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Mike Palladino

Mike “The Power House” Palladino, is a World Champion Grappler, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Player, and Founder of Evolution Grappling Academy, the premiere Martial Arts School in in the Hudson Valley, named 2016’s “Best Martial Arts School in the Hudson Valley” by Hudson Valley Magazine. Mike is a Brazilain Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the tutelage of 3 time IBJJF World Champion and Soul Fighters Co Founder, Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa and Submission Grappling Wizard and Sambo Master Vladislav Koulikov. In October of 2017, Palladino represented the United States in the Combat Wrestling World Championship, held in Honjo, Saitama, Japan. He won all of his matches by submission to earn the Gold Medal in the 74kg division. A practitioner of combat sports for over a decade, Mike is a U.S. Combat Wrestling National Champion, a 2x Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Medalist and multiple time Submission Fighting champion, holding 9 championship titles under his belt.

Mike Palladino Achievements

  • 2x Pan American BJJ Medalist
  • Multiple Time Submission Fighting Champion
  • United States Combat Wrestling National Champion

Mike Palladino Instruction

It’s logical, the Turtle position is not played as much as guard or guard passing--where most people spend much of their time. That’s why there is a BIG pay off if you get good here. Turtle is often a transition position. And often times transition positions are neglected. But now the turtle is going to be a position you will dominate. It’s going to be a position where your opponents will think to themselves “Oh sh*t” if you end up on top of them in turtle.


Mike Palladino Biography

Mike has traveled internationally for training trips to Rio deJaneiro, Brazil, Moscow, Russia and the Netherlands in order to enhancing his skill set as an Instructor as well as a competitor. Mike has been invited for training camps to participate as a partner for top Ultimate Fighting Championship contenders as well as Olympic Champions. With his credentials, Mike has become the “Go to” source for Self Defense and Defensive Tactics among Law Enforcement, teaching Cadets at the prestigious West Point, Correctional Officers of the CERT Team of maximum security prison Green Haven and the Marine Corps at Stewart Air Base in Newburgh, NY. In August of 2015, Mike Palladino was named the Coach of the West Point Mixed Martial Arts team.

As a Coach, Mike has led his students to multiple championships. His students have earned Gold Medals at the No Gi Pan Americans, ADCC Submission Tournaments, The GoodFight, NAGA, Grapplers Quest and multiple other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling tournaments. Off the mats, Mike is a volunteer within the community. An active volunteer for the Scenic Hudson, Mike can be found cleaning the local trails and parks as well as doing construction to help maintain them for all to enjoy.

Mike Palladino Videos

Mike 'The Power House' Palladino vs Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Bruno Tostes

2016 BJJ Tour Brown Belt Finals: Mike Palladino

Mike Palladino BJJ Highlight *NO GI* Evolution Grappling Academy

SUBMISSION! Mike Palladino vs Jordan Damon

High Elbow Guillotine by Mike Palladino

Crucifix Rollover and Crucifix Pull by Mike Palladino

Kickstart Back Take by Mike Palladino

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