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Fernando Yamasaki His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Fernando Yamasaki His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Fernando Yamasaki?

Fernando Yamasaki is a 6th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt and a 5th Dan Judo Black belt. Fernando has had 10 years of experience in wrestling for the Brazilian national team, and he has won more than 150 national and local titles throughout his martial arts career. Fernando was one of the pioneers for Jiu Jitsu in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, as he co founded the local federation FPJJ (Federação Paulista de Jiu Jitsu) 

Who Is Fernando Yamasaki?

Fernando Yamasaki is a 6th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt and a 5th Dan Judo Black belt. Fernando has had 10 years of experience in wrestling for the Brazilian national team, and he has won more than 150 national and local titles throughout his martial arts career. Fernando was one of the pioneers for Jiu Jitsu in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, as he co founded the local federation FPJJ (Federação Paulista de Jiu Jitsu) 

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In 1983 at the age of 16 Fernando would receive his Black belt in Judo after growing up competing and winning in Judo tournaments. Fernando was always interested in all kinds of martial arts concepts, and in 1985 he joined Sao Paulo’s state wrestling team. Fernando won every title imaginable in both Freestyle and Greco Roman disciplines, earning himself a place on the national team.

Fernando already had some Jiu Jitsu experience by training with Cassio Marcelo who was a student of Master Octavio de Almeida Sr. In 1986 Fernando was introduced to Marcelo Behring who extensively trained with Fernando's brother Mario. Fernando quickly gained respect for his new Jiu Jitsu coach as his ground skills were exceptional. Due to the lack of Jiu Jitsu tournaments available Fernando would only compete in Judo events. By 1989 Fernando earned his Jiu Jitsu Black belt from his coach Marcelo Behring. Shortly after Fernando moved to the United States where he began training Judo at Georgetown University with Master Takemori and Master Nalls.

Fernando spent the next year competing in Judo tournaments where he won many events including a Tri State Championship title. Fernando was invited by the head coach of the Brazilian national Wrestling team to compete at the Pan American and World Wrestling Championships. Fernando accepted and then moved back to Brazil to pick up his training in Judo, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

As Fernando returned to Marcelo Behring’s academy, Marcelo demoted Fernando back to a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu, claiming his Jiu Jitsu was rusty. Fernando took it in his stride and used it as motivation to take his martial arts to a higher level. Training for the next year Fernando would achieve his second Black belt under Professor Behring. During this time Fernando would also become a Jiu Jitsu instructor teaching out of his family’s gym (Yamasaki Academy) 

In 1991 Fernando was invited by Carlos Gracie Jr and Nahum Rabay to start Sao Paulo’s Jiu Jitsu Federation (FPJJ) as they helped further the development of the art of Jiu Jitsu. The next year Fernando discovered a new combative style of martial arts that combined striking and Jiu Jitsu. Fernando studied this new concept of fighting and later formed the JJIF (Jiu Jitsu International Federation) he brought this martial art to the people of Brazil. In 1992 they formed a World Cup which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark where Brazil took out 2nd place. Fernando was labelled “The Traitor Of Jiu Jitsu” by Carlos Gracie Jr and Nahum Rabay as their outrage to this new concept of martial arts was in full view of the public. After a short stint the three veterans mended their relationships as they moved forward in promoting Jiu Jitsu.

In 1996 the (CBJJ/IBJJF) formed the very first World Jiu Jitsu Championship. Fernando was in charge of finding athletes to compete, guys like Remco Pardoel, Eugenio Estrada and Hiroki Baba. That same year Fernando and his brother Mario put together a Vale Tudo event in Rio, bringing American and Canadian fighters together, guys like Geza Calmann, Dan Beneteau, Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.

In 1998 the Yamasaki brothers brought the UFC to Brazil in another attempt for more worldwide notoriety. In 1999 Fernando was hired by the Brazilian Federal Police as a martial arts instructor where he worked closely with SWAT forces and other police personnel. Fernando also has served as a personal bodyguard to many celebrities, and most famously with Britney Spears. 

