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Saenchai Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Saenchai Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Saenchai?

Saenchai who was formerly known as Saenchai Sor Kingstar was born on July 30, 1980.  He is a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand.  He is widely considered to be the greatest Muay Thai fighter in history.  He was able to win the most prestigious Muay Thai title by winning the Lumpinee Stadium title in 4 different weight divisions and mostly winning against larger opponents.

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Saenchai would often be forced to find larger opponents to find those willing and worthy to fight him.  Between 2003 and 2014, he was only defeated twice when the weights were similar.  All other losses were against opponents who were much larger.  When one looks at his fights against foreign competitors, the skill gap is much larger and he will go as high as 147 lbs which is over 15 lbs more than his best weight to fight at.

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In the past decade he has fought more than 88 times in 15 countries and is arguably one of the most active fighters in the world.  Known for his varied attacks, ring vision, defenses, kick catching and sweeps, he has inspired legions of Thai fighters with his entertaining style.  

Saenchai retired from serious competition in his home country in 2014 and now competes mostly in special showcase fights around the globe, usually with opponents much larger than himself.

Since retiring from serious competition, Saenchai has competed numerous times for Thai Fight promotion, an organization based in his home country.  With this organization, he has won four King's Cup titles and he currently holds their record for most titles and all-time wins.


How Old is Saenchai?

Saenchai was born on July 30, 1980.  He is currently 40 years old and will soon be 41.

Saenchai Family

Saenchai is married to his wife Deena and the two have several children.

How Much is Saenchai Worth?

Saenchai is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 million dollars.

How Tall is Saenchai?

Saenchai is documented to be 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

How Much Does Saenchai Weigh?

Saenchai is approximately 145 lbs.  He has fought in many weight classes, typically giving up weight to larger opponents.  He has fought between 129 and 147 lbs in Muay Thai competition.

Saenchai Fight List

 Saenchai was drawn into the world of Muay Thai at 8 years of age.  After seeing his friend's older brother win a prize for a Muay Thai match, he decided to begin training.  After only a week of training, he took his first match and won the equivalent of $1 in prize money.

Saenchai began fighting in Bangkok when he was just 14 years of age.  At this time he had transferred to Kamsing gym.  Kamsing paid 300,000 Baht for the transfer fee.  This is the reason that Saenchai's ring name was Saenchai Sor Kamsing.

After about two years of training, when Saenchai was 16 years of age, he won the illustrious Lumpinee stadium championship at super flyweight.  Two years later, in 1999 he won the title again when he was 18 at bantamweight.

In 2002, he turned briefly to boxing and earned the PABA title after defeating Rud 4K Kevkatchewon in 2003 for the title.  His time in boxing would be short-lived as he transitioned back to Muay Thai again in 2004.

Saenchai would eventually leave his home gym of Khamsing over a disagreement regarding fights in Japan.  He would transition to Kingstar gym.

In 2009, Saenchai fought two different Muay Thai fighters in the same bout at Lumpinee stadium.  During the first three rounds, he fought against Petchboonchu FA Group.  During the fourth and fifth rounds he fought against Sagetdao Petpayathai.  Saenchai was awarded the unanimous decision after this fight.

In March of 2010, Saenchai knocked out Tetsuya Yamato from Japan to win the vacant world lightweight title sanctioned by the Muay Thai Association of America.  Saenchai would knock out his opponent with a left high kick.

In 2011, Saenchai was signed by Yokkao to be a sponsored fighter of the Yokkao Fight Team.  In 2012, Saenchai would fight at Yokkao Extreme 2012 in front of an audience of over 12,000 spectators.  The fight ended with notes of controversy as a headbutt by his opponent Fabio Pinca had gone unpunished and the opponent's nearly 30 lb weight advantage helped Pinca wear Saenchai down in later rounds.  Saenchai's streak of over 20 victories was snapped with this fight.

With over 350 Muay Thai matches and a career that has survived the Covid pandemic and shown him to come back dominant, Saenchai continues to be an inspiration to Muay Thai fighters worldwide.

Saenchai's Best Fight of All Time

With nearly 100 professional Muay Thai fights, it is extremely difficult to pick what Saenchai's best fight is overall.  As someone who has won the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium title at four different weight classes, Saenchai has made a career being a fan favorite with his entertaining style of fighting.

Saenchai's list of titles is extensive:

Muay Thai

    • 2020 YOKKAO Diamond Welterweight Champion
    • 2019 THAI FIGHT 70 kg King's Cup Champion
    • 2018 THAI FIGHT 67 kg King's Cup Champion
    • 2017 THAI FIGHT 67 kg King's Cup Champion
    • 2016 THAI FIGHT Kard Chuek 70 kg King's Cup Champion
    • Most championships in Thai Fight (4)
    • Most wins in Thai Fight (46)
    • 46–0 record
  • Phoenix Fighting Championship
    • 2017 Phoenix Fighting Championship 63.5 kg Champion
  • Toyota Marathon
    • 2014 Toyota Marathon Runner-up
    • 2013 Toyota Vigo Marathon Tournament
  • Muay Thai Warriors
    • 2012 Muay Thai Warriors Welterweight (65 kg) champion
  • World Professional Muaythai Federation (WPMF)
    • 2012 WPMF World Welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC Muay Thai
    • 2011 WBC Diamond World Champion
  • World Muaythai Council (WMC)
    • 2010 WMC World Lightweight (135 lbs / 61 kg) champion
  • Lumpinee Stadium
    • 2010 Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight (135 lbs/61 kg) champion
    • 2006 Lumpinee Stadium Super featherweight (130 lbs/59 kg) champion
    • 2005 Lumpinee Stadium Super featherweight (130 lbs/59 kg) champion
    • 1998 Lumpinee Stadium Bantamweight (118 lbs/53 kg) champion
    • 1997 Lumpinee Stadium Super flyweight (115 lbs/52 kg) champion
  • Toyota Cup
    • 2010 Toyota Cup tournament champion
  • Muay Thai Association of America (MTAA)
    • 2010 MTAA World Lightweight champion


  • Pan Asian Boxing Association (PABA)
    • 2003 PABA Featherweight interim champion (Defense: 1)

Who Did Saenchai Lose to?

 With over 350 total matches, Saenchai has met defeat only 41 times giving him a nearly 90% win rate.  He has fought a who's who in the Thai Fighting world and has only lost a few times against opponents his size.  Most of his losses have come at the hand of larger opponents.

Saenchai's Record

Saenchai has a Muay Thai record of 303 wins, 41 losses and 5 draws. 

Saenchai's Injuries

Saenchai has no documented injuries to report.

Is Saenchai retired?

Saenchai is still active competing in special showcase matches.  With nearly 350 matches, his competitive career has slowed down, but not stopped completely.

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