and his first full season competing at a higher weight class. Clark, himself a four-time All-American, went on to win the NCAA Division I Championships at 133 pounds in the following year.

Who Did Nahshon Garrett Lose To?

Grappling at the highest level is going to come with the occasional loss, and Nahshon Garret is no exception. In addition to the incredible number of victories on his record, he has experienced some tough losses as well. Nahshon Garret experienced a setback to fuel his fire in his first Olympic trials after completing college at Cornell University. During the trials, he faced Tony Ramos and lost a controversial match. In that match, Garret found himself up on points with only seconds left to go in the match. With time running out, the referee gave him a stalling penalty and took away points. The penalty resulted in Ramos, who had lost the match up until the final seconds, being awarded the victory.

Nahshon Garrett Record

Although Nahshon Garrett has competed mostly in college, where his record was an outstanding 149-12. In addition to his multiple NCAA Division I Championships, this extremely high win ratio led Garrett to be named as an All-American wrestler in all four of his college seasons.

Nahshon Garrett Injuries

Nahshon Garrett was fortunate enough to avoid injuries during the length of his impressive college career, but hurt himself during training almost immediately after his college career. In 2018, while competing at the Olympic Qualifiers, he was injured and replaced by Joe Colon. He has stated that he plans to return to competition after the injury.

Is Nahshon Garrett Retired?

While he has finished his collegiate career, he has not retired from the world of professional wrestling. He continues to press forward and compete for gold on the national and international stage after rehabbing from his 2018 injury and waiting for pandemic restrictions to ease in 2020. The grappling community eagerly awaits his return to competition in the coming years. 

In the meantime, Nahshon Garret has begun to work as a coach and instructor as well, even creating his own instructional on BJJ Fanatics, Slick Setups and Fundamental Finishes. During the course of these videos, you’ll learn to improve not only your entries into positions, but increase your ability to finish the fight in competition.

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