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How Old Is Fernando Yamasaki?

Fernando Yamasaki was born in Sao Paulo Brazil on August the 9th in 1967, he is currently 54 years of age.

Fernando Yamasaki’s Family!

Fernando Yamasaki grew up in Sao Paulo Brazil alongside his brother Mario Yamasaki (famous UFC referee) and his two sisters Eliana and Solange. Fernando was always inspired to be a martial artist and was introduced to fighting at 3 years of age by his father. Grand Master Yamasaki trained his sons from that young age as they spent their life on the Judo mats. As the brothers grew up, so did their love for martial arts. One day Fernando’s father found Fernando at the gym he was instructing at, and when he asked Fernando how he got there… Fernando replied I hid in the back of your car Dad. The extreme levels the Yamasaki’s would go to just to train were above and beyond. 

Fernando Yamasaki began competing in small tournaments in a division called “Little Firecrackers” this paved the way for Fernando’s successful reign into martial arts. By 1979 Fernando had won his first State Championship in Judo, and by 1983 he became a Black belt.

How Much Is Fernando Yamasaki Worth?

Fernando Yamasaki has had an interesting career with many successful years under his belt. His competition success along with all of his participation in setting up federations of martial arts has steadily increased his net worth. Fernando has also worked for the Brazilian Police where he instructed SWAT forces and other police personnel. Fernando has also done private bodyguard work for famous celebrities and he was also a UFC referee for some time. Fernando is also a massive driving force behind Yamasaki Academy, where he is the head instructor and co-owner based in Maryland USA. Reports say that Fernando has a net worth of well over 3 million dollars. 

How Tall Is Fernando Yamasaki?

Fernando Yamasaki is 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 177 centimetres. 

How Much Does Fernando Yamasaki Weigh?

Fernando Yamasaki weighs in at 205 lbs which is equivalent to 92 kilograms.

Fernando Yamasaki’s Fight List!

Fernando Yamasaki has competed in many Judo tournaments and Wrestling Championships throughout his career. Before there was World Championships there were many small and local events that Fernando was highly successful in. Fernando fought in Judo, Wrestling and BJJ, Fernando was a part of the Brazilian National Wrestling Team. Fernando also has an extensive list of tournaments he helped set up like federations of Jiu Jitsu and Vale Tudo, he was also a driving force in bringing the UFC to Brazil.

Fernando Yamasaki’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Fernando is well known for his Judo, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he has earned himself many title wins along his martial arts journey. From 1985 until 1997 Fernando as a junior and an adult won every major state and national title in Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. His expertise in wrestling has been one of the highlights of his illustrious career. Fernando has also won an exceptional amount of judo titles earlier in his career, which gave him the notoriety to help support and develop martial arts into the future.

Who Did Fernando Yamasaki Lose To?

Fernando Yamasaki has won most of his fights in his career, there are little to no reports on him losing any notable fights. Fernando has taken his martial arts to a higher level where he spends his life furthering the development of young and aspiring martial artists. 

Fernando Yamasaki’s Record!

Fernando Yamasaki has an extensive list of accolades including; 6th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (IBJJF) 5th Dan Judo Black Belt (CBJ) Black Belt in Ju-Jutsu (JJIF) Fernando has won more than 150 local and national titles in Judo, Wrestling and BJJ. He is also the President of South American JJU. Fernando has also had a hand in helping set up federations in BJJ and Vale Tudo.

Fernando Yamasaki’s Injuries!

There are no reports of Fernando suffering any significant injuries, but throughout his martial arts journey, you can imagine he has had his share of strains and pains. Fernando even at age 54 is an extremely professional martial artist who knows how to get the best out of his body.

Is Fernando Yamasaki Retired?

Fernando Yamasaki is retired from competitive martial arts, he retired from Wrestling way back in 1997. Since he does not compete professionally he spends his time running his academy. The Yamasaki family own and run a chain of schools throughout the United States, Asia and europe. Fernando is the head coach of Yamasaki Academy in his home town of Rockville, Maryland in the United States. His academy is one of the premier places to train through the United States.

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