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Dave Leduc Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Dave Leduc Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Dave Leduc?

Dave Leduc was born on December 13, 1991.  He is a Canadian Lethwei fighter who competes in the World Lethwei Championships. 

Dave Leduc is currently the WLC Cruiserweight World champion.  He is also the undefeated Openweight champion under traditional rules of Lethwei.

Dave Leduc was the first Canadian to win the controversial Prison Fight.  He has travelled to Myamar to fight Burmese bareknuckle boxing, which is considered by fighting experts to be the world's most brutal sport.

By challenging and defeating Tun Tun Min, considered to be the best Lethwei fighter in the world, Dave Leduc became the first non-Burmese fighter to win the Lethwei Golden Belt.

Foundation of Lethwei by Dave Leduc is going to be your cornerstone primer to learn this deadly Burmese martial art.

How Old is Dave Leduc?

Dave Leduc was born December 13, 1991, he is currently 30 years old.

Dave Leduc's Family

It was during the same year that he married Moldavian model and writer Irina Terehova in a traditional Burmese wedding ceremony.  The ceremony was nationally televised and had approximately 30 million viewers in Myanmar.

How Much is Dave Leduc Worth?

 Dave Leduc's net worth is estimated to be over $1 million dollars.

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How Tall is Dave Leduc?

 Dave Leduc is 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

How Much Does Dave Leduc Weigh?

Dave Leduc weighs approximately 165 lbs.

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Dave Leduc Fight List

 Dave Leduc started practicing martial arts around age 17.  He began with Kung Fu and Sanshou and competed in many amateur fights early on in his career.  In 2011, at the age of 19, Dave Leduc decided to pursue his dreams of fighting in Asia and left his work as a nightclub owner and limo company owner to travel overseas to live and develop his fighting career.

In 2013, Dave Leduc starting fighting Mixed Martial Arts in Canada.  He was undefeated in his first three amateur fights.  In 2014 at the age of 23, he made his pro debut.  Due to lack of experience cutting weight, his first two pro fights were marred by mistakes made attempting to cut weight.  He would lose those two professional bouts.

Dave Leduc's ultimate goal was to fight Lethwei, but unfortunately, Leithwei was deemed as illegal in Canada.  He also had some difficulty securing a fight in Myanmar the home of Lethwei, so in 2013 he made his first trip to Thailand to fight in a Muay Thai fight.

In 2016, Myanmar's lack of sufficient training facilities forced Dave Leduc to make the decision to relocate to Thailand, where he began training at Tiger Muay Thai. Dave Leduc was able to win a spot on the Tiger Muay Thai professional fight team that same year.

During the summer of 2014, Dave Leduc was part of the controversial Prison Fight where inmates within Thai prisons can reduce their sentences and even earn their freedom from prison by winning a series of fights against foreign fighters.  This event sanctioned by the Thai Department of Corrections provides a way for inmates to battle their way to an early release.  The Prison Fight was held at the maximum security Klong pai Central Prison north of Bangkok.

Dave Leduc faced Thahan Chor Chatchai who was an experienced Thai fighter who had previously competed at Lumpini Stadium, but found himself in prison for trafficking amphetamines.  Leduc was able to win a unanimous decision, partially due to his powerful elbow strikes to the opponent's head.

In 2017, the Showtime network filmed a documentary shining a light on the controversial Prison Fights in Thailand.  Dave Leduc's fight was featured in the documentary.

 Dave Leduc would be invited in August of 2016 to make his Lethwei debut at the 1st Myanmar Lethwei World Championship against Too Too, a Lethwei fighter and champion who was undefeated with 34 fights.  Dave Leduc shocked the entire country of Myanmar by completely dominating the champion.  The fight would end as a draw according to traditional Lethwei rules.  Dave Leduc was quickly able to win legions of fans in Myanmar.

After such an auspicious beginning to his Lethwei career in Myanmar, Dave Leduc would next challenge openweight world champion Tun Tun Min to a fight.  Tun Tun Min was the heavy favorite and dominated the early portion of the fight. In later rounds, Dave Leduc was able to fight back and knock his opponent down several times.  The match was also deemed a draw.

Leduc would not have to wait long for another match against Tun Tun Min, as the two met in December of 2016.  Winner of this match would take ownership of the coveted Openweight Golden Belt.  Dave Leduc set the tone early and was met with a much more conservative pace by his opponent.  During the third round, Dave Leduc was able to land a high kick which led to a fall to the ring floor which hurt Tun Tun Min's knee.  Though he tried to continue, he was forced to forfeit shortly after.  Dave Leduc was awarded the Golden Belt.  Dave Leduc would be the first non-Burmese fighter to hold that honor.

In February of 2017, Dave Leduc headlined the International Lethwei Federation Japan's event Lethwei in Japan 2.  He defended his title for the first time against Phoe Kay.  Dave Leduc was able to knock out Phoe Kay in the second round after hurting him badly in round one. 

In April of 2017, Dave Leduc would defend his title for the second time.  This time he met Adem Yilmaz a Turkish-Australian fighter.  This match was significant as it was the first time two non-Burmese fighters were headlining a Lethwei event.  Because of the significance, the Ambassador of Myanmar to Japan attended the event.

The fight began with Dave Leduc setting the tone with multiple knockdowns and a strong headbutt in the clinch.  In round two, Dave Leduc would dislocate his finger and not be able to utilize his right hand for the rest of the fight.  The fight went the full five rounds and it was declared a draw based on Lethwei rules.  Dave Leduc earned even more fans when news of his injury became public.

In the buildup for his third straight title defense, Dave Leduc's initial opponent, American Cyrus Washington was forced to pull out due to hand injury.  His replacement would be Muay Thai Champion Nilmungkorn Sudsakorngym.  Due to their heated words prior to the fight, the fight was seen as a battle between Lethwei and Muay Thai to find which was the dominant striking art.

Dave Leduc entered the sold out Tokyo Dome City Hall for this fight dressed as the grim reaper.  He would keep his promise and dominanted the Thai fighter.  Leduc would knock out his opponent in the second round.

In his next title defense, Dave Leduc would be matched against veteran Lethwei fighter Cyrus Washington who he was scheduled to meet previously.  Although Washington had over 100 fights under his belt in comparison to Dave Leduc's 22, Dave Leduc was able to dominant with his aggressive style.  The bout would ultimately be deemed a draw by Lethwei rules, but it would mark the 4th time Dave Leduc defended his title in 8 months.

In August of 2018, Dave Leduc was able to win the Myanmar Lethwei World Championship against Diesellek TopkingBoxing.  Diesellek was again the more experienced of the two fighters with more than 200 fights to his credit.  Leduc was able to knock out the veteran fighter in the second round to win the championship.  Dave Leduc raised the Myanmar flag in the ring and helped his opponent get back to his corner before he was awarded the Myanmar Lethwei World Championship Openweight belt.

In his next title defense, Dave Leduc again battled his nemesis Tun Tun Min.  One important note about this fight was the fact that Dave Leduc represented the red corner and his opponent came from the blue corner.  Traditionally, non-Burmese fighters always fought out of the blue corner.  This would be a first. Dave Leduc would do great damage to Tun Tun Min through the fight, but thanks to injury time out, Leduc's opponent would be able to survive and make it to the final bell.  The bout was declared a draw and Leduc retained his title.

In 2019, Leduc signed an exclusively fight contract with the World Lethwei Championship.  This agreement would not allow him to continue defending three out of four of his championship belts so in March of 2019, he relinquished those titles.  The Golden Belt would remain his and therefore the Openweight Lethwei World Champion title under traditional rules.

Under his new promotion, he was slated to take on UFC veteran Seth Baczynski in Myanmar for the Cruiserweight World Lethwei Championship.  Leduc was able to land devastating elbow strikes which exploded Bacynski's ear.  Shortly after, Dave Leduc was able to knock out his opponent to win the Cruiserweight title.

After this victory, media attention on the sport of Lethwei began to grow, boosted with an appearance on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Upon winning the world title, Leduc dedicated his career solely to Lethwei and has been a leading proponent in the sport's growth and rise in popularity.  He has been instrumental in helping to open gyms within Myanmar and to also be an ambassador for the sport outside of its home country.  The country honored Dave Leduc in 2017 with a certificate of honor recognizing his efforts to help grow Myanmar's national sport.

Leduc has received offers to fight in other organizations, namely the Asian MMA powerhouse One Championship, but he has declined the offers stating his intentions to stay true to Lethwei and see it's growth expand worldwide.

Dave Leduc's Best Fight of All Time

Dave Leduc's best fight of all time could arguably be said to be his first win over legend Tun Tun Min where he became the first non-Burmese athlete to hold the Golden Belt and Openweight Championship Title.

Who Did Dave Leduc Lose to?

 Dave Leduc has 1 loss recorded on his record for a Muay Thai fight.  

Dave Leduc's Record

 In Lethwei, Dave Leduc has had 12 fights with 6 wins and 6 draws.

Dave Leduc Injuries

 Dave Leduc has not incurred any career impacting injuries.

Is Dave Leduc Retired?

 Dave Leduc is currently still active as a Lethwei fighter.

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